[News] Nominees in 48th Baeksang Arts Awards bared.

[News] Nominees in 48th Baeksang Arts Awards bared.
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MANILA, Philippines – The nominees in the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards have been announced.

The awards ceremony, to be held on April 26, will recognize outstanding Korean dramas and movies.

In the TV categories, Kim Soo Hyun of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” led the nominees for best actor along with Park Si-hoo of “The Princess’ Man,” Chan Seung-won of “The Greatest Love,” Sin Ha-gyun of “Brain,” and Han Sik-gyoo of “Deep Rooted Trees.”

In the best actress category, the nominees are Moon Chae-won of “The Princess’ Man,” Gong Hyo-jin of “The Best Love,” Kim Sun-ah of “Scent of a Woman,” Kim Hyun-joo of “Sparkling Sparkling,” and Soo Ae of “A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

Actress Han Ga In failed to get a nomination despite her outstanding performance in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

In the best TV drama, the nominees are “The Princess’ Man,” “Brain,” “Deep Rooted Trees,” “The Greatest Love,” and “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

In the movie category, the nominees for best film are “Unbowed,” “Sunny,” “Punch,” “Nameless Gangster,” and “Helpless.”

For best actor, Gong Yoo is nominated along with Park Hae-il, Kim Yun-seok, Ahn Sung-ki and Choi Min-sik.

In the best actress category, the nominees are Kim Min-hee, Son Ye-jin, Shim Eun-kyung, Uhm Jung-hwa and Jung Ryeo-won.

Here’s the list of nominees in the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards.


Best TV Drama:
•“The Princess’ Man”
•“Deep Rooted Trees”
•“The Best Love”
•“The Moon Embraces the Sun”

Best Actor
•Kim Soo-hyun, “The Moon Embraces the Sun”
•Park Si-hoo, “The Princess’ Man”
•Sin Ha-gyun, “Brain”
•Cha Seung-won, “The Best Love”
•Han Sik-gyoo, “Deep Rooted Trees”

Best Actress
•Gong Hyo-jin, “The Best Love”
•Kim Sun-ah, “Scent of a Woman”
•Kim Hyun-joo, “Sparkling Sparkling”
•Moon Chae-won, “The Princess’ Man”
•Soo Ae, “A Thousand Days’ Promise”

Best New Actor:
•Gang Dong-ho, “Sparkling Sparkling”
•Park Yoo-hwan, “A Thousand Days’ Promise”
•Park Yoon-jae, “Indomitable Daughter-in-Laws”
•Yeo Jin-goo, “The Moon Embraces the Sun”
•Joo Won, “Ojakgyo Brothers”

Best New Actress
•Kang Sora, “Dream High 2”
•Kim Yoo-jung, “The Moon Embraces the Sun”
•Im Soo-hyang, “New Tales of Gisaeng”
•Uee, “Ojakgyo Brothers”
•Jung Yoo-mi, “A Thousand Days’ Promise”

Best Variety
•“Gag Concert”
•“I Am a Singer”
•“K-Pop Star”
•“1 Night 2 Days – Season 1”

Best Film
•“Nameless Gangster”

Best Actor
•Gong Yoo, “Silenced”
•Kim Yun-Seok, “Punch”
•Park Hae-Il, “War of the Arrows”
•Ahn Sung-Ki, “Unbowed”
•Choi Min-Sik, “Nameless Gangster”

Best Actress
•Kim Min-Hee, “Helpless”
•Son Ye-jin, “Spellbound”
•Shim Eun-Kyung, “Sunny”
•Uhm Jung-Hwa, “Dancing Queen”
•Jung Ryeo-Won, “Pained”

Best New Actor
•Kim Sung-Kyun, “Nameless Gangster”
•Lee Kwang-Soo, “Love On-Air”
•Lee Je-Hoon, “Architecture 101”
•Joo Won, “SIU”

Rookie Actress
•Kang So-Ra, “Sunny”
•Go Ara, “Papa”
•Kim Hye-Eun, “Nameless Gangster”
•Bae Suzy, “Architecture 101”
•Oh Nara, “Dancing Queen”

[News] Netizens in awe over Shin Min Ah’s beauty.

[News] Netizens in awe over Shin Min Ah’s beauty.
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Actress Shin Min Ah has once again captured the hearts of male fans with recent photos taken during an autograph event.

The above photo was uploaded on an online community board with the caption, “Mens’ dream girl, Shin Min Ah”. The photo shows the actress at an autograph session for clothing brand Giordano, held on March 29th at Gyeonggi-do.

Although she was only wearing a plain white shirt, she exuded an angelic beauty with her wavy hair, which was gathered to one side of her shoulder.

Netizens commented, “She’s indeed a goddess,” “I wish she would be my girlfriend for just a day,” and “She’s so beautiful.”

[News] Jang Keun-suk becomes prince of Oricon.

[News] Jang Keun-suk becomes prince of Oricon.
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Hallyu actor and singer Jang Keun-suk has landed the third spot on the weekly Oricon chart, showing again just why his fans and the entertainer calls himself “The Prince of Asia.”

Jang’s new dance music “Lounge H: The First Impression” comprising 10 songs was released on March 21 in Japan and has sold more than 30,000 copies in the first week. Thus the album has secured Jang the third spot on Oricon’s weekly albums chart.

Ever the perfectionist, Jang was involved with the whole process of the album’s production from overseeing the jacket design, music video concept as well as deciding on the costumes.

The album was a collaborative effort with music producer and artist Big Brother who Jang had previously performed with on numerous occasions.

The two who call themselves a “unit-band” by the name of “Team-H,” took to the stage together last year when Jang toured around Japan from October to November.

Most recently, the two performed at a special stage for selected fans at a fan club exclusive concert in Tokyo from Feb. 20 to 21.

Big Brother and Jang met in 2004, and the two previously performed together at Lounge H, which is run by Hanyang University, where Jang is a student.
Meanwhile Jang is currently the star of the new KBS drama “Love Rain.”

[News] Jang Keun Suk will start his concert tour in July.

[News] Jang Keun Suk will start his concert tour in July.

Cr. - en.korea

Actor Jang Keun Suk is ready to become a real world prince as he recently announced the schedule for his Asia tour.

Loved by many Asian fans as a prince of Asia, Jang is starting his concert tour, titled 2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour The Cri Show 2, in Seoul in July this year.

Jang already had an Asia tour under the title of The Cri Show in April last year in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Shanghai. As he received an enthusiastic response for the tour, he’s having another Asia tour this year.

The upgraded 2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour The Cri Show 2 will be held in Seoul, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Ongoing since 2010, Jang’s Asia tour has become very popular.

Jang is currently appearing in KBS 2TV’s drama series Love Rain with SNSD’s Yoona.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong to kick off fan meeting tour in Asia this May.

[News] Kim Hyun-joong to kick off fan meeting tour in Asia this May.
Cr. - 10asia

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has announced that he is going out on a tour to meet his fans throughout Asia.

Kim will embark on his a month-long Asia fan event with his first stop in Singapore in May, his agency KEYEAST said through a press release on Friday.

After the actor wraps up his fan meeting in Singapore, he will take the show to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand in order.

Meanwhile, KEYEAST posted a notice on Kim’s official website yesterday that tickets to his fan meetings in the aforementioned countries will go on sale as soon as the dates and venues get settled.

Being one of the most popular Hallyu stars in Asia, Kim made his debut in the boy band SS501 with their single "SS501” in 2005.

He started his solo career in music with the first solo mini-album “Break Down” in 2011, and followed it up with the second mini-album “Lucky” the same year.

Kim’s popular credits in the small screen include KBS’ “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009 and MBC’s “Naughty Kiss” in 2010.

[VOD / Photo & News] Vicki Zhao, Zhou Xun, and Chen Kun in “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” Trailer.

[VOD / Photo & News] Vicki Zhao, Zhou Xun, and Chen Kun in “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” Trailer.
Cr. - ockoala

The upcoming Chinese movie 'Painted Skin: The Resurrection', the sequel to 2008′s hit movie of the same name with Chen Kun, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei finally released an official trailer as it ramps up for its June release.

Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) and Yang Mi (杨幂) promoted new movie, Painted Skin: The Resurrection <画皮Ⅱ>, in Hong Kong on March 20th. Although the film was dubbed as a sequel to the popular 2008 supernatural fantasy, Painted Skin, and featured the return of Vicki Zhao (赵薇), Zhou Xun (周迅), and Chen Kun (陈坤), the second installment will have a new story and characters. Painted Skin: The Resurrection, was loosely based on Pu Songling’s classic short stories, Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio. The movie featured stunning fantasy elements and visuals, focusing on tales of desire and love between humans and demons!

In the opening sequence of the trailer, Vicky Zhao swam nude in a pool of water, while wearing a mask. Appearing in lavish robes and seductive makeup, it was not clear whether Vicky Zhao will portray a human or demon in her role as the mysterious ”Princess Jing.” A complicated love triangle existed between Vicky Zhao, Zhou Xun, and Chen Kun. According to Chen Kun, he stated, “Vicky’s character is like the element of water, but she possesses the strength of a stone. Zhou Xun has the sharpness of ice, while I am like fire. Although these three elements appear to be incompatible, we were able to melt together!”

Zhou Xun’s character, “Xiaowei,” stated, “Five hundred years, I loved a man. He said that he loved me and I believed him.” In the trailer clip, Chen Kun kissed Zhou Xun passionately while under water.

Another romantic arc featured in Painted Skin: The Resurrection was the human-demon love story of popular Chinese actors, Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi. The pair were once romantically rumored in real life and were selected to star in the sequel after the popularity of Chinese drama, Palace <宮>. In the movie, Feng Shaofeng portrayed a demon hunter, skilled in magic and fighting. Shaofeng recounted humorously of his filming experience, “I was very hungry; everyday I was very hungry!” In order to drop weight for his role, he was forced to eat plain meals. “Each time I looked at my scarce meal portions while comparing to Yang Mi’s lavish, meaty dishes, my emotions were very unbalanced!”

Currently one of China’s most popular television actresses, Yang Mi has taken on more significant film projects recently. She was especially happy in working with Zhou Xun, who often offered pointers to her. During filming, rumors surfaced that Yang Mi and Vicky Zhao did not get along with each other. Feng Shaofeng interjected, “I can testify that they got along well!”

Painted Skin: The Resurrection will be released in China on June 28, 2012, targeting the lucrative summer box office. A rough cut of the movie was ready, with additional editing required at this time.

Watch the Official Trailer of “Painted Skin: The Resurrection”!

[VOD & News] Satomi Ishihara & Koji Seto in “Sadako 3D” Full Trailer.

[VOD & News] Satomi Ishihara & Koji Seto in “Sadako 3D” Full Trailer.
Cr. - http://www.tokyohive.com/

The official website of “Sadako 3D“, the upcoming 3D horror movie and latest installment in the popular ‘Ring‘ series, was updated with a full-length trailer.

In the movie, actress Ishihara Satomi plays the role of a teacher at a female high school where the rumor about a video clip of a person committing suicide is making it rounds. It’s said that you yourself will commit suicide upon watching this clip. Soon a similar mysterious death happens to one of her students and while the police still handles the case as suicide, she decides to find out more about the origin of the clip together with her boyfriend, a web designer played by Seto Koji. The mysterious man behind the clip and consequent resurrection of Sadako’s curse is played by Yamamoto Yusuke.

Moreover the cast includes Takahashi Tsutomu, Sometani Shota, Takara Hikari, and Tayama Ryosei.

As announced earlier this month, the theme song “S” is provided by visual kei rock band SID.

“Sadako 3D” will open in Japan on May 12th.

You can watch the trailer below!

[News] Ella Chen breaks down on set of new movie 'Bad Girls'.

[News] Ella Chen breaks down on set of new movie 'Bad Girls'.
Cr. - http://www.dailycpop.info/

Taiwanese starlet Ella Chen got more than she bargained for in her new movie, Bad Girls.

Ella who had a number of action scenes in the movie, had insisted on not using a stunt double, to make it look more realistic. However, she broke down and cried when she had to endure grueling practice sessions before the actual shoot.

When asked if she felt that the scenes were too tough for her, Ella replied with a smile, "I don't have a choice, I had a higher payout."

When the movie premiered two days ago in Taiwan, Ella's band mates, Selina Jen and Hebe Tien, sent video messages to congratulate her, moving her to tears. Hebe complimented Ella for having good acting skills, while Selina hoped that the movie will be a box office success.

Ella's kissing scenes with co-star Mike He were also the focus of media attention, since Ella will be marrying her Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai in May.

Mike expressed that he is not afraid that Alvin would be jealous, because they "kind of know each other", to which Ella retorted, "Who's close to you?"

The actor added, "Kissing her is just like kissing another guy."

[News] Kim Soo-hyun becomes “Angel-in-Us” model.

[News] Kim Soo-hyun becomes “Angel-in-Us” model.
Cr. - http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/

Hallyu actor Kim Soo-hyun has become the face of “Angel-in-Us” coffee chain store.

“Those in their twenties and thirties are our major target market. Thus we thought it was crucial that we select someone with enough pull as well as a soft and mellow image like Kim Soo-hyun,” said a representative from the Korean coffee chain.

The franchisor said that Kim successfully filmed the TV commercial at a store in Mugyudong in Seoul on March 24. A throng of crowd gathered around the store to catch a glimpse of the heartthrob causing quite a chaos.

The TV ad is slated to air from April 1 and the “Making-of” footage will be available online shortly after. On March 21, Kim also became the face of Cass beer and bringing his tally of exclusive contracts to exceed more than 15. When the announcement of Kim’s contract with Cass was announced, Kim’s agency estimated that.

The star’s combined deals would bring in more than 5 billion won ($4.5 million) for the young star, who skyrocketed to fame while appearing in the MBC drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012). Kim is also known for his roles in “Dream High” (2011) and “Giant” (2010).

[VOD / Photo & News] Ahn Jae-wook To Make Singing Comeback After 3 Years.

[VOD / Photo & News] Ahn Jae-wook To Make Singing Comeback After 3 Years.
Cr. - http://english.kbs.co.kr/

Actor Ahn Jae-wook will be making his long-awaited comeback as his other role, a singer.

Ahn will be releasing his new mini-album, ending a three-year-long hiatus in singing. What will be his third mini-album, "At This Moment", will be released in Korea and Japan simultaneously on March 28th. The song "Best Friend" will be released a week earlier, on March 21st, as a pre-release treat.

"At This Moment" will contain four tracks in total: Best Friend, Me Who's Still Dreaming, That Guy, Though I Hate You, Though I Hate You". Song composer Yoo Hae-joon (who wrote "Thousand Year's Love") and Jeon Hae-seong (who wrote "That Man" from the "Secret Garden" drama soundtrack) participated on the album. Notable talented musicians like TRAX's Kim Jung-mo also featured on the songs.

Ahn took part in the producing of this album. The buzz is that the songs are inspired from Ahn's personal experiences, with the theme of friendship and love, and they ring deep with honest lyrics.

[News] Hyun Bin’s Improved Looks in the Army?

[News] Hyun Bin’s Improved Looks in the Army?
Cr. - soompi

Recently, two photos of Hyun Bin in his military uniform was posted on an online community board. In the photos posted under the title “Hyun Bin looking better after joining the army,” the star actor is seen wearing the formal wear of Korean marines.

Despite the crew cut hair, Hyun Bin still looks sharp and sophisticated, and the classy uniform adds to his supposedly “improved looks.”

The person who shared the photos added, “I think he got more handsome after joining the marines. This is the level of Korean Marines.”

Netizens seemed to agree, as they commented, “Isn’t this from a past magazine photoshoot?” “Unreal. If all Korean soldiers are like that, I’m joining the army right away,” and “I miss Hyun Bin from ‘Secret Garden.’”

[News] Lee Dong Gun to make his comeback through drama ‘Can’t Lose’.

[News] Lee Dong Gun to make his comeback through drama ‘Can’t Lose’.
Cr. - allkpop

According to his agency, actor Lee Dong Gun, who was recently discharged from the army, will make his comeback in the drama, ‘Can’t Lose‘

Lee Dong Gun, whose real name is Lee Dong Gon, was discharged recently, and was greeted by countless fans and reporters. Fans came to congratulate Lee Dong Gun as he ended his successful service to the nation with banners and a cake.

On this day, Lee Dong Gun said, “The photos and letters that my fans sent me while I was serving were a big strength. I was grateful that you not only supported me, but my comrades as well.”

Afterwards, Lee Dong Gun quoted his famous line from his hit drama, ‘Lovers in Paris,’ and said, “You are inside me,” which brought a loud cheer from the fans.

Lee Dong Gun told the people gathered, “I chose my next project.” His agency, Mask Entertainment told TV Report that, “He will star in the drama, ‘Can’t Lose’. We are in the final stages of negotiations.”

[News] Park Jin-young Opens Luxury Korean Restaurant in Manhattan.

[News] Park Jin-young Opens Luxury Korean Restaurant in Manhattan.
Cr. - http://english.kbs.co.kr/

Singer and producer Park Jin-young opened a luxury Korean restaurant named "Kristalbelli" in Manhattan, New York on March 26 (local time) to provide Korean foods to New Yorkers. Park Jin-young held an official press conference on the opening day and explained the reason why he opened the Korean restaurant, saying, "The Hallyu boom has spread in many countries all around the world, and more local people are asking for information about Korean foods, but I actually found it very difficult to recommend any good Korean restaurant to the locals. This is why I have decided to open this Korean restaurant".

The special characteristic of the place is a crystal pan to grill meats unlike other ordinary restaurants which usually utilize a gridiron made of steel or stone. Park Jin-young said, "Whenever I go to a restaurant to have grilled meat, I thought that it took too much time to grill with an ordinary gridiron, and it looks old-fashioned besides the fact that an unpleasant grilling smell remains on your clothes. So I wanted to make a completely new gridiron. At first, the shareholders of JYP Entertainment opposed my idea, so I personally invested 30 million won to invent the new gridiron over the past three months".

The grilling smoke goes under the gridiron before the smell of meat and smoke can permeate one's clothes, and the convex shape of the pan is ideal for draining oil. Park added that the crystal pan helps to grill meat more quickly. Park already applied for a patent and copyright for the newly invented gridiron. He will operate the restaurant chains and open more restaurants in other cities where the Hallyu boom is spreading, beginning from the first location in New York to other locations in LA, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul.

The restaurant will sell Japanese beef produced in the USA. As artificial seasoning is not used by the restaurant, the price for the beef will be higher compared to the other Korean restaurants in New York, but the other menu items except beef will be sold with similar prices to other restaurants. The size of the restaurant is around 600 square meters, and it can accommodate 220 people.

Park Jin-young also mentioned the globalization of Korean food, saying, "It is important to globalize Korean food, but a more important point is how to create an ideal image of Korean foods. We have to make Korean food have a luxury image rather than an image of simple and easy-to-cook food. I think that we can appeal to the upper class in other countries with only legitimate Korean food without making fusion Korean food".

[VOD & News] "Lie to Me" Is Gaining Popularity in Japan.

[VOD & News] "Lie to Me" Is Gaining Popularity in Japan.
Cr. - soompi

“Lie to Me” which stars Kang Ji Hwan has been broadcast on the Japanese channel TBS since March 15. The drama has a high viewership rating and is continuously gaining popularity.

A representative of the Japanese company that owns the right to the drama stated, “Currently Kang Ji Hwan’s character ‘Hyun Ki Joon’ has won the hearts of Japanese female viewers by amplifying the charms of sweet romance. Kang Ji Wan currently has expanded his fan base in Japanese women and we believe that his popularity from the public will grow as well.”

A Japanese broadcast representative stated, “Currently many viewers are asking to broadcast other dramas that have Kang Ji Hwan. Fans are also spreading the drama by word of mouth.”

In 2011 when “Lie to Me” was broadcast in China it became that year’s best Hallyu drama.

[News] Jo Hyun-jae joins Song Seung-heon and Lee Young-ae's agency.

[News] Jo Hyun-jae joins Song Seung-heon and Lee Young-ae's agency.
Cr. - 10asia

Korean actor Jo Hyun-jae has signed an exclusive contract with talent agency Storm S Company, the firm said on Friday.

With the his decision to join Storm S Company, he will become a lablemate with the Hallyu actress Lee Young-ae, actor Song Seung-heon, Kim Jung-eun from "Lovers and Paris" and Kim Min-jung from "New Heart."

"We plan to give our full support in helping Jo with his career in Korea as well as in Japan and the Greater China region," Storm S was quoted as saying in the statement.

Jo started his career in the business by appearing in a commercial for a sports drink, Pocari Sweat, in 2000. He became well-known in Asia for his roles in SBS' "Rays of Sunshine" (2004), "Only You" (2005) KBS' "Three Dads and One Mom" (2008) and in SBS' "49 Days" (2011).

He also appeared in movies "GP506" (2008) and "Untold Scandal" (2003) alongside Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon and Cannes best actress award-winner Jeon Do-youn.

He has been focusing on his acting career in China, starring Hunan TV's series "Rouge Overload" opposite Chinese actress Andy Yang.

[News] Which Actress Looks the Best in a School Girl Uniform?

[News] Which Actress Looks the Best in a School Girl Uniform?
Cr. - soompi

On March 30, a group of photos were posted on an online community board, under the title “Actresses in school uniforms.” They school girl photos, featuring Moon Geun Young, Han Ga In, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ok Bin, Lee Yeon Hee, and Kim Tae Hee, have sparked a fierce online debate on which actress looks the best in a school uniforms.

Moon Geun Young has often been featured in a cute, young student role, such as “My Little Bride” and “Cinderella’s Sister,” earning her the nickname, “The nation’s little sister.” Lee Yeon Hee and Kim Ok Bin look natural in their respective school uniforms, as they were high school students in real life when the photos were taken.

On the other hand, Han Ga In, Son Ye Jin, and Kim Tae Hee are relatively older than the rest of actresses. However, they don’t look out of place and perfectly fit the school girl character with their uniforms on. In particular, fans have taken notice of their braided pig tails, which make them look even younger than their actual ages.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “Kim Tae Hee is a goddess in whatever she wears,” “Why can’t my school have any of those girls?” and “For some reason, they look extremely hot.”

Who do you think looks the best in a school uniform? Do you have any other actress in mind?

[News] Lee Dong Wook’s First Still Cut from SBS “Strong Heart”.

[News] Lee Dong Wook’s First Still Cut from SBS “Strong Heart”.
Cr. - soompi

On March 30, Lee Dong Wook revealed the first still cut from SBS “Strong Heart” through his personal me2day account. Under the caption, “Strong Heart preview…Please look forward to it,” Lee Dong Wook shared a photo of him in a classy black suit, with a fancy sports car parked behind him.

According to Park Sang Hyuk, the producer of the show, the photo comes from the title footage of the newly designed “Strong Heart.” He told TV Report, “This is the moment when Lee Dong Wook first meets with Shin Dong Yup. It was the first time the two worked together, but we filmed the show in a very happy environment.”

Netizens commented, “We’re supporting you two,” “I can’t wait for the new ‘Strong Heart,’” and “Lee Dong Wook is actually very hot.”

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook and Shin Dong Yup held the first recording of “Strong Heart” as co-MCs on March 29. Their first episode is scheduled for April 10.


[News] Jang Keun Suk to Begin 2012 Asia Tour in July.

[News] Jang Keun Suk to Begin 2012 Asia Tour in July.
Cr. - soompi

Beginning with his Seoul concert in July, Jang Geun Suk will start off his “2012 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour.” Last April he had his “2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour” in April which went through Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Shanghai. 2012’s tour will go through Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Thailand, and China.

Jang Keun Suk’s concerts will be like a musical. He will communicate with fans through singing and other events.

Currently Jang Keun Suk is appearing on KBS “Love Rain.” On the show he plays two roles a college student “Seo In Ha” in the 1970s, and “Seo Joon” a cold-hearted photographer in the year 2012. Also, on May 30 he will release his first official Japanese album titled “Just Crazy.”

[News] Jang Keun Suk’s unit group ‘TEAM H’ ranks high on the Oricon chart.

[News] Jang Keun Suk’s unit group ‘TEAM H’ ranks high on the Oricon chart.
Cr. - allkpop

Jang Keun Suk‘s unit group ‘TEAM H‘ has secured the #3 spot on the Oricon chart in Japan.

According to leading Japanese music site Oricon Style, TEAM H’s new album ‘Lounge H The First Impression‘ has sold over 30,000 copies the first week, rising to the #3 spot on the Oricon.

TEAM H previoulsy performed at Jang Keun Suk’s arena tour as well as at his Tokyo Dome concert, and piqued fans’ interest at his fan meet that also took place in Tokyo.

Ahead of it’s official March 21st release, ‘Lounge H The First Impression’ was the #1 most pre-sold album at the time, drawing local fans’ interest after being promoted in TV and newspaper ads, club promotions, and more.

Check out the title track “Can’t Stop” below!

[VOD & News] Jang Nara Releases MV and BTS for "I Only Think of You".

[VOD & News] Jang Nara Releases MV and BTS for "I Only Think of You".
Cr. - soompi

This month, singer/actress Jang Nara makes her comeback with a digital single "I Only Think of You."

"I Only Think of You" is a sad ballad song about not being able to forget a past love. The music video was filmed last month at a ranch location on the East Coast of Gangwon Province's Daegwanryung area.

Her digital single was released on March 26 and also includes the Chinese version of "I Only Think of You" and another song "It Was You," which is a duet with Clazziquai's Alex.

As she has been focusing on her acting career the last few years, she recently starred in the KBS drama "Baby-Faced Beauty" in 2011. The last time Jang Nara had released an album was in 2008 with "Dream of Asia."

[News] 2PM Nichkhun Nominated for Thailand's "Kerd of the Year".

[News] 2PM Nichkhun Nominated for Thailand's "Kerd of the Year".
Cr. - soompi

It’s been belatedly revealed that 2PM’s Nichkhun had been naomindated for the “Kerd of the Year” in Thailand’s “Kerd Awards.” The “Kerd of the Year” is awarded to the most influential person in Thailand of the year.

The “Kerd Awards” is an award ceremony led by Thailand’s famous entertainer Woody and contains eight award categories: “Born to grasp the main scene,” “Born to be be famous,” “Born to be a comedian,” “Born to be pop,” “Born to be giver,” “Born to be together,” and “Born to be hot,” and the “Kerd of the Year.” Fans in Thailand will be able to vote for the winners through SNS.

Aside from his solo and 2PM activities in Korea, Nichkhun has been quite active in his motherland. He has endorsed numerous products in Thailand and has even acted in a Thai movie recently. On March 29, he left for Thailand to attend the ceremony, which will be held tonight, March 30.

Nichkhun stated, “I’m honored to have been invited to such a prestigious ceremony, and I’s also overwhelmed and nervous to have been nominated for such a big award. I’m very thankful for the nomination. It is a great honor. I would like to thank all my fans who always support me. Thank you.”

Nichkhun will return to Korea as soon as the ceremony ends to prepare for 2PM’s upcoming fan meeting.

[News] Son Ye-jin eyes role in upcoming film starring Kim Kap-soo.

[News] Son Ye-jin eyes role in upcoming film starring Kim Kap-soo.
Cr. - 10asia

Son Ye-jin was offered a role to star in an upcoming thriller, her agency MSteam Entertainment told 10Asia on Thursday.

The official noted that Son is considering of playing the female lead in the forthcoming movie "Confederate" (translated title), while actor Kim Kap-soo is known to play the male lead.

If Son decides to take the role in "Accomplice" she will be playing the daughter of an alleged serial kidnapper.

Son made her debut in 2001 through MBC drama "Delicious Proposal" and has since appeared in many successful TV series and movies.

Her credits include "Summer Scent" (KBS, 2003), "Alone in Love" (SBS, 2006) “Personal Taste” (MBC, 2010) and the romance movie "The Classic" in 2003.

She recently starred in romance thriller "Spellbound" opposite actor Lee Min-ki.

[News] Ji Sung visit Jang Keun-suk at 'Love Rain' filming site.

[News] Ji Sung visit Jang Keun-suk at 'Love Rain' filming site.
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Ji Sung’s kind act for his friend and cherished junior, Jang Keun Suk, has been revealed.

On March 29, Ji Sung made a surprise appearance to the set of KBS’ Love Rain in Gyeongi-do’s Gwangju, where he treated out 100 members of the drama’s staff to lunch through a meal truck.

The act was a reciprocating favor of sorts between the two best friends, as Jang had treated Ji Sung’s Protect the Boss staff with chicken in the past.

It was revealed Ji Sung did not even let Jang know he was coming, leading to a visibly surprised Jang.

A production staff member shared, “We were all surprised by Ji Sung’s visit. We were especially grateful Ji Sung would come all the way out to the Gyeongi-do shooting set to treat us out with a meal truck and the resulting warm atmosphere was overflowing.”


[News] ‘The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Rooftop Prince’, and ‘The Equator Man’ battle it out for viewer ratings.

[News] ‘The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Rooftop Prince’, and ‘The Equator Man’ battle it out for viewer ratings.
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There seems to be a change happening on what will be the top drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

If we follow the statistics given by the AGB Neielson Media Research group, on March 28th, the ratings for MBC’s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, SBS’s ‘Rooftop Prince’ and KBS2′s ‘The Equator Man‘ was 14.5%, 11.2% and 8.1% respectively.

On March 22nd, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ recorded a viewer ranking of 16.5% meaning it dropped 2% this week. ‘Rooftop Prince’ was at 10.5% last week meaning it saw a rise of .7%, and ‘The Equator Man’ had very similar numbers from last week.

There was not much change in viewers for both ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘The Equator Man’, but there was a significant drop for ‘The King 2 Hearts.’ ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is still number one in the time slot but ‘Rooftop Prince’ had steady viewer growth through its first three episodes from 9.8% to 10.5% and finally to 11.2%, leaving it just 3.3% out of first place.

With so many great choices for drama these days, it is no wonder that all have similar numbers. We’ll have to keep an eye on how the ratings will change with the progression of the shows.

What is your favorite drama from this time slot?

[VOD / Photo & News] Jang Nara makes a triumphant return to music.

[VOD / Photo & News] Jang Nara makes a triumphant return to music.
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A track from Jang Nara’s first domestic EP release in four years, “Can Only Think of You,” has secured the top spot on various music charts online after being released on Monday.

“It’s been a while since Jang released a song and so she was careful and gave it her best” a representative from Jang’s agency said. “She’s stoked that it’s been received so well by fans.”

The title track of the three-song EP is a mellow ballad. The agency added that Jang’s melodic voice is her biggest asset, which resulted in the song performing so well despite being released just days earlier.

In the lead-up to the song’s release, a music video also scheduled to be made public on Monday was leaked two days earlier than planned when a cable television program mistakenly uploaded the video onto the Web before the release date.

The new single comes four years after Jang released her sixth album, “Dream of Asia,” in 2008. The singer-actress has been busy pursuing her career in China.

[News] Fans of BoA photoshop BoA’s face into a historical drama scene.

[News] Fans of BoA photoshop BoA’s face into a historical drama scene.
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A recent photo created by some fans of BoA has tricked some netizens into believing the above photo is real.

The picture was first uploaded onto an online community board with the title, “BoA wearing a hanbok, is she filming for a historical drama?” A few fans apparently photoshopped BoA’s face into one of the scenes of a historical drama, making it seem as if the star would be seen on a television program in the near future.

Netizens commented, “I was surprised for a second, thinking that she was actually filming for a historical drama,” “BoA’s fans are very dexterous. How did they photoshop it so perfectly?“, “BoA unnie even looks good in a hanbook. She’s the 2nd Yeon Woo,” and “She should definitely take on a lead role in a historical drama.”

[News] Oguri Shun attends premiere event for “Uchuu Kyodai”.

[News] Oguri Shun attends premiere event for “Uchuu Kyodai”.
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On March 28th, actor Oguri Shun attended a premiere event for his latest film, “Uchuu Kyodai“.

This marked Oguri’s first public appearance since getting married to Yamada Yu earlier this month. As fans called out, “Congratulations!“, he blushed and said, “Thank you“.

Although a wedding ring wasn’t seen on his ring finger, Oguri stated, “If I talk about it too much here, every article tomorrow will be about it. So today, I would like to just talk about the movie.”

“Uchuu Kyodai” is based on Koyama Chuuya’s popular manga of the same title. It tells a story about two brothers who promises to become astronauts when they’re older. As time passes by, the younger brother Hibito (Okada Masaki) has become an astronaut, however, the older brother Mutta (Oguri) is unemployed after being fired from his job. Although the brothers live two very different lives, Mutta receives a message from Hibito, which motivates him to aim for his dream once again.

Along with Oguri, Okada, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Arai Hirofumi, Inoue Yoshio, Shiomi Sansei, and Director Mori attended the event. The cast livened up the crowd by discussing their dreams as a child.

Tsutsumi commented, “I wanted to play for the Hanshin Tigers (professional baseball). Right now, I want to follow Oguri-kun’s example and get married.”

In response, Oguri joked, “When I was a child, I saw Higashiyama Noriyuki-san’s drama ‘The Chef‘, and wanted to become that kind of chef. Right now, I want Tsutsumi-san to get married.”

“Uchuu Kyodai” will open in theaters on May 5th.

[News] 2PM's Junho and Kim So Eun Finish Recording "Feast of the Gods" OST Track.

[News] 2PM's Junho and Kim So Eun Finish Recording "Feast of the Gods" OST Track.
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2PM’s Junho tweeted about his work with actress Kim So Eun. Currently the two are the main characters for the second episode of MBC’s “That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer.” For the show the two paired up to produce the “Feast of the Gods” OST.

Junho wrote on his twitter March 29, “We finally finished recording the OST for MBC’s ‘Feast of the Gods.’ I produced the song and So Eun wrote the lyrics. Aren’t you curious who the singer is for the song? It is ok to anticipate the song, it is truly art!”

“That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer” has replaced the timeslot for “We Got Married.” It is a new type of reality show where a producer is paired with an actress in order to make a song together for 30 days.

[News] Ella Chen to release an EP.

[News] Ella Chen to release an EP.
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The Taiwanese singer's fiancé made a surprise appearance at her autograph session.

S.H.E member Ella Chen, who will be tying the knot on May 5, is set to release her debut EP on Mar 30.

Last Saturday (Mar 24), the singer braved the stormy weather in Taipei, to hold a pre-sale autograph session. Her fellow S.H.E band mates Selina Jen and Hebe Tien also turned up to show their support for her.

Ella's Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai specially prepared a bouquet of white flowers for her and wrote a personal message on a card - which he wanted to be read out in public. Although it was Alvin's birthday the day before yesterday, Ella could not celebrate the day with him because she had to travel to Beijing for work. However, they had an early celebration when the singer rallied her fans to sing a happy birthday song to their "future brother-in-law".

At the interview after the event, Ella shared that Alvin would accompany her to and from work, adding that he was probably lurking in some corner and watching her secretly. She also let on that they would leave each other notes to spice up their love life.

When asked if the couple had tried for a baby during their time on Guam Island -- Ella and Alvin were there to take their wedding photos -- Ella said, "We're so tired, that we fell asleep once the lights were off."

The singer also shared that they will have about 45 tables at the wedding banquet and intend to limit the number of guests to 600. She added that all of her rumoured boyfriends will not be invited to her wedding.