[News] Song Joong-ki cast in 'Deep-rooted Tree' SBS's new historical drama.

[News] Song Joong-ki cast in 'Deep-rooted Tree' SBS's new historical drama.
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Song Joong-ki has been cast in a new historical drama set to air in September, informed his agency Sidus HQ on Tuesday.

According to a press release by Sidus HQ, Song will play a young prince in an upcoming historical drama titled “A Tree With Deep Roots” (translated title), also starring actors Han Suk-kyu, Jang Hyuk and actress Shin Se-gyeong.

The drama, which is set in 15th century Korea, will deal with a case involving the serial murder of royal scholars in the palace just a week ahead of King’s Sejong’s declaration of Hunminjeongeum, an earlier form of the Korean character Hangeul.

King Sejong (1397-1450) was the fourth ruler of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) who is best known for creating the Korean writing system.

Song will play the early years of King Sejong, a young prince who buries himself into books after getting fed up with the tyrannical ways of his father King Taejong (1367-1422), but becomes appointed the next king nonetheless in the story which will be a combination of fact and fiction based on the novel of same title by Lee Jung-myung.

Song will feature the young, radical side of the great king who, opposed to his sword-wielding king, trained himself to practice restraint throughout his life. Actor Han will then take on the older version of King Sejong.

“Song is perfect for expressing King Sejong in his youth. We had a feeling that he will do a remarkable job as soon as we got the script and given his concentration and portrayal, he would create a wonderful character from there,” a production team was quoted as saying in the statement.

The drama, to be helmed by producer Jang Tae-yu joined by scenarists Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-hyun, will go on air on September 28.

Song, 25, kicked off his career in 2008 through the TV series "Love Racing" and has since appeared in other shows “Precious Sons,” (KBS, 2008) "Triple," (MBC, 2009) and "Will it Snow for Christmas?" (SBS, 2009) as well as hosting KBS' Friday music program "Music Bank."

He rose to stardom in 2010 after starring in one of the roles for the popular KBS' historical series "SungKyunKwan Scandal" (KBS, 2010) alongside Park Yuchun, Yu A-in and Park Min-young.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong, detected in "Running Man" spoiler pic, 'gained weight?'

[News] Kim Hyun-joong, detected in "Running Man" spoiler pic, 'gained weight?'
Cr. - hancinema

Kim Hyun-joong has been taken a picture of in SBS "Running Man".

In various online communities recently, a picture has been going around with the words, "Kim Hyun-joong" is on "Running Man"".

Wearing a yellow shirt with a white vest, Kim Hyun-joong is showing off superior looks. He also looks as though he's put on a little weight.

Netizen's say, "Maybe he's there for his solo debut", "It looks as though he put on some weight but he's still great", "Look at that face of his" and more.

Kim Hyun-joong will release his mini album on the 8th of June.

[News] Yoo Ah In holds 1st fan meeting in Japan.

[News] Yoo Ah In holds 1st fan meeting in Japan.
Cr. - 10asia

Yoo Ah In held his first fan meeting in Japan over the weekend, according to his agency STARK Entertainment on Tuesday.

An official at STARK told 10Asia over the phone today that Yoo held his first fan meeting in Japan where he hosted a talk show and sang for some 900 fans gathered at the Shinagawa Stera Ball in Tokyo on May 28.

The fan meeting was held to celebrate the success of hit Korean historical drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” in Japan which Yoo starred in and also to commemorate the opening of Yoo’s official Japanese fan club (http://www.yooain.jp/).

"SungKyunKwan Scandal," which is a fusion history drama about the love and friendship of four students at Sungkyunkwan University in 18th century Korea, became an instant hit in Japan after being released in DVD format in April, ranking in the top five slots of the prestigious Oricon DVD daily chart the same month.

Yoo played Moon Jae-shin, the rebellious son in the family who despises his father for kowtowing to power and trying to bring justice with his own hands, in the show also starring Park Yuchun, Park Min-young and Song Joong-ki.

Yoo, 24, has appeared in several TV dramas including “Strongest Chilwoo” (KBS, 2008) and “The Man Who Can’t Get Married” (KBS, 2009) as well as several films such as “Antique” (2008) “Boys of Tomorrow” (2006) and “Shim’s Family (2007).

He rose to stardom through “SungKyunKwan Scandal” and most recently starred in a music cable channel Mnet’s reality show “Launch My Life” which was aired from February to April.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong unveils official cartoon character [KEYEAST] 'U:ZOOSIN'.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong unveils official cartoon character [KEYEAST]'U:ZOOSIN'.
Cr. - 10asia

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong revealed his official cartoon character today.

Kim Hyun-joong’s official website revealed U:ZOOSIN, a Martian with bulgy eyes and a small crown on the side of its head while holding a staff claiming itself “God Of Galaxy_Kim Hyun-joong.”

“We took the most common form of the Martian character and re-designed it make it friendlier,” explained an official from Kim’s agency KEYEAST as quoted by the statement the same day. “The character is expected to reflect the other side to Kim which, in contrast to his charisma on the stage, can be quite freewheeling and out-of-this-world.”

The intro and first episode to the U:ZOOSIN cartoon series “Love Love Planet,” centering on U:ZOOSIN from outer-space who experiences life on earth, was uploaded onto his official website as well. A total of eight episodes is to be uploaded for next two months.

KEYEAST then added that it will also come up with clothes and other products designed with the U:ZOOSIN character which will hit stores in time with Kim’s release of his first mini-album “Break Down” set for June 8.

Kim, 24, made his debut as the leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005 but came to be a household name throughout Asia after starring in KBS’ smash hit series “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009.

After the members of his group went separate ways in the summer of 2009 after their contract with DSP Media expired. Kim newly signed with KEYEAST and started his solo career as both a singer and an actor.

[News] Han Jae-suk & Honey Lee leader cast in 'NEW' action film.

[News] Han Jae-suk and Honey Lee cast in new action film.
Cr. - 10asia

Han Jae-suk and actress Honey Lee have been cast in a new action flick, according to the film's distributor 'NEW'.

On Tuesday, 'NEW' announced in a press release that Han and Lee will play the leads in the upcoming pic tentatively titled "Hit," which cranked in early May and is set for release during the latter half of this year.

"Hit," helmed by famed director Lee Seung-han, is about the mind games and the greed for victory amongst people who gather at a private fighting ring. Han will play the role of Ba-ji and Lee will take on the role of his ex-girlfriend named Sun-yeon.

The movie will also star other Korean actors including Song Young-chang, Jung Sung-hwa, Park Sung-woong and Marcos.

Born Han Sang-woo, Han Jae-suk has starred in a score of TV series including "Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)," "Glass Slipper (SBS, 2002)," "Lobbyist (SBS, 2007)" and recently in "The Great Merchant (KBS, 2010)" alongside actress Lee Mi-yeon.

Honey Lee is the winner of the 2006 Miss Korea pageant and also represented the country during the Miss Universe contest in 2007. She has appeared in several dramas including "Partner (KBS, 2009)" and "Pasta (MBC, 2010)." She has also starred in musicals "Polaroid" and "Legally Blonde."

[News] "The Journals of Musan" wins top prize at film fest in Russia.

[News] "The Journals of Musan" wins top prize at film fest in Russia.
Cr. - 10asia

Korean film "The Journals of Musan" has scored a win at this year's Andrei Trakovsky Film Festival held in Russia.

According to the official website of the festival on Tuesday, "Musan," helmed and starring Park Jung-bum, won the award for best feature film under the international competition category, with British actor Ralph Fiennes as the main juror, at the 5th annual Andrei Trakovsky Film Festival held at Ivanovo of Northeast Moscow from May 23 to 29.

"The Journals of Musan" tells the difficulties a North Korean defector named Jeon Seung-chul faces while trying to adjust to South Korea's capitalist society. The film shows the discrimination that Jeon faces as he tries to find a decent job and make friends.

"Musan" has already won a slew of accolades at other international film festivals including the New Currents Award and International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Award at the 15th Busan International Film Festival last October, the top prize at the 10th Marrakech International Film Festival held in Morocco in December.

The movie has also scored trophies such as winning the Tiger Award during the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam in February, the jury prize at the 13th Deauville Asian Film Festival in France in mid- March, the Krakow Film Award at the Off Plus Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema in mid-April and most recently, the award for best new narrative director at the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival held at New York City of New York in late April and recently won the new directors award at the 54th San Francisco International Film Festival held early this month.

It was also selected one of the top ten must-see movies by magazine Time Out New York early this year and premiered in Korea in mid-April.


[VOD] Jang Keun Suk..Press Con..27/05/2011 Cri Show Thailand

[News] Kim Yu-na & Jin Ji Hee skates to “Hoot” on “Kiss & Cry”.

[News] Kim Yu-na & Jin Ji Hee skates to “Hoot” on “Kiss & Cry”.
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Child actress Jin Ji Hee figure-skated to SNSD’s “Hoot” for her performance on “Kiss & Cry“.

To the amusement of fans, she dressed up in a similar outfit to SNSD’s stage outfit, and even sported go-go boot-like skates.

In the interview prior to the performance, Jin Ji Hee confessed, “I’m not really good at skating but since I’m an actress, I will make sure to express myself well. I hope Yuna-unni likes it.”

She did fall a little, but managed to keep her smile till the end. Kim Yuna noted that Jin Ji Hee pulled Yuna’s signature “Danse Macabre” pose, and asked why Jin Ji Hee said, “I did it on “HighKick Through the Roof” but I wanted to do it better this time around.”

Though she showed a lot of energy and effort, she was not able to receive the score she wanted.

After the performance, Jin Ji Hee got a little teary-eyed and said, “I don’t like Yuna unnie because she gave me a low score.”

She sort of reminds us of a little Yuri, but toss us your thoughts below:

Jin Ji Hee & Kim Yu Na skates to “Hoot” on “Kiss & Cry”.

[News] Extravagant Challenge, Ivy Chen's Kiss, Siwon pushes it to Donghae with a smile.

[News] Extravagant Challenge, Ivy Chen's Kiss, Siwon pushes it to Donghae with a smile.
Cr. - http://asianfanatics.net/

Popular Korean group SJ-M’s member Siwon and Donghae are in Taiwan to film GTV’s new drama “Extravagant Challenge”, and Korean-lovers* are always seen at the filming locations. Ivy Chen had earlier said that she was worried that kiss scenes (with Donghae or Siwon) would provoke fans, but there was rumours online saying “Ivy Chen has already kissed (them)!” However, the broadcasting station had clarified yesterday saying, “There is no such scene written in the script as of now.”

Many are envious of Ivy’s opportunity to film with Siwon and Donghae, however, she has decided to keep a distance (from them), she also jokingly said that she would like to invite fans to be her substitute for kiss scenes. Korea-loving fans are closely monitoring Siwon and Donghae’s every move, and are especially strict towards the (possible) kiss scene, Siwon laughed as he said: “I hope to matchmake Donghae and Ivy’s kiss scene.” Why is he pushing away such benefit? He continued: “I am just joking.” Donghae who was by his side said: “I respect the director’s decision and arrangement.” Korean artist are very familiar with the support projects done by fans back in Korea, but this time in Taiwan, the Taiwanese fans who are Korean fanatics have given Siwon and Donghae support following similar standards, causing both of them to be very touched.

Support gifts include lunch boxes, vitamins, beverages, not lacking in all aspects, Siwon expressed that there is a sense of familiarity when seeing the support gifts and it helped him sooth his homesickness. “Extravagant Challenge” had started its filming for more than a month now, and Donghae has received more than a hundred types of support gifts, Donghae said: “I don’t know when can I repay (the fans), I can only strive harder and repay them through my performances.” These words will definitely cause the fans to continue to give them their unwavering support.

[News] Even before "G.I. Joe" sequel, Lee Byeong-Hun gets Hollywood love call.

[News] Even before "G.I. Joe" sequel, Lee Byeong-Hun gets Hollywood love call.
Cr. - hancinema

Top star Lee Byung-Hun received a love call from Hollywood with the "G.I. Joe" sequel coming up.

Management BH Entertainment revealed, "Nothing has been confirmed yet. He is currently looking at a project from a major Hollywood studio". It looks as though he will be meeting with the related people and get into details during the shooting of the "G.I.Joe" sequel.

BH Entertainment explained, "He will be flying to America at the end of June and will start filming the second "G.I.Joe" and will be meeting with the local studio and staff to talk more about it".

Lee Byung-Hun is filming "G.I.Joe" until the end of the year. Therefore, he has lots of time to look over the next project and can participate fully into the terms and conditions. Prior to the movie, he will be going to America in mid-June to confirm schedules and others.

[News] Kim Hee-sun humiliation... why?

[News] Kim Hee-seon humiliation... why?
Cr. - hancinema

Kim Hee-sun's overly long one-piece dress humiliated her in the picture of her on the streets.

She uploaded a picture of herself on her mini home page with the title, "Out in a long time. However, just outside the house to a coffee shop".

She is wearing a orange beach wear one-piece dress and a white cardigan on the street. She looks beautiful even with the passing time.

However, the hem of her dress is dragging on the ground, earning her the nick name "little Hee-sun".


[VOD & Photo] Lotte Duty Free 'So I'm Loving You' 2011

Lotte Duty Free 'So I'm Loving You' 2011

[News] SBS reveals shots from the poster shoot of “You’ve Fallen For Me”.

[News] SBS reveals shots from the poster shoot of “You’ve Fallen For Me”.
Cr. - allkpop

On May 30th, SBS revealed some colorful shots from the poster photoshoot for their upcoming drama, “You’ve Fallen For Me“.

Held on the 25th, cast members Jung Yonghwa, Park Shin Hye, Song Chang Ui, So Lee Hyun, and many others gathered up for the very first time. One would never have been able to tell that this was their first meeting, as they exhibited perfect teamwork throughout the shoot.

Yonghwa, who plays the role of guitar prodigy ‘Lee Shin’, posed all day with a guitar in his arms. He commented, “This was the first time all eight of us came together. Although it was a bit awkward at first, we got along fine since we’re of similar age groups.”

Park Shin Hye, who plays the role of the campus ‘goddess’, added, “The night before, I worked all night filming a scene that required me to cry. I was worried today, but I think we all worked well together to create a cute poster.”

As the oldest, Song Chang Ui ran around the set to help everyone warm up to each other. “I think we were able to get a feel of the overall drama through this poster shoot, so I’m very excited.” So Lee Hyun added, “Since it’s a drama with a great director and a great cast, I’m definitely looking forward to how this fresh new drama will turn out.”

The pilot episodes airs on June 29th!

[News] Kang Ta cast as an emperor in a new Chinese drama.

[News] Kang Ta cast as an emperor in a new Chinese drama.
Cr. - allkpop

Singer KangTa has been cast as the leading male role for a historical Chinese drama named ‘Bao Jin‘.

Produced by Shanghai Dongjin Cultural Communication Co., the drama is originally based off a novel of the same name, which illustrates a fierce struggle of war, love, and revenge between two imperial families.

Taiwanese director Jin Ao Xun will be producing the drama alongside co-directors Lan Zhi Wei and Hei Long. Meanwhile, KangTa will be working alongside actress Shi Yan Fei as the leading female role, and be supported by Zheng Yi Tong, Zhang Qian, and Korean actress Lee Tae Ran.

Pictures from the recording on May 26th were revealed to the Korean press, and reportedly, 20 different media outlets were present at the scene to report on the cast.

[News] "The Murderer (The Yellow Sea)" to premiere overseas.

[News] "The Murderer (The Yellow Sea)" to premiere overseas.
Cr. - 10asia

Korean film "The Murderer (The Yellow Sea)" will premiere overseas starting this summer, according to the movie's distributor Showbox on Monday.

Starting with France and Belgium in July, "Murderer" will also open in theaters in the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the eight nations of Scandinavia until early next year.

The film was screened under the Un Certain Regard category of this year's Cannes Film Festival and sold to the aforementioned nations on top of several more countries including Germany, Australia and Sweden.

Manuel Chiche, CEO of Wild Side Films for France, purchased rights for the film based on his strong trust in its director Na Hong-jin. "Many film critics were impressed by 'Murderer' and we will now be able to decide on distributing his films in France without having to read a single line from his synopsis."

Na Hong-jin is also the mastermind behind smash hit Korean film "The Chaser," his debut pic which won him the award for best director at the Grand Bell Awards in 2008.

"Murderer," his second feature pic released last year, is the story of deadly chase between three men played by top Korean actors Ha Jung-woo, Kim Yoon-seok and Cho Seong-ha.

In the film, Ha played a poor Chinese-Korean living on the border village of Yanbian, who ends up accepting a request to commit murder from a broker in order to find his wife whom he lost contact with after she left home to earn a living in Korea.

The role won him the award for best actor at the 2011 Asian Film Awards held in late March.

[News] Japan holds "Jang Keun-suk Movie Festival".

[News] Japan holds "Jang Keun-suk Movie Festival".
Cr. - http://movie.daum.net/

Movies of singer and actor Jang Keun-suk who is being reformed as the new Hallyu star, can be seen all at once at a festival in Japan.

There will be a "Jang Keun-suk Fest" at Tokyo Cinemart from the 9th of July to the 5th of August.

Every week, movies like "The Happy Life" (2007), "Baby and I" (2008), and other movies such as "The Longest 24 Months" (2008), "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do" (2008) and four others which have not been introduced locally yet, will be shown.

Previously, Jang Keun-suk released a debut single called, "Let Me Cry" on the 27th of April. This song ran the top of the Oricon Daily Charts and also the Weekly Chart. This is the first time a singer not Japanese, took over the charts with a debut single. Even amongst male solo's, this is the first time in 30 years after 1980 December Gondo Masahiko who debuted with "Sneaker Blues".

Japanese TBS is currently broadcasting KBS 2TV drama "Marry Me, Mary!". From July onwards drama "You're Beautiful" can be seen in the Japanese version.

Meanwhile, Jang Keun-suk has been touring 6 Asian cities. He will be performing in Bangkok, Malaysia, Taiwan and more. He is also currently filming the movie, "You Pet".

[Photo] Jang Keun Suk Poster from Nature Republic.

[News] No Min Woo holds a fan meeting.

[News] No Min Woo holds a fan meeting.
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Rocker-turned-actor No Min Woo celebrated his 26th birthday by having a fan meeting with about 200 fans on May 29th.

With actor Kim Ki Bang serving as the MC, No Min Woo entertained his fans at his ‘birthday party’ by singing and even playing his guitar.

The concept of the fan meeting was ‘THE SECRET BIRTHDAY’, which the actor planned himself. He also personally made the fan meeting poster, making use of his professional photoshopping skills.

In one of the two posters for the fan meeting, No Min Woo wrote ‘ROCKOUT529′, which is a secret code only known to him and his fans. He reportedly put the code in the poster out of his love for his fans.

No Min Woo recently wrapped up filming for his drama, ‘Midas‘, playing the role of Yoo Myung Joon and his new horror movie, ‘Kisaeng Ryung‘ is set to be released this summer.

[News] Lee Da Hae asks fans to tune in to MBC’s “Ripley”.

[News] Lee Da Hae asks fans to tune in to MBC’s “Ripley”.
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Ahead of the airing of the pilot episode of her drama, MBC’s “Ripley“, actress Lee Da Hae shared adorable sel-cas on her Twitter with a message asking fans to catch the live broadcast.

She wrote, “At 9:50 PM KST on May 30th!! Please watch ‘Miss Ripley’ just once. Please~~~!!”.

To reflect her caption, Lee Da Hae is seen posing with a cute pleading expression in one photo and with children in the other. Netizens commented back, “You look like you’ll cry if we don’t”, “Didn’t need to remind us, we’re already going to watch!”, and “Please get daebak viewer ratings!”.

[News] Eugene and Ki Tae Young Hold Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Wedding.

[News] Eugene and Ki Tae Young Hold Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Wedding.
Cr. - ockoala

After sharing the happy news of their engagement two weeks ago, Eugene and Ki Tae Young held a press conference this week for the first time as a public couple, answering questions about their courtship, sharing news about their wedding, and generally being so stunningly happy I’m sure anyone in the vicinity of them must be bathed in their bliss.

They revealed that they didn’t start dating until Creating Destiny finished filming, both are devout Christians and going to church together help strengthen their relationship, and Eugene confessed to wanting four kids.

K-entertainment tends to sensationalize gossip or else fixate on scandals or tragedies, so it’s truly a joy to see such an honest and simple declaration of love from two famous actors. The pictures from their press conference are beyond gorgeous, their happiness radiating in every single shot. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together.

[News] Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in 'rom-com'.

[News] Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in 'rom-com'.
Cr. - javabeans

Lee Min-jung (Midas) and Lee Jung-jin (Runaway Plan B) have been cast as the leads in a new movie, which’ll feature them in a workplace romance when he’s brought in to save her flagging radio show.

Lee Min-jung plays Jin-ah, the DJ of a radio show with low listener ratings, who enjoyed a former existence as the leader of a popular idol group; they were one of the original girl groups known as being “nation’s fairy girls,” so think S.E.S. Lee Jung-jin plays Jae-ik, the prickly but talented and charming PD who comes in and creates a new segment on her radio show. In the process of presenting “vivid and dramatic” stories of their listeners’ daily lives, they encounter a “miraculous moment” that changes their own lives.

That has a dramatic ring to it, but Wonderful Radio is described as a cheery romance — consider me onboard. I love both actors, who are gorgeous individually and also together, whose cups runneth over with screen presence and charisma. I can already see them bickering and falling in love, and can’t wait to actually see it unfold onscreen. Oh, why isn’t this a drama??

Directing is Kwon Chil-in of Singles and Hellcats. Wonderful Radio will begin filming in June, and aims for a fall release.


[News] Jae Hee comes back with "Hooray For Love" after 3 years.

[News] Jae Hee comes back with "Hooray For Love" after 3 years.
Cr. - hancinema

Jae Hee will be coming back with MBC drama "Hooray For Love" after 3 years of absence.

After being discharged from the army in June 2010, he has chosen "Hooray For Love" out of many love calls he has been getting. This drama is about a divorced woman in her 20s and her success story. The lead female role is Kang Jae-mi played by Lee Bo-yeong.

Byeon Dong-woo, played by Jae Hee has a decent appearance, a steady financial status and job with manners and is the perfect guy on the outside. However he is just a lawyer on the outside and is a philanthropy womanizer who believes that "women are prettier than flowers".

He somehow gets involved with Kang Jae-mi and gets to deal with her divorce invalidity lawsuit, participating in her confident success. He goes through many ordeals with her and becomes a steady supporter.

He said, "It's my first project after the army and I was pressured, but the character lacking a little something and being cute at the same time pulled at my heart. I feel excited thinking I can display a different character inside of me and as much it's something I'm doing after a long time, I will do my best".

Meanwhile, "Hooray For Love" is made by producer Joo Seong-woo and writer Park Hyeon-joo. This drama is coming in July after MBC drama "Can You Hear my Heart".

[News] Matsudaira Ken to appear in “Kamen Rider OOO”.

[News] Matsudaira Ken to appear in “Kamen Rider OOO”.
Cr. - tokyohive

Actor Matsudaira Ken will be playing the historical figure Tokugawa Yoshimine in the upcoming 3D film “Kamen Rider OOO the Movie“. Matsudaira is most known for playing the same character in the Japanese historical drama series “Abarenbo Shogun“, which ran for 831 episodes.

“Kamen Rider 000″ is the actor’s first foray into tokusatsu (a drama or film that uses special effects and superheros). He commented, “When I first received the offer to appear in the film, I was very surprised. At first, I didn’t know why the offer came to me.” He added, “I took the offer so that I could use this opportunity to familiarize (children) with the historical drama ‘Abarenbo Shogun’. My own children were very happy about my appearance, and are waiting eagerly for this movie.”

The film’s producer states, “When we decided to try a full-blown historical play in a 3D movie, we couldn’t think of anyone better suited than Matsudaira Ken-san, who represents Toei historical plays. Because of this, we made an offer for his appearance… The highlight was when Kamen Rider and Matsudaira-san rode side-by-side on a bike and a white horse (respectively).”

In the film, Kamen Rider OOO will travel to the Edo era to defeat the evil alchemist Gara, who steals OOO and Ankh’s core medals. When he gets there, he joins forces with Yoshimine, the defender of peace in Edo city.

“Kamen Rider OOO the Movie” will be released in theaters on August 6th.

“Kamen Rider OOO the Movie” is a temporary title and may change closer to the release date.

[News] Eric up for Myung-wol the Spy.

[News] Eric up for Myung-wol the Spy.
Cr. - javabeans

According to new reports, Eric is currently the top contender for the new drama Myung-wol the Spy, which means we oughtta put those lingering Poseidon hopes to bed now. It just ain’t happening.

At first I was a little disappointed that the much-beleaguered Poseidon is dead — Eric and Kim Kang-woo as rivals and teammates in a counterterrorism unit? On the sea? (Read: lots of ripped bodies getting wet.) That’s a no-brainer — but then I recalled the plot of Myung-wol the Spy, and I’m back to excited.

If you’ll recall, Myung-wol is about a North Korean spy (Han Ye-seul) who infiltrates South Korea with her spy colleague and possible love interest (Lee Jin-wook)…who then falls in love with a Hallyu star. (That would be Eric.) How perfect is that?

After initial reports broke naming Eric to the cast, his reps hastened to counter with statements that he’s “favorably considering” the role, but hasn’t decided yet. The fact that they’re not denying it gives me hope that the deal is close to being struck — it would have to be, with the drama needing a leading man and scheduled to premiere on July 4.

The drama’s described as a fun romance, which is GREAT, because I was hoping it would skew light-hearted rather than aiming to be IRIS: The Romance Files. Plus, there’s a little something offbeat about both Han Ye-seul and Eric — they’re not quite 4-D personalities, maybe more like 3-and-a-half-D — and I think together, they’d be wacky and hilarious. Man, I’d pay money to see them speaking Konglish together. Hee!

Myung-wol the Spy will replace Baby-Faced Beauty on Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS.

[News] Sung Yuri’s remarkable six transformations in KBS’s “Romance Town”!

[News] Sung Yuri’s remarkable six transformations in KBS’s “Romance Town”!
Cr. - allkpop

Sung Yuri’s ‘Soon Geum’s Six Transformations’ from the KBS drama “Romance Town” has recently attracted much attention among netizens.

‘Soon Geum’ is a unique character in that she wins the lottery in the drama and turns her life around. As a stubborn housekeeper who hits it rich and chooses to hide her riches, there’s ample opportunity for diverse looks, and people have apparently begun to take notice.

A funny post containing the various appearances of Sung Yuri has been posted on an internet site, with the title, “I am Noh Soon Geum: six kinds of transformantions!”, which has been garnering a positive response.

In the ‘Six Kinds Set’, Sung Yuri shows her ‘Queen of Transformation’ side from faulty high school student Soon Geum, blonde Soon Geum, innocently beautiful college student, flower Soon Geum, stubborn housekeeper Soon Geum, to premium dresser Soon Geum wearing an $180,00 outfit.

Netizens commented, “Soon Geum’s transformation isn’t a crime”, “Soon Geum’s 6 transformations give small but full points of fun”, and “It seems like she can perfectly pull off cute + innocent beauty + sexy”.

Meanwhile, anticipation is being gathered with the upcoming romantic episodes between Soon Geum, living a double life as a housekeeper and premium fashionista, and Gang Gun Woo, portrayed by Jung Gyu Woon.


[News] Jae Hee and Lee Bo Young leader cast in new weekend Drama 'The Woman Who Never Loses'.

[News] Jae Hee and Lee Bo Young leader cast in new weekend Drama 'The Woman Who Never Loses'.
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Any longer before announcing his post-MS comeback project and Jae Hee was about to turn into Won Bin v.2, which is not a bad thing, mind you, just makes his fans long suffering between projects. Thankfully, the uber-talented Jae Hee, after completing his military service over a year ago, has just been cast as the leading man in the upcoming weekend drama The Woman Who Never Loses, co-starring Lee Bo Young. This drama is slated to air on MBC following Can You Hear My Heart. I’m sure this news makes Jae Hee’s many fans exceedingly happy.

The drama will be about a divorced woman who re-discovers life after her marriage ends, and if it follows the typical weekend drama patterns, will be family-oriented and be about the heroine overcoming obstacles in a heartwarming fashion. I’m simply too busy on weekends to watch dramas, and rarely follow a weekend drama unless it completely calls out to me. I like both Lee Bo Young and Jae Hee, so I’ll definitely check this out when it premieres in July.

Jae Hee was released from MS the same day as Jo Hyun Jae, and I’m hoping Jo Hyun Jae’s great luck in picking projects (49 Days) also happens to Jae Hee. The drama will be helmed by PD Joo Sung Woo, who directed Goldfish and Chun Ja’s Happy Events, and written by Park Hyun Joo, who did My Precious You and Golden Bride.

[News] "Secret Garden" Hyeon Bin receives 4 awards at Baeksang.

[News] "Secret Garden" Hyun Bin receives 4 awards at Baeksang.
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"Secret Garden" proved never changing syndrome as it rose to 4 awards in a row.

At the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards on the 26th of May, Hyeon Bin won the Best Actor Awards and "Secret Garden" received prizes for Best Female Rookie Award, Best Script Award and Best Drama Award.

Creating "Secret Garden" syndrome and having had the best popularity while it lasted, this drama is a romantic fantasy about the souls of a man and a woman changing places.

Hyeon Bin created the new word 'cold city guy' through this drama and became the main role for the syndrome and even caused 'Joo-won ache', rising to the top star line. Ha Ji-won had the role of tough and rough stunt woman Gil La-im and managed to act the woman and the man so well.

Writer Kim Eun-sook is being considered job well done by successfully connecting very typical drama sources such as plutocracy, Cinderella story and amnesia into one and creating a whole new romantic comedy.

This drama is also popular for its many famous lines like, "This sweat suit was made stitch by stitch by an Italian master", "These are the morals of the leaders of society", "Is this the best? Are you sure?" and others.

Other than this, Big Bang TOP (Choi Seung-hyeon) and JYJ Micky Yuchun received the Best Male Rookie Award and the Male Popularity Award for movie "71-Into the Fire" and KBS 2TV drama "Sungkyungwan Scandal". This drama won 3 awards in a row for Rookie Director Award as well.

The grand prize for movies went to Lee Byeong-Heon from "I Saw the Devil" and Ha Jeong-woo received the Best Actor Award while Tang Wei received the Best Actress Award. Jeong Bo-seok won Best Actor for drama "Giant" in the TV sector and Han Hyo-joon won Best Actress for "Dong Yi".