[News]2PM to Hold Japan Arena Tour in December.

[News]2PM to Hold Japan Arena Tour in December.
Cr.- soompi

With 2PM set to unleash their first Japanese album “REPUBLIC OF 2PM” at the end of November, the six “beast idols” are also gearing up for a concert tour in connection to its release. 2PM will be performing seven shows in five cities beginning on December 5.

Hottests in Japan will be able to catch 2PM in Osaka on December 5 and 6. 2PM will head to Nagoya on December 8, and then Saitama on December 14 and Fukuoka on December 17, before rounding out the tour in Tokyo on December 20 and 21. The tour, dubbed “2PM Arena Tour 2011 REPUBLIC OF 2PM,” was originally only planned for five performance nights, but positive response prompted the additional dates in Tokyo.

“2PM Arena Tour 2011 REPUBLIC OF 2PM” will also have a pre-show in the Mie Prefecture on December 3 to celebrate the album release. More details may be found on 2PM’s official Japanese website.

[News]Moon Geun Young appears in Halloween party in NY.

[News]Moon Geun Young appears in Halloween party in NY.

A picture of actress Moon Geun Young, who is taking time off in New York, is drawing a lot of attention.

On the 30th, a picture of Moon Geun Young was posted on online communities with the caption, “Moon Geun Young appears in a NY Halloween party.”

In the picture, Moon Geun Young, in all black costume with a reggae perm, is standing in line for a club in NY. Moon Geun Young is said to have attended the Halloween party with her close acquaintances.

People responded, “Surprised to her different hairstyle.” “She seems to enjoy freedom overseas.” “Wish she would come back to Korea soon.”

Moon Geun Young, who left for NY last September, is reported to be back this November.

[News]2PM surprised by a Taiwanese fan’s “gift”

[News]2PM surprised by a Taiwanese fan’s “gift”
Cr.- k-popexpress+: TV Report

On the October 27th episode of Mnet’s “Boom the K-POP,” an interview was conducted with 2PM. On the show, a Taiwanese female fan was lucky enough to be able to meet with 2PM. The fan took advantage of this opportunity and prepared a special gift for 2PM – her own rendition of the dance for miss A’s “Goodbye Baby.”

As the fan begins to dance, members of 2PM became uneasy. In particular, Taecyeon said to the girl, “Oh…hey…your skirt. The skirt. The skirt,” and had a scared look on his face. Other members were also startled, and reacted by using their hands to block the view and showed an uneasy expression.

To make the situation better, Taecyeon and Junsu got up and showed a funny dance, making everyone in the studio burst out laughing. The fan then said thank you to the members several times, and expressed her love for 2PM.

The production team for the show expressed, “2PM is supported by many fans in Taiwan. In the future, we hope to provide more opportunities between the K-pop stars and the fans, such as this one, for overseas fans through ‘Boom the K-POP’.”

[News]Lee Dong Wook rising to new heartthrob in Asia

[News]Lee Dong Wook rising to new heartthrob in Asia.
Cr.-k-popexpress+TV Report

Lee Dong Wook, who appeared in Scent of a Woman, won “Best Actor in Asia” award. The SBS’s series recently ended with high popularity.

Winning quite several awards in Asia, Lee proved to be a heartthrob although the series was not promoted overseas at all.

On the 29th, Jump Entertainment, Lee’s agency, said that Lee Dong Wook had won “the most attractive actor in Asia award” in 2011 COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY AWARDS, held in Shanghai, China.

In 2011 COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY AWARDS, famous for its massive scale, Lee captivated numerous fans and outlets in China, showing off his charm.

Being credited for cultural exchange through Scent of a Woman, Lee is also selected to be a winner at 2011 Korea-Japan Popular Culture Awards.

[News]"Dream High 2" Announces Official Broadcast Date.

[News]"Dream High 2" Announces Official Broadcast Date.
Cr.- soompi

The sequel to the 2011 hit drama, “Dream High” has announced its broadcast date!

"Dream High 2" has been highly anticipated since the announcement of the sequel to the original inspirational youth drama. Now fans can know exactly when to tune in. Producer JYP announced on his personal Twitter account that “Dream High 2” will air next year January 30 on KBS. He also asked for suggestions for the show. Some people responded that they would like other idols like the Wonder Girls to appear in the drama.

It was announced earlier, however, that “Dream High 2” will not be casting any idols but new trainees. Members from the first season like 2PM's Woo Young and Taecyeon, IU, and miss A's Suzy will at most make cameo appearances.

Casting should be complete next month and the drama will begin filming in December.

[News]2PM Taecyeon's Life As an Ordinary Student.

[News]2PM Taecyeon's Life As an Ordinary Student.
Cr.- soompi

Idol group 2PM member Taecyeon’s ordinary student life pictures at Dangook University have been garnering attention.

On a recent online community board several pictures were uploaded with the title “Taecyeon Appears at the Cafeteria!”

In the pictures, Taecyeon is wearing a checkered shirt while purchasing food at the cafeteria and listening to lecture in his class. This gained interest as he seemed like any other ordinary student.

Netizans and fans responded with diverse reactions: “So if I want to see Taecyeon I just visit Dangook University?,” “He is so ordinary looking that I cannot recognize him,” and “It seems like he attends school more than any other celebrities.”

In the meantime, Taecyeon was cast alongside actress Kim Tae Hee in the Japanese drama “Me and My Star's 99 Days.”


[News]Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting.

[News]Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting.
Cr.- javabean

When recent casting news put forth that Jang Hyuk was in the running for another sageuk drama, Gaksital (Bride Mask), there was a bit of backlash from those in the camp of Jang Hyuk Does Too Many Sageuks, or maybe it’s more like Jang Hyuk Plays Badass Sageuk Fighters Too Much. Psh, like that’s a bad thing.

In any case, Jang has officially turned down Gaksital, which would have had him playing a freedom fighter against the Japanese imperialists. I hardly think doing a period drama set in the 1930s is akin to playing a slave hunter in Joseon times (Chuno), or a revenge-seeking warrior in, okay, more Joseon times (Tree With Deep Roots), but Jang’s reps explained that he felt it would be too much of a burden doing sageuk after sageuk. I guess that means the netizens win? I just hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to go off and do more Midas-es. (I tried. So boring.) Although I DO think he’d be great in a contemporary comedy.

Oh well. Jang Hyuk bowing out of Gaksital frees up a potentially fascinating character up for another actor. The hero may seem ordinary and dull in his everyday persona, Lee Kang-to, but transforms into the deadly avenger Gaksital who sets out to kill the invaders and take down his family’s enemy. Based on a 1970s manhwa by famed manhwa-ka Heo Young-man (Gourmet, Tazza), the drama is hoping to translate that into success.

Gaksital will continue in its casting efforts, while Jang Hyuk plans to keep searching for his next project.

[News]L’Arc-en-Ciel to show “20th L’Anniversary LIVE” in theaters worldwide for one night only.

[News]L’Arc-en-Ciel to show “20th L’Anniversary LIVE” in theaters worldwide for one night only.

With a world tour underway, rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel has plans to provide additional global fan service for one night only.

L’Arc~en~Ciel will distribute a special 2-hour version of their “20th L’Anniversary LIVE” in theaters around the world. The live was held earlier this year on May 28th and 29th, and was also broadcasted as a ‘WOWOW Special Select’.

Participating countries include France (Paris), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Indonesia (Jakarta), Singapore (Singapore), U.S.A. (New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago), and England (London). The event dates will differ for each country.

The production was organized by their label, MAVERICK, and will be distributed by LIVE VIEWING JAPAN.

Check out the locations and venues for the U.S. showings below! (For the full list of international theatres, please click here)


< Participating theaters in America >

Date: November 29th, 2011

Baltimore, MD @ Owings Mills 17
Boston, MA @ Fenway 13
Chicago, IL @ River East 21
Houston, TX @ Houstan Marq*E Stadium 22 plus IMAX
Los Angeles, CA @ Rave 18
Orange County, CA @ Orange Stadium Promenade
San Francisco, CA @ Century 9 SF Centre
Seattle, WA @ Pacific Place 11
New York, NY @ Empire 25 with IMAX & Union Square Stadium 14


[News]X JAPAN kicks off their Asia tour in Seoul.

[News]X JAPAN kicks off their Asia tour in Seoul.
Cr.- tokyohive

On October 28th, rock band X JAPAN kicked off their first Asia tour at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Standing in front of 10,000 cheering fans, leader YOSHIKI called out, “Sarang hae yo, sarang hae yo! [I love you, I love you!]“, before playing the Korean folk song “Arirang” on his piano. Wearing a pink ‘hanbok‘ [traditional Korean clothes], YOSHIKI expressed, “We’ve dreamed about coming here for a very long time. HIDE and TAIJI also felt the same.”

A concert in Seoul was one of X JAPAN’s dearest wishes. YOSHIKI visited Korea back in September 2008 for promotions, and announced a concert for March 2009. However, the concert was canceled due to troubles with his agency. YOSHIKI commented, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time. We’ve really been through a lot.”

X JAPAN performed a total of 10 songs including their world debut single, “JADE“, their latest track, “Born To Be Free“, and the timeless ballad, “ENDLESS RAIN“.

A few days before the tour, X JAPAN’s Bejing concerts were canceled by promoters due to technical and production issues. The band was able to push past those difficulties by showing a great start to the tour. Their next stop will be at the Shanghai Grand Stage on October 30th.

[News]Touch volunteers in Thailand + January comeback with line-up change.

[News]Touch volunteers in Thailand + January comeback with line-up change.
Cr.- koreaboo

Idol group Touch recently held a fanmeeting in Thailand after participating in a local concert. Next to the concert, which was aiming to lift the spirits from those affected by the flood, the group was also noted to have done volunteer work to help with the recent happenings.

The group arrived in Thailand on October 24th and made appearances on various music programs, as well as multiple interviews. At the end of the press conference, the group moved to the Don Muang Airport, and donated 27,000 baht as flood relief, earning a large applause from people present. Rookie group Boy Friend was also present to help and volunteered as well.

What was the most shocking, however, was that Touch arrived at the scene without their leader Hanjun, and with a new member called Jaewook. This new member is currently a student of Applied Music in Joongbu Univesity, and has been revealed as a replacement for a previous Touch member.

Seeing as Touch is currently missing two members, Minseok and Hanjun, it isn't sure which one of them is replaced, and with how many members the group will be making its comeback. The group already lost a member when Dabin left Touch prior to their comeback last May.

Touch just celebrated their one-year anniversary last week, and will be making their comeback in January 2012.

[News]Actress Song Hyekyo wants to take on the role of a pyschopath

[News]Actress Song Hyekyo wants to take on the role of a pyschopath.
Cr.- koreaboo+NEWSEN

Actress Song Hyekyo recently revealed that she wants to try acting as a psychopath. On October 26th, on MBC FM4U's special "Actress" segment, the actress was featured with her honest responses.

On this corner, Song Hyekyo was asked by DJ Jungyup about what kind of character she would like to act as, to which she responded, "I want to try a role that is totally different than what is expected. I want to try a totally new genre. I want to try mysteries, and for a character, I want to play as a psychopath." To this, DJ Jungyup stated, "A Psychopath? Well, let's continue," in a joking manner.

Song Hyekyo also stated that her 15th anniversary from her debut is not far off. However, she didn't feel responsibility towards acting until very recently. She stated, "Once I continued acting in my mid-20s, I stopped feeling as if I was just being dragged along by my senior actors."

When she acted in "Sunrays are Pouring Out," she felt happy that she was able to lead herself. Afterwards, in the drama "Full Hous," she was able to discuss things with the director and had lots of fun with acting. From there, she started to feel responsibility and ambition towards acting. She confessed that she had only felt this for about six to seven years now.


[News]Jang Keun Suk revealed that Tree-J company in Japan will be established.

[News]Jang Keun Suk revealed that Tree-J company in Japan will be established.
Cr.- Frau International Japan+ jangkeunsukforever

On Oct. 28, 2011 at the “Budapest Diary” press conference, JKS revealed that he was planning to establish Tree-J in Japan office until the end of this year. He’s now looking for the proper place. It’s because he wants to focus on Japanese market more.

At the same time, he confessed that he was put on a drip twice during his arena tour because of throat discomfort. And he praised himself that he had a chance to hold his fan meeting at such a huge venue like Saitama Super Arena. JKS said, “I still can’t believe my achievement. You’re so great, Keun-suk!”

And he added that the news he was expected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch but canceled because of his injured arms was a totally false report. JKS admitted that he was just asked to sing the Korean national anthem but he looked confidence of pitching.

At the last part of the conference, he showed his ideal type from his own motive. “I like the girls wearing mini-skirts. Recently I’ve told about it, so today all the attendees at my autograph session wore mini-skirts. I love it!”

[News]2NE1's Thailand concert postponed due to flooding.

[News]2NE1's Thailand concert postponed due to flooding.
Cr.- koreaboo+: 2NE1 and CNN

Last week, YG Entertainment had confirmed 2NE1's NOLZA concert in Bangkok, Thailand to be held on October 29th at the Impact Hall. However, on Friday, Bangkok experienced severe flooding with the next high tide predicted to be at least 13 feet high. Families have already been flooded out of their homes, and reports of dangerous animals lurking in the waters such as crocodiles and snakes have parents disturbed as children are seen playing in the waters everyday. One of the military set up relief center has even drawn water in it.

On October 27th, 2NE1's Facebook was updated and read, "Pray for Thailand...

2NE1 truly feel sorry for the all our balckjacks in Thailand who are facing massive floods. We supposed to hold the concert on the 29th but since Thailand had a flood, we decided to put off the concert. We haven’t decided when we will hold the concert yet but believe that we will definitely see you soon in near future. 2NE1 sincerely pray and hope that Thailand will get through this crisis soon.

Don’t forget 2NE1 always stand beside Thailand fans and pray."

Visit Thailand's Red Cross to find out how you can help them during their time of need. (http://english.redcross.or.th/home)

[News]BoA's 1st DVD single "Milestone" cover + updated tracklist + audio released.

[News]BoA's 1st DVD single "Milestone" cover + updated tracklist + audio released.
Cr.- BoA's Japanese website

At the beginning of October, it was revealed that BoA would be releasing her first DVD single "Milestone" in celebration of her 10th year anniversary in Japan. It has been over a year since she last released her digital single "I See Me" for Audio Technica, and a year and 3 months since the release of her 30th single "Woo Weekend."

Recently, her official Japanese website was updated with both the cover to the DVD single and tracklist. The tracklist initially released with the announcement revealed that the instrumental to "Milestone" would be included. The update to the tracklist added the instrumental version to "I SEE ME" and "Meri Kuri ~BEST&USA Version~".

"Milestone" has also been chosen as the CF song for Audio-Technica, who recently celebrated and held their 50th anniversary ceremony where BoA performed "Milestone" for the first time. The DVD's content has been confirmed to include the music video and the making of "Milestone," in addition to a film clip featuring BoA's last 10 years of her career in Japan.

On October 28th, BoA's "Milestone" also made its debut on Japan radio, J-WAVE Radio "PARADISO" and has already been uploaded on Youtube by a fan. "Milestone" is a beautiful comeback ballad song by BoA that has already captured the hearts of fans who left messages such as, "God, her voice is so amazing. SHE'S amazing," "Just beautiful..." and "How i miss this angelic voice.."

"Milestone" is set to be released on December 7th. BoA will have her yearly "THE LIVE 2011 'X'mas' Concert" on December 10th and 11th at the Tokyo International Forum in Hall A.

< CD収録曲 >
01. Milestone
02. I SEE ME
03. Meri Kuri ~BEST&USA Version~
04. Milestone(INST)
06. メリクリ ~BEST&USA Version~(INST)

< DVD収録曲 >
01. Milestone(Music Video)
02. Milestone(Making)
03. BoA 10th film ~From the past to the present~

[News]Kim Haneul visits Jang Keunsuk at his Tokyo concert.

[News]Kim Haneul visits Jang Keunsuk at his Tokyo concert.
Cr.- jangkeunsukforever

Jang Keunsuk continued to show his close relationship with fellow actress Kim Haneul, by revealing her recent visit via Twitter. Since October 20th, Jang Geunsuk has been touring across Japan for his "2011 Jang Keunsuk in Japan 'Always Close to You'" tour.

Yesterday, Jang Keunsuk updated his Twitter account by saying, "Mistress has come personally to Tokyo to watch my performance~ Mistress who was caught up in Lounge H, heh heh, thank you~~~~ why does my face look like a big fabric bag ㅡ.,ㅡ". The message also included a photo of Kim Haneul and Jang Keunsuk together backstage.

Since filming for their movie "You're My Pet," the two continued to show off their close friendship boh online and offline. Just recently, Jang Keunsuk surprised his leading lady as she received her first Best Actress Award at the 48th Daejong Awards Film Festival.

Meanwhile, due to popular demand, Jang Keunsuk will perform an additional concert in the Tokyo Dome on November 26th.

[News]2PM Nichkhun’s odd drinking habits?

[News]2PM Nichkhun’s odd drinking habits?
Cr. allkpop+MyDaily

What kinds of drinking habits do the stars have?

Actor Jang Dong Gun is famous for falling asleep after a few drinks, while Song Joongki is known to scream at the top of his lungs.

But the drinking habits of stars such as Lee Young Ah who confessed to well handle 20 shots of whiskey, or Jo In Sung who drinks up to 35 beer+soju concoctions are still no match for that of 2PM’s Nichkhun nor Lee Juk.

Lee Jun Ki has a habit of embracing people after tossing back a few drinks, while Nichkhun gets a bit touchy feely, even kissing those around him. Yoon Jong Shin revealed that singer Lee Juk has a habit of removing his clothing when tipsy.

On the other hand, there are celebrities that cannot hold their alcohol well at all. Song Seung Hun is known for being unable to handle alcohol, as his max limit is half a bottle of soju, falling asleep before even finishing.

Y-STAR exposes the drinking habits of all the top stars on the episode of ‘Rapid Reflexes‘ that airs on the 29th at 11PM.

[News]Lee Dong Wook is a Parisian gentleman for Esquire magazine

[News]Lee Dong Wook is a Parisian gentleman for Esquire magazine.
Cr.- allkpop

Actor Lee Dong Wook who stirred the hearts of lady viewers as a young, chic boss on ‘Scent of a Woman‘ recently transformed into a classy autumn gentleman.

We previously reported that the actor uploaded a few pictorial-esque photos via his me2day page, and it turns out that he was actually on the set for his ‘Beanpole Collection‘ photo shoot that took place in Paris for Esquire magazine.

He expressed his different charms in the various outfits, such as a classic double-breasted jacket over no-tuck slacks, and a camel-colored knit sweater looking very much like a trendy Parisian. Every take was perfect as he managed to look like a fashionista in each ensemble he modeled.

The pieces he wore in his photo shoot are from casual clothing brand Bean Pole. Although the ensembles are for comfortable wear, they give off a fresh and elegant look with colors that pair well with the autumn season. The outfits only further highlighted Lee Dong Wook’s long legs, fit physique and handsome face.

The full pictorial from his photo shoot will be revealed through the November edition of Esquire magazine.


[News] "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" Han Ji-min and Jung Woo-sung, a date in the woods.

[News] "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" Han Ji-min and Jung Woo-sung, a date in the woods.
Cr. - hancinema

Actress Han Ji-min and Jung Woo-sung enjoyed a date with the animals.

jTBC's opening drama "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" revealed pictures from the set.

In the pictures are Jung Woo-sung, Han Ji-min, the seeing eye dog Ddeng-I and an elk.

This day's scene was about vet Jina (Han Ji-min) going through the woods and placing food for wild animals everywhere, talking to the elk that they met on the way. Ddeng-I the dog, which lives with Jina, plays an important role in connecting Kang-chil (Jung Woo-sung) and Jina together.

Han Ji-min lowered her eye level to meet face-to-face with the animals, which are difficult to communicate with, and patted the elk without fear, protecting the animals from the equipment so they don't get hurt and acting like a real vet.

"Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" is about Yang Kang-chil, who is released from prison after 16 years for accused murder, Jung Jina, who is very realistic and selfish, and angel Lee Guk-soo, who protects them. Coming soon on the 5th of December.

[News] ‘Dream High 2′ to begin filming this December with a “Fresh cast”.

[News] ‘Dream High 2′ to begin filming this December with a “Fresh cast”.
Cr. - allkpop

Producers of KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ have revealed that filming for the new season will begin with fresh faces starting this December.

The first season, which debuted earlier this year, was a hit amongst fans with hot stars like Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, and Kim Soo Hyun. A lot of attention has been focused on the new cast, by co-producers Key East and JYP Entertainment have been keeping it under wraps, hinting that they’ll be fresh faces picked straight from their group of trainees.

On October 26th, a representative revealed, “There are a lot of talents amongst the trainees. We recently gave them several missions to carry out and have begun the audition process. We’re sure that the cast will be finalized by next month.”

In regards to the original cast making an appearance, they added, “The season is scheduled to begin airing in January so the schedule is up in the air. If anything, they’ll be making cameo appearances.”

Bae Yong Joon and J.Y. Park, however, will be making an appearance for sure. “This drama won’t be focused on them, though. The plot will revolve around the new stars so we haven’t finalized their screen time or anything. Even so, they’ll be characters that will definitely make an impact on the plot.”

[News]Kim Hyun Joong Releases Video of His Successful Asia Tour.

[News]Kim Hyun Joong Releases Video of His Successful Asia Tour.
Cr.- soompi

On October 26, Kim Hyun Joong releases a video footage that showed his visit to for his Asia Tour on last August. The video was released on his YouTube channel.

He visited seven countries across Asia. The fans waited for his arrival at the airport of every city he visited. His fans waited for him in rain and shine to catch even a small glimpse of him.

In the video, he meets fans for a high-five event, doing charity auctions and visiting "The Face Shop" branches. His mega-watt smile never leaves his face and he greets each one his fans with a happy face.

If you missed his Asia Tour, check out the Soompi exclusive report for his visits to Singapore and Malaysia.

Currently, he is busy doing promotions on his second mini album, "Lucky." He also planning to do an Asia Tour concert starting this December and will end next June.

[News]Lee Yoon Ji Did Not Recognize Hyun Bin as Her College Sunbae

[News]Lee Yoon Ji Did Not Recognize Hyun Bin as Her College Sunbae.
Cr.- soompi

Actress Lee Yoon Ji ("Dream High" & "Goong") confessed that she did not recognize Hyun Bin and treated him coldly in the past.

On an episode of "Happy Together 3" that will air on October 27, she revealed her past ties with Hyun Bin, which garnered everyone's attention.

When Lee Yoon Ji first entered college, she said there was a guy named "Kim Tae Pyung," who was quite famous for his good looks on campus. So Lee Yoon Ji even waited around to see his face a couple of times but eventually, did not get to see him.

Years later, Lee Yoon Ji's college friend called to say hello and said she saw Lee Yoon Ji and sunbae (title of respect for a senior) Kim Tae Pyung together in a sitcom (both Lee Yoon Ji and Hyun Bin starred in "Nonstop 4"). It was then when she realized that her fellow actor Hyun Bin was that Kim Tae Pyung of her college years.

Lee Yoon Ji confessed that she did not recognize Hyun Bin as her sunbae Kim Tae Pyung and only coldly nodded her head when she said hello to him. This brought about shock and laughter among the set that day.

Moreover, Lee Yoon Ji revealed that her fellow guest star Kim Tae Woo is also her senior from college. Then, Kim Tae Woo went on to reveal his first impression of Lee Yoon Ji, which also caused much laughter. Find out more about these stories on the episode to be aired on October 27

[News]"Dream High 2" Cast to Be Made Up of Trainees.

[News]"Dream High 2" Cast to Be Made Up of Trainees.

The success of KBS drama "Dream High" definitely has many fans of the hit show on their toes in anticipation for the second season. But producers seem to be taking the drama in a new direction, as they've revealed on October 26 that the new cast will be picked from current trainees!

The drama is still co-produced by Key East Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and instead of bringing back the original cast, the two companies have decided to bring forth their talented trainees to create a new cast of rising stars.

"We'll be using the talents amongst our trainees, and they're currently undergoing missions to begin their auditions. By next month, we'll have the cast list ready," officials of the drama disclosed. As for the original cast, they revealed, "They'll be making cameo appearances at the most."

Fans of Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young can also look forward to the two back and acting with the new cast, as it was also revealed that although they won't have a lot of screentime, they will be taking on characters of bigger impact.

Filming will begin in December, and the drama will prepare for broadcast in January. The first season of "Dream High" involved some of the hottest idol stars in the industry, including 2PM's Woo Young and Taecyeon, IU, and miss A's Suzy.

[News]Actor Jung Il Woo to become in laws with G-Dragon?

[News]Actor Jung Il Woo to become in laws with G-Dragon?
Cr.- allkpop+SportsSeoul

At a press conference for new tvN Kdrama ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop‘, actor Jung Il Woo began to talk about his beloved Shar Pei, Ah Woo with his fans who were present at the event.

“My dog who was given to me as a birthday gift from my fans last year now weighs nearly 40 pounds, and won’t listen to anything I say,” he said. “When I was filming ‘49 Days‘, G-Dragon who also has a Shar Pei called me and asked if I was interested in letting our dogs get married“, he revealed.

But due to the busy schedules of both, the dogs have been unable to meet yet. He continued, “I was so busy filming the drama, we were unable to get together to arrange the marriage for our dogs… And also because Ah Woo is female, I feel like she should play a little hard to get anyway. If he contacts me again, though, I think I just may allow it.”

And in regards to his fans, he said, “My fans keep me grounded, and they are my source of drive. They are the reason I am able to keep a good head on my shoulders… My fans that have been with me since my debut know me better than my own family. To me, they are my acting coach, and my stylist, and I work hard and am always aware of my actions because I don’t want to disappoint any of them.”

In his new drama ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop’, Jung Il Woo plays the role of a handsome high school student, Cha Chi Soo, who develops a romance with the athletic Yang Eun Bi, the daughter of the Ramen Shop.

The drama is a feel-good romantic comedy and will begin airing on the 31st at 11PM KST.

[News]Photo of Kyuhyun before surgery revealed.

[News]Photo of Kyuhyun before surgery revealed.
Cr.- allkpop

A photo of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun before his double-eyelid surgery have been revealed, creating quite the stir among netizens!

Kyuhyun unintentionally admitted to having the procedure done on a recent episode of ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star‘, when MC Kim Gura questioned him about it. “Both my parents had double-eyelids,” Kyu Hyun explained. “I was the only one that didn’t.”

The news of his surgery became a hot discussion topic amongst netizens and they searched the internet to fulfill their curiosity and sure enough, found a photo of him before he went under the knife.

In the photo the netizens in which the netizens discovered you see a different look from the sweet Kyuhyun with the soft smile fans know now, Kyuhyun without double-eyelids looks more fierce and intense.

Netizens that saw the photo voiced their opinions with, “I was shocked. How can he look so different?”, “I acturally prefer him without the double-eylelids“, and “Surgery or no surgery, he is still Super Juniors Kyuhyun”

[News]Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin to return to the small screen?

[News]Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin to return to the small screen?
Cr.- allkpop+OSEN

Could the Korean drama industry soon see the return of sky-high stars Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin to the small screen? If everything goes well, the answer may be yes.

Jang Dong Gun, whose latest telvision outing was found more than 10 years ago in ‘All About Eve‘, is currently receiving love calls from none other than writer Kim Eun Sook, the mastermind behind ‘Secret Garden‘. “It is true that we have received a contract proposal from Kim Eun Sook regarding her next project,” revealed a representative for the Hallyu actor. “Nothing is decided yet, but it is under review.”

In the case of Won Bin, who last appeared on television with the 2002 drama ‘Friends‘, he is currently weighing an offer for a project called ‘The King‘ from ’Beethoven Virus’ director Lee Jae Kyu. The drama, which will be about an arranged marriage between the North and the South, is scheduled to air on MBC early next year, with or without Won Bin.


[News] Kim Jaejoong Reveals Stunning Pictures in Spain.

[News] Kim Jaejoong Reveals Stunning Pictures in Spain.
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Kim Jaejoong revealed stunning pictures of himself in Spain.

On October 26, Kim Jaejoong posted on his Twitter, "Find jj," along with, "This is what you call a non-candid shot," and, "This is what you call a group photo with an emphasis on the background," along with several pictures.

In the revealed pictures, Kim Jaejoong is wearing a black jacket with jeans and boots, showing off great fashion sense. He took several pictures with several poses that showed off the different backgrounds of Spain.

Netizens who came across these pictures said, "I found the person that I wanted to find," "Oppa, you are so hot," "I'm in Japan right now but how long will it take to go to Spain from here?" and other explosive responses.

In other news, Kim Jaejoong along with the other members of JYJ has arrived in Spain on October 24 for their Europe tour. They will throw a concert in Barcelona, Spain on October 29 and following that, in Berlin, Germany.

[News] Kim Yoon-suk and Yoo Ah-in's movie "Punch" breaks through a million admissions in two weeks.

[News] Kim Yoon-suk and Yoo Ah-in's movie "Punch" breaks through a million admissions in two weeks.
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Kim Yoon-suk and Yoo Ah-in's movie "Punch" broke through a million admissions in two weeks.

According to an October 20th press release from the Korean Film Council, "Punch" gathered 851,369 admissions through October 26th.

With a total of about 400,000 viewers over the past weekend, considering the fact that there are no competing movies up at the moment, it should be easy to break through a million in its second weekend.

The second runner up, "Real Steel", has gathered many audiences. Third is the melodrama "Always" with So Ji-sub, which accumulated 533,124 viewers.

[News] Goo Hye Sun Shows Her Babyface Beauty in Latest Selca.

[News] Goo Hye Sun Shows Her Babyface Beauty in Latest Selca.
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On October 26, actress Goo Hye Sun uploaded a series of her latest self-taken camera photographs (“selca”) on her Twitter with the short caption “A Moment.”

In the photos, Goo Hye Sun was in relaxed in a thin shirt, no make up, with a short boyish crop. Together with her big eyes, sharp chin, and a dimpled smile, Goo Hye Sun proves again why she is called a “babyface beauty.” The photos were also unique because of her variety of expressions when shot at different angles.

Netizens commented, “Each expression gives her a different image,” “It’s great that she’s still so pretty even with her hair that short,” “What did Goo Hye Sun apply to get such good skin?”

Goo Hye Sun currently appears in the weekly SBS drama “The Musical” as a musical actress wannabe Go Eun Bi, co-starring Choi Daniel and Park Ki Woong.

[News] Kim Soo Hyun Attends "Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards" for "Dream High".

[News] Kim Soo Hyun Attends "Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards" for "Dream High".
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Actor Kim Soo Hyun is gaining attention for receiving an award for the KBS drama “Dream High” at the “Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards.”

The “Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards” is a chance for many dramas overseas to receive recognition on Japan television by being presented with an award, which demonstrates that a drama is capable of receiving positive reception.

The “Special Award” receiver, “Dream High,” portrays students at an entertainment school with ambitious dreams to become distinguished stars through singing and dancing. The drama captivated viewers with idol stars acting onscreen, unpredictable plot lines, and youthful love lines amongst the characters.

The Asia’s largest professional TV drama festival was conducted on October 24, with about 150 journalists and 60 media groups.

On this day Kim Soo Hyun received a round of applause with executive producer, Hwang Chang Woo. At the end of his speech he added, “It’s a big honor as an actor to be presented such a big award for ‘Dream High.’ Thank you to everyone who loved watching the drama.”

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun is shooting for director Choi Dong Hoon’s film,“Thieves,” along with Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, and Jeon Ji Hyun.

[News] Hwang Jung-min, Ha Ji-won, Jung Woo-sung 'Screen Stars'.

[News] Hwang Jung-min, Ha Ji-won, Jung Woo-sung 'Screen Stars'.
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Coming back with general service channel dramas.

All those actors and actresses who were in theaters are now returning to TV.

Actors Hwang Jung-min, Ha Ji-won, Jung Woo-sung, Kim Hye-ja and others are coming back to home screens through the general service channels that are waiting to be opened on the 1st of December. Some are saying that TV Chosun, jTBC, Channel A, MBN and others are calling them back in.

Hwang Jung-min has recently confirmed to be in TV Chosun's opening drama, "Hanbando". He has been busy showing his talents in the recent movies "Moby Dick", "Battlefield Heroes", "The Unjust" and more. Of all the 35 works he's done since his debut he's only done one drama, 2009's "The Accidental Couple". He's chosen his next drama on one of the new general service channels.

Ha Ji-won is also in "Hanbando" with Hwang Jung-min. She is the actress that dragged in over 10 million viewers with "Haeundae". She was also in "Sector 7" and "Korea". She has been in dramas constantly for about two to three years after her debut. After "Something Happened in Bali" she was in "Hwangjin-i" and "Secret Garden". Her return to home theaters is thanks to the new general service channels.

Jeong Woo-seong is coming back with jTBC's "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats". He was constantly in dramas but he's more popular for the movies "The Good, the Bad, the Weird", "Beat", "A Moment to Remember", "Season of Good Rain", "Mutt Boy" and others.

Kim Hye-ja is returning with a drama on a general service channel after having stepped out in the Khan International Film Festival with the movie "Mother". She is coming back with the jTBC daily sitcom, "I Live In Cheongdamdong". This is her first drama in four years after the 2009 drama "Mom's Dead Upset".

An official in Chungmuro said, "Many actors and actresses have moved over to general service so there is no one left to cast. The scenarios are gathering around those who only do movies".

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[News]2PM’s Rising success in Japan & Asia.

[News]2PM’s Rising success in Japan & Asia.
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Idol group 2PM is stirring the hearts of ladies all across Asia! With members Taecyeon and Chansung recently being cast in Japanese dramas and their current Asia tour, the boys are receiving explosive reactions from fans throughout the continent. Their Taiwan show that took place on the 7th and 8th gathered over 10,000 fans, and tickets to their next performance in Indonesia sold out 15 minutes after going on sale.

The 10,000 fans that were at their ‘2PM Hands Up Tour Concert‘ screamed the name, 2PM at the top of their lungs, and the foreign fans sang along with each of the Korean songs. Many fans even shed tears at the sight of their favorite K-pop idol group. Their Indonesia show is scheduled to take place next month at the largest venue in Jakarta, Indonesia. Additionally, 2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment stated that Singapore and Malaysia as well as Indonesia are highly anticipating the boys’ arrival.

The boys’ fame in Japan, however, is on a completely different level. 2PM guest-stars on various programs on Japanese television including music programs, dramas, variety shows, and more. Chansung has been cast in the new Japanese TBS drama ‘Phantom Thief Royale‘ that will begin airing on the 28th. He is the second member to appear on a Japanese drama after Taecyeon, who was cast in ‘My 99 Days with a Star‘ with actress Kim Tae Hee.

‘Phantom Thief Royale’ tells the story of 4 young people whose missions are to steal high-prized possessions, and the things that happen along the way. Chansung plays the role of athletic and physically fit Jack.

The Japanese media wrote, “Chansung has numerous belts in Tae Kwon Do as well as Gumdo, and therefore possess the required skills to pull off a believable action scene. He has wowed the staff with his high kicks on set.”

And producer Kawasima Utaro also praised Chasung saying, “Chansung is dedicated to work hard and give this his all, even though there may be a bit of a language barrier.”

2PM has climbed to the top of the Oricon charts with their single released last May, and seized the #1 slot with on the Oricon DVD Chart last year. 2PM’s debut DVD sold 35,000 copies in the first ten days after it was released, and their showcase which was originally scheduled for a single day was extended to a full three.

Their showcase ‘1st contact in Japan‘ that took place in Tokyo gathered an impressive number of 25,000, setting a new record for a Korean artist in Japan, beating SNSD‘s record of 22,000.

2PM will kick off their Japan tour next month with the release of their single, “Ultra Lover“. They will be performing for their many anticipating fans at different cities, including Osaka, Nagoya, Saitama, & Hukuoka.

Fans overseas agree that powerful dance moves are what mostly attracts them to K-pop idols. Intense and powerful choreography that is rarely seen with artists of their own country.

The boys of 2PM also puts on phenomenal dance performances, utilizing the entire stage, dancing and jumping freely, even spinning in the air.

Their performance for “Heartbeat” probably best represents 2PM. The members express their charisma dressed in all black and don dark stage makeup to intensify their looks. And no matter how fast the dance, the boys move in sync altogether. A representative from Japan’s Shibuya Records remarked, “Japanese fans go wild over 2PM and K-pop in general because they’ve never seen dance performances like the ones K-pop idols put on.”

The boys of 2PM are show stoppers wherever they go. They were recently on a TV program run by FujiTV. They performed their classic, “Heartbeat”, and the four women MCs watching did not know what to do with themselves as Taecyeon and Nichkhun suddenly shed their tops. And in the past, female interviewers who sat down with Chansung were at a loss for words when the singer revealed his six pack abs to the ladies.

Sure, the boys ooze masculinity and sex appeal, but that’s not to say that the boys are not chivalrous. The boys are also known for their soft, and well-mannered image along with their passion and skill for music. All of the members, including lead vocalist Junsu possess a high talent for singing. Fans in Japan remark, “Its hard not to be in love with 2PM. After all, they possess that intense masculinity with the sweet, sensuous appeal like actors Bae Yong Jun & Song Seung Hun.”

The boys have been so highly acknowledged that they, along with the members of miss A have been selected to star in a short global CF “Hello“, an advertisement filmed in an attempt to boost Korea’s appeal in tourism.

The video highlights all of Korea’ beautiful landmarks, history, and culture, and the Korean Tourism Organization stated, “2PM is wildly popular in Japan, China, Thailand, etc, and therefore serve as effective spokespersons to tell the world about Korea.”


[News]Jang Keun Suk gifts ‘You’re My Pet’ staff with Chicken and T-shirts.

[News]Jang Keun Suk gifts ‘You’re My Pet’ staff with Chicken and T-shirts.
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It was reported that actor Jang Keun Suk presented the entire staff of ‘You’re My Pet‘ with t-shirts and 80 whole chickens.

Jang Keun Suk, who is known for his overflowing energy even during tiring all-night filming, secured his position as the favorite pet, not only to actress Kim Ha Neul, but also amongst the staff members. Not only did he play the guitar to brighten the mood on set, but, through his actions, he also played the role of a big energizer on set. It’s reported that he even shuffle danced on set, sending a shuffle ‘wind’ during the downtime in shooting.

On top of all of this, Jang Keun Suk prepared t-shirts for all the staff members, who put their hard work and sweat for the movie throughout the hot summer. When they had an film an all-nighter, it was reported that he ordered 80 whole chickens, one for each member of the staff, garnering more popularity on set.

Meanwhile, ‘You’re My Pet’ is set to premiere in theaters next month, it’s a love story about a woman, Eunee (played by Kim Ha Neul), who has the beauty and brains but lacks in the love department along with her human ‘pet’ (Jang Keun Suk) who suddenly falls into her life. It’s based on the popular manga series by Yayoi Ogawa.

[News]Rain praised by fellow soldiers.

[News]Rain praised by fellow soldiers.
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Praise that Rain's army colleagues lavished on him have made its way onto the internet. The soldiers had participated in an exercise where they had to write letters to each other; Rain's letters were reportedly filled with praises.

A soldier wrote, "There are celebrities who take sick leave all the time, but Rain is different. He goes through all the training he is told to do."

Other soldiers said "He is like a friendly neighbourhood brother. But a cool one", and "If we got 15 points in a week, we'd be allowed to make a 3 to 5 minute phone call; he earned almost all by himself."

There were also funny comments like "The food is terrible, but if a world star can eat it, I should too" and "I am the guy who spends every day beside Rain. I see him in the day and sleep beside him at night."

Previously, on October 24th, Rain posted on the recruit school blog that "the age gap between me and the others is seven years at the least and eleven years at the most. I've become a counsellor to the rest," suggesting the harmonious relationship he has with his fellow recruits.

Netizens commented: "Rain tries his best at everything, so I knew he would do well", "The first time I've been envious of recruits", "I laughed so hard at the comment about the food", and "The atmosphere in camp must be good".

[News]CNBLUE ranks 4th on Oricon weekly chart with 70,000 units sold

[News]CNBLUE ranks 4th on Oricon weekly chart with 70,000 units sold.
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CNBLUEs debut Japanese single, “In My Head“, is off to a great start in its first week, as it recorded over 70,000 units sold!

The album has ranked 4th on the Oricon weekly chart, selling a total of 71,200 units, as revealed by FNC Music. The album previously ranked in at third on the Oricon daily chart with 34,280 units, contending against the likes NMB48, Bump of Chicken, and even KARA.

They’ve been making big achievements left and right, having previously gathered 14,000 fans at their album release event and even halting their guerrilla concert for safety reasons when an unexpected 7,000 gathered in Shinjuku on October 19th.

To continue the momentum, CNBLUE will be focusing on their Japanese and Asian tour promotions for the time being.