[VOD / Photo & News] Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun completes filming for ‘Faith’ & Photo BTS of 'Faith'.

[VOD / Photo & News] Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun completes filming for ‘Faith’ & Photo BTS of 'Faith'.
Cr. - allkpop

On October 30th at the Young Jong-do studio, actor Lee Min Ho wrapped up filming for the SBS drama ‘Faith’.

On this day, the actor stated, “Through ‘Faith’ I was able to portray the charming character of Choi Hyung. I would like to thank all the viewers and fans that loved both ‘Faith’ and Choi Hyung. I would also like to sincerely thank the staff who toiled for 6 months with me”.

Lee Min Ho continued on, “Even though the situation was not ideal for both actors and staff, everyone worked without complaint and came together as a team, making this project worthwhile”.

The actor finished with, “I want to put down this weight I’ve been carrying for 6 months, eat a nice homemade meal and sleep for 3 days like Choi Hyung. I would like to applaud everyone who kept running until the very last episode”.

Starting from the first day of shooting, Lee Min Ho suffered from the flu and received various injuries due to his numerous action sequences. However, thinking about the fact that his injuries may burden the team, the actor did not reveal any of his injuries.

On this day, with Director Kim Jong Hak’s, “OK”, all the actors and staff sent up a round of applause, congratulating one another for safely completing the drama. Lee Min Ho personally went and personally greeted all of the nearly one hundred staff members.

Through ‘Faith’, Lee Min Ho was able to portray a unique character and show off his acting to good reviews.

[News] “I Miss You” Unveils New Sexy, Brooding Stills of Park Yoo Chun.

[News] “I Miss You” Unveils New Sexy, Brooding Stills of Park Yoo Chun.
Cr. - soompi

Upcoming MBC melodrama “I Miss You” unveiled new teaser stills of its male lead Park Yoo Chun (JYJ). In two of the released stills, Park Yoo Chun stands before a rain streaked glass window, bottled up with both sadness and anger. In the other two, he is seen leaning by a wall with a longing expression on his face.

“I Miss You” is described as a traditional melodrama about first love and stars Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho. In the series, Park Yoo Chun plays Han Jung Woo, a homicide detective with a pleasant personality. He holds a painful memory of his first love and his regret of not being able to protect her locked deep inside his heart.

Yoon Eun Hye plays Lee Soo Yeon, Han Jung Woo’s first love and the daughter of a murderer. The two fell in love at the tender age of fifteen but had their love snatched away from them.

They continue to live their lives, keeping their broken hearts and true feelings hidden. Yoo Seung Ho will rival Park Yoo Chun for Yoon Eun Hye’s affections as the cold-hearted Kang Hyung Joon. He’s described as a man of vengeance behind his gentle demeanor.

MBC’s “I Miss You” will premiere on Wednesday, November 7, at 9:55PM KST.

[VOD & Photo] Original Trailer for 'Faith' or 'The Great Doctor' (2011) with Kang Ji Hwan.

[VOD & Photo] Original Trailer for 'Faith' or 'The Great Doctor' (2011) with Kang Ji Hwan.

'Faith / The Great Doctor' (2009-2011) The Great Doctor was a drama that was scheduled to be on air at 2011, and the main actor was Kang Ji-hawn. It was planed as a 3D drama and was expected to be a big hit. Of course a lot of capital was expected to be used. But at that time, Kang Ji Hwan. had a hard time because of the agency conflict.

Kang Ji Hwan's ex-egency (Jambo entertainment) was a member of CEMA (Corea entertainment management association). CEMA took side with Jambo and obstructed Kang Ji Hwan. to be in the drama. So he had to quit the drama even he already shooted the trailer. But Jambo came out to be guilty and the court verdicted Jambo to compensate 500 million won to Kang Ji Hwan..

'Faith / The Great Doctor' (2012) Lee Min Ho is the latest hot star rumored to take the lead in the SBS period fantasy drama “Faith.” Strong buzz surrounds reports that the actor is the current top choice for the role that was once confirmed for Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ji Hwan.

(Kang Ji-hawn Ver.) Faith / The Great Doctor. 

(Kang Ji-hawn Ver.) Faith filming - 
Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Philip, Kim Hee Sun.

[VOD & News] "Architecture 101” Production Company to Establish Fully-funded Film School.

[VOD & News] "Architecture 101” Production Company to Establish Fully-funded Film School.
Cr. - 10asia

A Korean production that has played a pivotal role in the growth of the domestic film industry will establish a film school withing three years.

Myung Film, which produced “Joint Security Area/ JSA” (2000) and “Architecture 101” (2012), is building a school offering full scholarship program to students a two-year curriculum covering acting, directing and video editing, according to the firm’s press release.

“We hope to educate talented students with professionalism who will contribute and develop the Korean film industry,” Myung Film Chief Lee Eun was quoted as saying.

In the run-up to the grand opening in February 2015, “Myung Film Institue” is currently putting up the buildings including its dormitory in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

Along with the new initiative, the company is also looking forward to renovate the “Architecture 101” shooting set in Jeju Island into a coffee shop. Named “Cafe, Seo-yeon’s Home” [translated], the dream house is expected to open next March, the officials said.

Myung Film, one of the well-known production firms in Korea, produced hits including romance “The Contact” (1997), “Forever the Moment” (2007) and animation “Leafie, A Hen into the Wild" (2011).

[News] UEE to Turn Dark-haired Fighter in Upcoming TV series.

[News] UEE to Turn Dark-haired Fighter in Upcoming TV series.
Cr. - 10asia

After School member and actress UEE has shown off her action skills on the set of her forthcoming action series.

3HW, promoter of KBS drama “Jeon Woochi” [translated title], has finally revealed footage of UEE’s first shooting that took place at Naju Image Theme Park in Naju Province in South Korea on October 7.

In the photos, the heroin is describing her character Hong Moo-yeon who lost her emotions after being spelled by black magic. While flying high in the air she draws Taoist magic to her lover Jeon Woochi [played by Cha Tae-hyun].

The firm noted that the "Birdy Buddy" star first had hesitation to do wire actions but now she is enjoying it, even when the shooting goes over 12 hours.

The costume drama, set in the Joseon Dynasty, centers around Jeon Woochi who turns into a punisher to the evil and unexpectedly becomes a hero after swearing revenge on his friend who took away Woochi’s father-like person Hong Gil-dong and lover Moo-yeon.

Helmed by director Kang Il-soo of KBS period action series “The Land of Wind” (2008), the fantasy action series is slated to air on November 21 after the current hit, “The Innocent Man," ends its run.

[News] Lee Seung Gi is named an online honorary ambassador for fair elections.

[News] Lee Seung Gi is named an online honorary ambassador for fair elections.
Cr. - http://en.korea.com/

On October 31, The National Election Commission appointed Lee Seung Gi as an online honorary ambassador for fair elections and singed the MOU with portal websites for fair elections and campaigns for voter participation.

At the event, hosted by TBS’s anchor Jung Eun Gil, the National Election Commission introduced activities of the online honorary ambassador and presented a letter of appointment. Moon Sang Boo, the director of the National Election Commission, and the honorary ambassador delivered congratulatory speeches, and spokespersons for the portal websites signed the MOU. They also presented a performance for the fair 18th presidential election.

Moon says, “We believe Internet will play an important role in forming public opinion for this year’s election and in exchanging information. We hope the portal websites (Naver, Daum, and Nate) can play a significant role in establishing a culture of a fair election online.”

Lee will appear on online campaign PR posters or videos as an honorary ambassador for fair elections.

[News] Moon Geun-young confirmed new historical drama "Goddess of Fire".

[News] Moon Geun-young confirmed new historical drama "Goddess of Fire".
Original - http://twssg.blogspot.com/

Moon Geun-young will take the title role of "Goddess of Fire" upcoming historical drama and is likely to take the role.

Moon has been offered a role in the historical drama, "Goddess of Fire" which is produced by Park Sung-soo and written by Kwon Soon-gyu.

This drama is the biopic of the first women to head the royal pottry, who have a deals with the fancy life and love of Baek Pa-sun, the Choun's first female dish-maker.

Baek Pa-sun, the first women to reach the height of pottery, ends up as a prisoner of war during the Japanese invasion of Korea, where she spreads the technology of the famed Korean pottery.

The drama’s epic scale and plot is reminiscent of the historic epic "Dae Jang Geun", and the entertainment industry is thriving with anticipation for the next-gen historical epic from MBC.

Moon will be starring in her second historical in addition to "Painter of the Wind".

Moon Geun-young’s appearance in the "Goddess of Fire" will be after her drama "Chungdamdong Alice", which will premiere on December. The drama "Goddess of Fire" is set to start airing early next year.

[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" increases in percentage, stays in first place.

[Spoiler] "The Horse Healer" increases in percentage, stays in first place.
Cr. - hancinema

"The Horse Healer" went up a little.

According to the AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 31st, the tenth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer" rated 13.5%. this is 0.1% higher than the previous episode.

Lee Seong-ha (Lee Sang-woo) took care of Kang Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won) who had small pox.

Ji-nyung said to him, "Go away, this disease isn't contagious so you can go" but he said, "I regret not being a physician at times like this like my father" and expressed his feelings for her.

Princess Sook-hwi (Kim So-eun) imagined being hugged by her oh so dear Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo).

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "Ooh La La Couple" and SBS "Faith" rated 12.5% and 10.1%.

[VOD & News] ‘Masquerade’ sweeps up 15 awards at the Grand Bell Awards.

[VOD & News] ‘Masquerade’ sweeps up 15 awards at the Grand Bell Awards.
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The 49th Grand Bell Awards were dominated by historical movie, ‘Masquerade‘, which stars Lee Byung Hun.

The event was held on the 30th, and presented a total of 23 different awards. Out of the 23, ‘Masquerade’ took home 15 of the awards, with ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Leading Male Actor’, ‘Best Supporting Male Actor’, ‘Best Costume’, ‘Best Art’, ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Sound Effects’, ‘Toyota Popularity Award’, ‘Best Lighting’, ‘Best Editing’, ‘Best Production’, ‘Best Scenario’, ‘Best Filming’, and ‘Best Video Effects’.

The chairman of the judge panel said, “I didn’t know this would be the results for today“, and the MC for the night, Shin Hyun Joon also expressed his awe and said, “‘Masquerage’ is awesome“.

Other winners include actress Cho Min Soo of ‘Pieta‘ for ‘Best Leading Female Actor’, Kim Hae Sook of ‘The Thieves‘ for ‘Best Supporting Female Actor’, Kim Sung Gyun of ‘Neighbor‘ for ‘Best Male Rookie Actor’, Kim Go Eun of ‘A Muse‘ for ‘Best Female Rookie Actor’, Choi Ji Yeon of ‘Woman‘ for ‘Best Short Film’, Director Choi Jong Tae of ‘Hand in Hand‘ for ‘Best New Director’, and Director Kim Ki Duk of ‘Pieta‘ for ‘Judges’ Special Award’.

[News] Park Shin Hye to star in new drama, “Flower Boy Next Door”.

[News] Park Shin Hye to star in new drama, “Flower Boy Next Door”.
Cr. - allkpop

It has been announced that Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon will star in the upcoming tvN drama, ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘.

tvN confirmed on the 31st, “Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye have been cast for tvN’s upcoming 2013 Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Flower Boy Next Door’.”

‘Flower Boy Next Door’ will be a 16 episode romantic comedy that features the love story of an ‘urban rapunzel’ Go Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye) who gets caught by her the flower boy Enrique (played by Yoon Si Yoon) while sneaking glances at her neighbor.

The producers for the drama stated, “This will show a fresh perspective that hasn’t been seen before and will be an exciting drama. From the start of the drama’s conception, Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye were the writers’ first choice actors. The collaboration of the top producers and actors, and its interesting story line give it a triple threat that’s worth anticipating.”

‘Flower Boy Next Door’ will premiere on January 7th, 2013.

[News] Ji Sung Wants to MC a Talk Show.

[News] Ji Sung Wants to MC a Talk Show.
Cr. - soompi

Actor Ji Sung expressed his desire to be the MC of a talk show. In the popular SBS show “Strong Heart” he announced, “One day I want to become an MC of a talk show.”

He explained further, “In the early 2000s, I believed that an actor should not do entertainment, but times have changed. Although I may not be good at making comments, I am good at listening to people’s stories.”

The actor promoted himself by stating his previous experience as an MC in a music program and a radio DJ. He was given the chance to be an MC on a special corner he called the “Gee Show” (Ji Sung Show). He brought a special guest to be a part of his first interview.

The surprise guest will be revealed on the October 30 broadcast of “Strong Heart.”

[Watch TV Online ] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Episode. 24 (No Sub)

[Watch TV Online ] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Ep. 24 (No Sub)

[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho rescues Kim Hee Sun on 'Faith'.

[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho rescues Kim Hee Sun on 'Faith'.
Cr. - http://en.korea.com/

In the episode of SBS TV’s Faith that aired on October 30, Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) gets kidnapped by Ki Cheol (played by Yoo Oh Sung) and taken to the door to the modern world.

Ki Cheol attacks the palace, kills lots of people, and kidnaps Eun Soo, who has just recovered from poisoning.

Ki Cheol tells her about his plan to go to the modern world together and takes her to the door to the modern world. Eun Soo leaves messages that read “It’s okay” in the language of her world in every place she stops by to let Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) know where she is.

Choi Young follows Eun Soo’s messages and rescues her. He asks her if she’s okay, and she responds to him with a smile. He asks her again, “Will you stay with me now then?” and she says yes.

However, Choi Young soon gets attacked by Ki Cheol and collapses.

[News] Goo Hye Sun Had a Dispute with Jo Seung Woo While Filming “Peach Tree”

[News] Goo Hye Sun Had a Dispute with Jo Seung Woo While Filming “Peach Tree”
Cr. - soompi

Film “Peach Tree’s” director Goo Hye Sun confessed that she had small differences of opinion with Jo Seung Woo while filming her movie.

Goo Hye Sun appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Come to Play” that was aired on October 29. She explained, “‘Peach Tree’ tells a story about a conjoined twin. The main casts are Jo Seung Woo, Ryu Duk Hwan, and Nam Sang Mi.”

During the show, MC Kim Won Hee asked, “There is a rumor that you clashed with Jo Seung Woo. Is this true?”

Goo Hye Sun replied, “I tried my best to be nice, but I think that was the problem. The truth is, I am a very spontaneous person, while Jo Seung Woo is very organized. He is a perfectionist. I think that might have been why we had some differences in opinions.”

“Peach Tree” premiered at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival. It is to be released in theaters on October 31, 2012.

[News] Actor Lee Byung Hun nominated as the best actor at the Grand Bell Awards for the first time in his life.

[News] Actor Lee Byung Hun nominated as the best actor at the Grand Bell Awards for the first time in his life.
Cr. - http://en.korea.com/

Actor Lee Byugn Hun received the best actor award at the Grand Bell Awards for the first time in his life.

At the 49th Grand Bell Awards that was held at Yeouido KBS Hall on October 30, Lee Byung Hun received the best actor award beating, Chio Min Sik from War With Crime, Kim Myung Min from Pace Maker, Hwang Jung Min from Dancing Queen, and Ahn Sung Gi from Unbowed.

Even though he could not attend the award ceremony, Lee also received a Popularity Award.

The movie, Masquerade is the seventh Korean movie to ever exceed 10 million viewers. It is about Gwanghae, the king fooling other people and making someone who looks just like him become king.

Lee Byung Hun successfully played two roles as the scared king Gwanghae and one of the untouchable, Ha Sun.


[Photo / Synopsis] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Episode 24...by njkim

[Photo / Synopsis] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Episode 24.
by njkim…updating 

It's last ep now :( I thought it wouldn't come..! I hope everyone would be happy..! Let's see if CY can beat GC!

GM says "How dare u? U going crazy?" GC says "I just came here to get back mine." At that moment, CY comes in. GC asks CY to bring ES to him. CY's servant dies while trying to save CY. CY gets angry and says "Someone give me a sword. And everyone go out guiding GM." GM orders "Don't let him to fight alone..! Help him." But CY resist for his servant help him. And GM insist to stay with CY. GC says "Bring ES here. Before u do it, I will kill ppl one by one. What are u gonna do with the hands?" GM also worries of it, and suggest him to stand back, but CY continues to protect GM.

In the meanwhile, ES wakes up. She says "I was worried if all things are dream." Choi servant asks if she was toxified and checks her. Then she finds ES has no more fever and average pulse frequency. She got cured from poison finally.

HSI and CEJ are going to catch ES, and CY's servant notice it.

CY asks GM if he can kill GC. But GM asks to GC if he has thinking to negotiate. Then GC starts to persuade CY. "Are there anything which GM did by himself? CY've done all the things. How about for you to be King instead? If u need order from King of Won, I will get it right now." CY replies "7 yrs ago, my teacher also had same question. And he replied with his life. But now I realize he's wrong. I already got King's mind and what more do I need?" After hearing his saying, GC thinks he dragged enough time which is needed for his servants to catch ES.

CY's servant says the news to ES and she's about to runaway. Suddenly HSI comes in and attacks ES's guards. They protect her and kill HSI, but ES got caught.

GM and NK are talking about ES. NK says "If ES comes back, there's saying I'm gonna tell you. Think about CY and ES."

CY goes to find ES. GM asks "If you find her, are you gonna follow her to heaven?" He replies "I already told you I'm not gonna follow what my teacher did. I came back for you, so let me find my lady."

ES wakes up in GC's home, and CEJ asks who killed HSI but she says she doesn't know. GC says "I'm gonna go with you to heaven. You said there would be way to heaven in your things. Here it is."

CY's friends tires to find ES, and one of them remember a place which GC used frequently.

ES sees her stuff and get surprised.

CY's friends all over the place try to find where ES is, and CY leave alone to find her.

ES says to GC "It's not sure thing, but it seems like it's related with burst of sunpot. But It's first time for you to go into the gate, and you can't be sure what world you will go. I can guide you till the gate, but let me go in front of it." But GC says "We will go together. We have to."

GC and ES arrives in a lodging. While they're taking rest, CY knows door. GC says "Let's go together, but ES attacks him and runaway. GC runaway, and CY sees ES is fine. "Tomorrow the gate is opened, right? You have ppl to say goodbye in ur world. Let's go there tmr." ES worries if GC comes and disturb them, but CY comforts her, saying "I can beat him."

Next morning, GC tires to enter in the gate, but he can't. He asks how to go in. ES says "Just go in." He says "U lie continually. Let's die together. It's end if u die." Then he threaten ES, and CY dies while protecting her. Dying, CY thinks 'Why I brought this person from heaven?'.

In the meanwhile GC gets up and drags her. Resisting him, she goes to 21 century alone. There she gets tools for surgery in hospital. She runsaway to go back and enter into the gate. But when she entered, it's not Go Ryeo. ES says 'I still doesn't know what's wrong at that time.

But when I came to the world which CY belongs, there was no CY. It was 100 yrs ago from Go Ryeo. However I believe he wouldn't die. Someone said if I hope for sth, it makes memory and makes the hope come true.'

Then she goes in the gate and comes back to Seoul. Then she goes in the gate once again. She finally comes back to Go Ryeo. She sees CY's servants and hear where CY is.

She runs to there and finally meets CY.

The End of  'Faith / The Great Doctor'

[Photo / Reviews] 'Faith (신의) / The Great Doctor' Episode 24.

[Photo / Reviews] 'Faith / The Great Doctor' Episode 24.
by redpinkboxes…updating 

Dochi asks GM to take cover, but KC stops him...
GM asks KC if his crazy, asking him what this is?
KC just says he came to get what is his..
Woodalchis try to attack him, but to no avail.
Choi Young comes in, and KC looks at him.
GM tells CY that KC is crazy.
CY asks what is it?
KC asks where ES is, and says he’ll have to take her.
Dolbae realizes that CY’s hands is shaking, and he calls KC to attack him instead.
Young realizes and tells Dolbae not to do so, but still, it was too late..
Dolbae collapses after being frozen, and CY tries to attack KC, but his sword falls.
CY rushes to Dolbae, who smiles looking at Choi Young, before he loses his consciousness *sobs*
CY puts Dolbae’s hand on the ground, and asks woodalchi to give him a sword.
Deokman gives him the sword, and he tells all of them to back down.
He then tells CS to escort GM out..
GM is worried, and tells woodalchi, saying someone needs to help CY, he cannot fight KC alone…
CY starts to fight KC, but KC hits CY’s sword away again..
CY takes a step back, to retrieve the sword. He then asks CS what his doing, and tells to bring GM away
KC goes on about getting ES… but CY says no… KC asks what he can do with that hand of his.
GM says he knows CY’s state, so he cannot leave CY alone.
He says there’s nothing wrong with his hand, it’s just that the sword is heavy.
They continue fighting, and CY’s strength, manages to split KC’s sword into two.
KC is shocked, and CY says, I told you, it’s because the sword is just heavy.
Lady choi sees that ES regained her consciousness. ES asks where CY is, and she says CY had some business and just left for a while.
ES says it’s such a relief that she’s regain her consciousness… She says, she was worried that it was all a dream…
Lady choi says that Young was with her for the whole night..
ES says, he must have been worried all night.
Lady choi asks about her health, is it okay now?
She checks, and there’s no fever anymore..
She then checks even more, and breaks down in happiness, realizing that she can live on, with CY.
Daeman notices HSI and EJ’s actions and alerts the rest.
CY is still dealing with KC, saying that he can kill him right here, GM has to decide what he wants to do with KC.
GM talks to KC, talking about how he tried to kill GM and all, and even though his the empress of yuan’s sister and all..
KC replies, and goes on talking to CY.
KC says that GM is just the King in name, and CY should be the King instead…
This reminds CY about the past king that killed his master..
And how that King said that Jeogeodae was the one that protects the citizens, and not the King..
(stream buffers)
CY says that person is wrong, … his wrong, because he escaped.
KC asks if he doesn’t wanna be the King.
CY says, I have the King already, what else do I need.
CY asks GM if he should kill KC now, but KC escapes, and Woodalchi tries to stop him, but CY stops them for they’ll get injured if they directly deal with KC.
Woodalchis come and attack EJ and HIS.
Daeman reports the situation about EJHSI, and then lady choi gets ES’s coat on her, to escort her away..
However, HSI comes in and Daeman tries to stop her…
Lady choi brings ES out, but then ES gets worried about DM being alone…
Lady choi goes back in to help DM, as HSI was strangling daeman with her heated hand.
 HSI hits both of them down, and prepares to leave, but DM stops her, and uses some wet cloth to attack her…. He holds her in that position, and Lady choi uses that moment to stab HSI. She dies…
An  “woodalchi” comes to escort to the Queen’s area, however, his not an woodalchi, for she ends up with KC’s brother guy. He hits her unconscious.
EJ comes to the place, and realizes that HSI is dead, and of course, he gets angry.
DM reports that ES is missing, and then… CY realizes that DM was burnt at his neck, and pats him. He then rushes off to save ES.
NG comes to GM with ES’s stuff and GM goes on about how CY had to leave ES alone to come and help me again…
NG says she has something to tell ES when she sees ES again, when she’s found.
He asks what is it? And she tells him its some word from heaven ( about sarang = Love).
NG and GM then hold hands, keeping the faith.
CY comes and Lady choi tells him about Eunsoo… he asks about the poison and her state…
CY says he has to go now, but lady choi says about the King…
He says he can’t wait… and he says:”I feel like I’m dying… Now…”
He walks off. (Damn my stream is so bad today *sobs*)
CY comes to GM, and GM says he knows how CY feels in this land…
He then asks, are you going to follow ES to that land?
He says he’s following his teachers steps, and he won’t go..
He then asks for GM’s help to save ES…
CY leaves, and gets into action.
ES regains consciousness, but EJ has his sword at her neck.. He goes on about how she caused HSI’s death… KC tells him to take the sword away.
KC then talks to her, asking if she’s okay.
She asks if his kidnapping her now.. He says no, but she asks if he can let her go, but no as well.
He says they’ll be going all the way to heaven together.
He then brings out Hwata’s stuff, and ES looks at the box..
Suribang is in action, searching for ES.
Manbo sister talks to Jiho, saying that he has to find Eunsoo, or Young will be living like some dead person again.
Manbo sister realizes something and sends him off.
Eunsoo opens the box…. And finds some old dusty device, and starts to cry…
KC asks what is it…
Suribang siblings are still around the area, and the gay guy is behind the one that disguised as an woodalchi to take Eunsoo. Gay suribang fights him, but that guy escapes.
CY tells woodalchi to tell them to wait, he’ll be going alone.
A boy watches a carriage going by, with Eumja sitting on the horse of the carriage..
Woodalchi is not far from them… rushing…
NG is praying hard for things to go smoothly, while GM stays alone in his room, worried.
ES and KC are in the carriage… ES tells him about how she’s not sure about the door and what will happen after this, for she cannot be sure about what will happen after entering the door, they might not be going back to her world..
KC says he doesn’t care… She then says okay, she’ll bring him to the door, but he’ll have to let her off, so that she can stay behind..
He says no, they will go to heaven together.
ES and KC walks somewhere, and she writes something with a chalk.
CY goes to that place the next day, and he sees what she wrote.. “It’s alright” in Hangeul.
He remembers it from the time she wrote it to him..
KC and gang sees some blockage, so Eumja rids them and they get through.
They go into some place, and KC’s brother guy pays the owner after locking the door, saying that they’ll be here for today.
Eunsoo is resting on a bed, while KC rests while staying beside her to guard her. His in pain because of his illness.
Suddenly someone bangs the door, and KC gets frantic.
CY comes in, and starts to fight Eumja.
KC stays by ES, preventing her from going anywhere, but Eunsoo takes the dagger at her leg, and injures KC lightly… she escapes..
CY fights Eumja and the other guy, and successfully hurts both of them.
CY leaves to find ES… KC hides…
ES and CY meets, and ES starts to cry. He asks if she’s fine, and she nods that she’s fine.
He says, so now everything is okay?
She says yes…
CY: “So you’ll be by my side from now on?”
She says yes. They hug, both with tears in their eyes… ES cries…
They lay on the bed together, and he talks about heaven’s door.
He asks if she’ll be fine…
He says he can bring her just to see the door… She says is that okay?
And the agree.
She talks about how KC is still around, and asks if he’ll win if he fights KC.
He then looks at her intently, and he says he just wants to remember this moment.
She touches his face…
(Damn my stream buffers!)
KC rushed to the heaven’s door by himself… But his unable to go in…. his too weak…
ES and CY walks happily together..
(And it buffers again I need to kill someone, how can the connection do this to me at this moment)
And CY is lying on the ground, hurt…with a sword, at his neck… (KC hurt him)
Some flashback about all the memories of CY and ES…
KC grabs Eunsoo all the way to the heaven’s door, and he pushes ES in…. however before he can enter, the door closes… His frozen all around..
ES is back in 2012, and remembers what Young says…
She rushes to the hospital and the nurse there says theres someone from japan who wants to interview her…
(stream buffers again DAMNNN SORRY FOR THE RANT BUT DAMNN)
Eunsoo travels back in time… to 100 years before Goryeo…
She looks at the heaven’s door, and says… I left that person alone in pain… and went to a time 100 years before…
(NOOOOO I HATE THIS, But it’s just like every of her past time travel I guess)
She looks at the heaven’s door, and we have another recap of their times together.
(I’m pretty sure they’re having many flashbacks because they didn’t have enough scenes to make an hour?)
Back to Eunsoo’s time 100 years befor Goryeo..
She is there, healing people..
She takes out some of the things she brought from 2012, a necklace… the new diary(which became old in goryeo, the capsule thing, and the last of hwata’s relics, which is some projector where she can see her mum and dad’s recorded video…
As she wrote the diary, she says… she believed that CY didn’t die then and there that day…
She looks at that device, that played the video… it has some medical stuff as well..
She then walks by the heaven’s door…
She then talks about how someone said… hold on to the moment, and that moment will bring the memory.
The portal opens again, and she goes in, returning to 2012..
She then goes back into the portal again… she goes into a shop, and talks to some warrior that is dressed like a woodalchi…
She asks about the time now and all, asking how long has the current king been the King.
Someone reports five years….
She walks further in, and she sees Woodalchi!!!
All are older, with longer hairs.. Deokman and Daeman quarrles again, and CS scolds them!
Eunsoo smiles.
She rushes to the place where she got separated with Young, and Young is sitting there in front of a tree, with moustache!
She sees him and smiles at him in tears… 
He smiles back at her, he has been waiting all these while omg sadiuhduishdoisauhdoiu
They just stood there, looking at each other…

- THE   ENDS (Happy Ending)

[News] Will the last episode of Faith have a sad ending?

[News] Will the last episode of Faith have a sad ending?
Cr. - http://en.korea.com/

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith will air the last episode.

Lee Min Ho (plays the role of Choi Young), Kim Hee Sun (plays the role of Eun Soo), and Yoo Oh Sung (plays the role of Ki Chul) will have a final fight and cause tensions. Since Kim has chance to go back to her world, many people are wondering what will happen to the dramatic Lee and Kim couple.

Yoo will also surprise the audience by attacking Lee with his full power. The biggest conflict between Yoo and Lee will cause the result that no one could have expected before.

Lee, who decided to let Kim go back to her world, and Kim, who decided to stay beside Lee, will make the audience feel sad. If they say goodbye to each other, they will have chance to meet again in sixty-seven years. Their emotional love story will also make the audience feel sorry.

An official for the series says, “Dramatic scenes will continuously surprise the audience today. Actors, who have been performing their characters perfectly, will shine more than before to complete the beautiful story. I bet you will like it.”

“Lee and Kim will also perform emotional and sorrowful scenes, which will make the audience shed tears. Please tune on the last episode to see how the story ends.”

The last episode of the series will air today at 9:55 p.m.

[News] Choi Ji-woo Will Introduce Korean Food as TV Host.

[News] Choi Ji-woo Will Introduce Korean Food as TV Host.
Cr. - 10asia

Actress Choi Ji-woo will return to the small screen with a Korean food and cooking cable channel’s new program.

She is set to lead Olive TV's “Choi Ji-woo’s Delicious Korea” alongside famed Korean designer Jung Ku-ho, an official from the broadcaster told the magazine over the phone Tuesday.

“We’d been looking for an iconic Hallyu star for the program’s host and Choi was the one,” the official added.

The upcoming show is aiming to promote Korean cuisine and culture to the world. The two main hosts will criss-cross South Korea and introduce regional food to the viewers.

Choi made her debut as an actress in 1994 through MBC's talent audition. While she has several hit dramas and films under her belt, the actress became one of the most popular Hallyu stars after starring in KBS 2002 hit "Winter Sonata."

[Photo & News] Yoo Seung-ho Releases Still-shots from Park Yuchun’s New Melodrama.

[Photo & News] Yoo Seung-ho Releases Still-shots from Park Yuchun’s New Melodrama.
Cr. - 10asia

“Tale of Arang” actor Yoo Seung-ho has heightened the dramagoers’ expectation with his still-shots from Park Yuchun’s new drama.

MBC, the broadcaster of "Missing You" [translated title], revealed Yoo’s images through its press release sent Tuesday.

The pictures, particularly the one featuring Yoo hitting a window wall, express his restless character Kang Hyung-joon, who cannot be loved by his crush Lee Soo-yeon [played by Yoon Eun-hye].

The upcoming melodrama will pivot around a detective named Han Jung-woo [Park Yuchun] and fashion designer Lee who live with a broken heart from their first crush.

Penned by scriptwriter Moon Hee-jung of "Listen to My Heart" (MBC, 2011), "Missing You" is set to hit airwaves on November 7.

[News] Korean Sports Drama Pic May Open in Japan Next Year.

[News] Korean Sports Drama Pic May Open in Japan Next Year.
Cr. - 10asia

2012 Korean sports drama film "As One" is likely to meet Japanese audience.

The Ha Ji-won and Bae Doona starrer is mulling over to open in Japanese theaters late this year or early next year, with its Japanese title “HANA- 46 Days Miracle,” the pic’s distribution firm CJ E&M told the magazine Tuesday.

Although the official said the detailed opening schedules and venues has not been fixed yet, the main cast members are already set to kick off their promotion activities there.

Ha, director Moon Hyeon-seong and supporting actor Kim Eung-soo, who already visited Japan for the pic’s promotion in April, will fly to the island again to meet with Japanese audiences at Tokyo's Cinemart Shinjuku this Friday.

The “King 2 Hearts” starlet will then jump to Osaka to introduce the film during its special screening session in the 28th One Korea Festival, to be held at Osaka International House Foundation on November 3.

Based on a true story from the world table tennis championship held at Chiba, Japan back in 1991, the movie tells a story of two legendary ping-pong players Hyun Jung-hwa [played by Ha] and Lee Boon-hui [played by Bae], each from the South and the North.

Due to the two countries’ conciliation mood, they are set to assign the United Korea team for the first time in history. The two rivals and their fellow athletes get closer and closer while playing against the Chinese team in 46 days’ championship game period.

The touching film, originally released in local theaters on May 3, has attracted less-than-expected 1.8 million moviegoers due to its too didactic stories.

[Article] Bae Yong Joon's Gorilla in the Cafe: Flexing Hawaiian Coffee Muscles in Waikiki.

[Article] Bae Yong Joon's Gorilla in the Cafe: Flexing Hawaiian Coffee Muscles in Waikiki.
Cr. - http://lovebaeyongjoon.com/

Waikiki has to be one of the most touristy areas on the planet, with people from across the globe spilling over sidewalks. The Honolulu hotel and shopping district sure has its share of chains, but hidden in plain sight are some focused culinary specialists. On our most recent trip to Hawaii, we were staying at the Waikiki Parc Hotel, and around the corner, a strange sight caught my eye, a flashy green La Marzocco espresso machine. Spotting top-flight coffee equipment signaled serious coffee at VG Gallery Studio Cafe in Taipei, and that same indicator led to some of the best coffee we’ve had in Hawaii, at Gorilla in the Cafe.

Korean actor Bae Yong Joon opened his glass-fronted cafe in July. He also owns a restaurant in Seoul called Gorilla in the Kitchen and respects the animal’s health and strength. The interior features reclaimed wood walls and houses the aforementioned La Marzocco, two Mazzer grinders, a Bonmac pourover coffee bar, and a healthy retail presence. The gorilla also serves shave ice, but we were happy to enjoy that Hawaiian treat elsewhere.

We started with 100% Hawaiian Hand Pourover, roasted by Pahala-based Isla Coffee.

A menu near the register features seven different selections, which might include Maui Red Catuai, Ka’u Washed Typica and Kona Magarogype. It’s not often to see the coffee varietal featured so prominently on a menu. Clearly, the gorilla enjoys educating customers.

A barista named Sam filled me in and prepared my coffee. Maui Mokka Peaberry ($4.66) promised “flavors of lychee, hibiscus, rose, orange and chocolate.” It was bright, and fairly floral, but does anybody ever really sense exactly the same tasting notes as the label dictates?

Honolulu’s Downtown Coffee roasted a four-bean espresso blend, including beans from Big Island, Maui and Oahu. Sam pulled a smooth shot that was satisfyingly bright, without much bitterness.

Of course Gorilla in the Cafe sells bags of coffee to go, in case you want to take the experience elsewhere. Apparently it’s also possible to be a gorilla at home.

Gorilla in the Cafe
2155 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815
808 922 2055