Salut D’Amour - Episode 13

The group decided to take a holiday in the Taebaek Mountains of Gangwon-do. They sat in the train, and sang and played as they went along, notably Yong-min, Hee-dong, Jeong-she and Yujin who were sitting on one side of the train. Tong-nam, Renyu and Fengguan who were sitting on the direct opposite side, were relatively quieter. Tong-nam looked out of the window as her two friends looked at her. The friends played, before the next scene showed the minibus cruising up the mountain.

The group arrived at their motel via a minibus. They walked for some distance as they threw snowballs at each other. The friends ran up the hill, into their motel; two stories, and made of teak. The group were very happy as they sat around.

Suddenly, Hee-dong announced that he had forgotten to bring rice along. Tongnam immediately ridiculed him for his forgetfulness and told him to buy some. Hee-dong suggested buying rice or asking for some rice from the tour guide, but said that he had "thick skin". Yong-min looked on, with his eyes opened big as Tongnam criticised him, as a group leader, he should have the responsibility to have everything in order. With that, she felt pain in her abdomen, and left the group.

Hee-dong walked with Fengguan as they reflected on their actions. Fengguan felt the urge to proceed to the toilet just as Jeong-an came running. He ran away as Jeong-an and Hee-dong proceeded. The group soon dispersed off. Fengguan and Renyu went exploring the snow-capped jungles; Hee-dong and Jeong-an went for a romance trip in the tour guide's minivan.

Yong-min and Yujin remained in the motel to prepare dinner. Yong-min peeled the potatoes while Yujin encountered difficulty. Tongnam came in at this moment, and asked about their friends whereabouts. She continued and questioned Yong-min on the tour's result. Tongnam called Yong-min out to have for word as he excused himself for a moment.

Renyu and Fengguan went exploring the jungles. Fengguan told Renyu on superstitions of tree's spirits but he dismissed it off as a joke.

Yong-min and Tongnam quarrelled just outside the house, while Yujin came out of the house. An infuriated Tongnam left Yong-min and walked off for a short distance before she bent down. Yong-min went forward to help, but Tongnam refused. The duo insisted that they would bring Tongnam to the tour guide for help.

Yong-min rushed to the tour guide's lodge, but found his doors locked. The clock showed (approximately) four o'clock in the lodge. A stranger came into the scene at this time, and greeted Yong-min, a person who he had met before. Yong-min asked for the whereabouts of the tour guide and Tongnam's condition. In reply, the tour guide said that he had no idea where the tour guide and their friends had gone. The tour guide continued that there is a traditional medicinal practitioner whose house is just located two kilometres "straight on" from the lodge.

Yong-min carried Tongnam on his back, and ran towards the house. When they arrived, they found nobody, but the door was not locked. The friends looked around the house, and saw medicinal herbs hanging around the house. Yong-min laid Tongnam to rest on the mattress on the floor, and waited with Yujin.

Renyu and Fengguan returned to their motel and were surprised to see that the dinner was only partly prepared. Renyu was somewhat surprised that they went out without preparing dinner fully. Fengguan sat down on a chair and suggested that the group must have gone out for a stroll. Renyu then continued to prepare dinner, and cooked chicken. They were questioning each other just as Jeong-an and Hee-dong returned from their romance trip in the tour guide's minivan.

The rest returned and drank some coffee. They soon began to worry and Hee-dong suggested that they would go and look for the rest.

Yong-min met the tour guide, who was washing his minibus. Yong-min asked for permission to lend the minibus, and explained the problem.

Night was falling. Yong-min and Yujin believed that the doctor would not turn up, and Yong-min gave instructions to Yujin to take care of Tongnam while he will return to the lodge and find the tour guide, and take his van to bring Tongnam back home for safety reasons.

The girls were getting impatient and decided to make their way home. Tongnam, who was feeling better, told Yujin that they would leave the place for safety reasons. As they walked further into the jungle, Tongnam began to feel discomfort in her stomach and Yujin was getting increasingly afraid as the trees eventually blocked out the moonlight. Yujin advised Tongnam to turn back, but Tongnam convinced that they would reach their destination if they walked straight. Tongnam bent down as she began to feel immense pain in her stomach again.

The search group went into the jungles with their torchlights to look for the rest grumbling about their hunger. They came to the doctor's home, but found nobody there and waited. Yong-min came driving at this moment, and asked his friends for the girl's whereabouts.

The girls proceeded, and felt rather frightened. Tongnam was puzzled about Yong-min's attitude, but Yujin confided her. The next scene lapse into the group calling for them as the group walked on. Yujin suggested waiting but Tongnam rebutted that she would continue on her way. Just as the Yujin confided her, she felt an immense pain in the stomach.

The group had found their tour guide and they decided to return to their lodge. They were rather surprised to find the duo drinking coffee.
They group played a game to cheer themselves up. Yong-min was returning to the motel and saw Yujin standing outside the motel. The couple stood at the doorway as Yujin confided her past matters about her mother to Yong-min. Meanwhile, the group sang some prayers in the motel.

Yong-min and Yujin returned to the lodge. They drank beverages to call for the day. The next scene lapses into the Yujin sleeping with Jeong-an as they talked. Hee-dong was sleeping soundly nearby.

The next day, the group washed themselves along a river outside a house. The group threw snow at one another after a minor quarrel between Hee-dong and Fengguan.

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Salut D’Amour - Episode 12

This episode featured Hee-dong being addicted to dancing, notably Harry Connick Jr. He danced in his sister's shop, knocking down goods in the process. In the dead of the night, Hee-dong was dancing while Fengguan called Yong-min and his sister, who had just returned, to see Hee-dong.

Renyu was talking about not attending classes and taking the examinations at twenty for love greetings with Yong-min. The band leader of W.O.W, who was the classmate of Renyu during their high school days, called out to Renyu. The band leader asked Renyu to introduce friends to their band group as they strongly needed a dancer. Yong-min, having heard the news, reported to Fengguan and Hee-dong. Hee-dong immediately expressed his desire to be a band member, but referred to it anecdotally in front of his friends.

Hee-dong rushed to the group's underground venue and saw W.O.W. having a rehearsal. Hee-dong then proceeded to ask for permission to join the group as a break-dancer. The next scene showed the group sitting at the table and analysing Hee-dong's decision to become a break dancer. During the meeting, Renyu criticised Fengguan as an "old fashioned chap". The duo calmed down when Yong-min stepped in to break the argument. At this time, Hee-dong burst in and enthusiastically talked about his entrance as a member of W.O.W.

Hee-dong faced some opposition among his friends on his decision to join the group, in view of their unruly behaviour as well as his University education. Xiuzhen, on the other hand, remained neutral and added that Hee-dong has the right to choose any career he liked. Renyu tried to argue, but was being ridiculed by Hee-dong on his (poor) knowledge of dancing skills. Yong-min then raised his voice to call the group to proceed with the meeting and stop quarrelling.

That evening, Yujin went to the CD-shop where Yong-min's sister was working. She asked for permission to work in the shop and her affiliation with Yong-min (and found out that the shop owner was Yong-min's elder sister).

Hee-dong was walking home with his sister after they wound up their shop. As they walked, Hee-dong sadly confessed that he would no longer be able to assist his sister's business and informed her that he would not accept the forecoming salary. His sister looked rather shocked when he continued that he was about to pursue a dancing career.

That night, while Hee-dong was dancing, Yong-min came out of his room. Hee-dong sat down to talk about his forecoming dancing career. Hee-dong also told of objections from their parents and sought Yong-min to convince them.

Hee-dong practiced his break-dancing skills daily in the dancing room of the University campus, and helped his sister less frequently on her business, who only accepted the decision of Hee-dong becoming a solo singer. Even on certain nights, he was seen dancing. Yong-min stepped out one day to talk to Hee-dong, and he pleaded Yong-min to persuade their parents to permit him to pursue his career. Yong-min, seeing Hee-dong's willingness to pursue his career as incorrigible, only begged him to remember Yong-min himself and his friends.

Fengguan called for Jeong-an for help to counsel Hee-dong, but got a reply saying that Hee-dong should be given the freedom of going his own route, never mind dropping out of university. The disappointed Fengguan and Yong-min said that they could only pray for a miracle.

One day after work at the library, Yong-min met Tongnam on his way out and they talked about Hee-dong's dancing career. Yong-min then mocked Tongnam for being unable to dance, but Tongnam repelled by claiming on her dancing skills.

On that same day, Hee-dong met Xiuzhen at the bistro. She asked for a cup of cappuccino and she went on to recommend careers for Hee-dong, with the intention of discouraging Hee-dong to pursue his dancing career. Hee-dong bowed his head down as Xiuzhen went on to appraise his skills in several fields and encouraged him to take up jobs in these fields. Hee-dong then continued that he wanted to pursue on his dancing career. Xiuzhen's smile faded away from her face.

Hee-dong bought a pair of dancing shoes after making a tour around town, and showed it off to Yong-min and Fengguan the day he bought it. Fengguan made some critical remarks, but Hee-dong continued to give descriptions about the (light) weight of his shoe. Yong-min, after being told by his elder sister to persuade Yong-min to end his dancing career, cut short Hee-dong's conversation, and asked for reconsideration.

The next scene lapses Hee-dong describing about his dance steps to Fengguan, who later got out and informed Hee-dong that he would be sleeping with Yong-min.

The next day, Yong-min and Hee-dong met in the University campus, and Hee-dong danced about to show the weight of his shoes. Before the pair separated, they made a hilarious "W.O.W" sign by opening their palms. Hee-dong, who only walked a few steps from Yong-min, slipped, skidded and fell when he stepped on a puddle of slush, spraining his leg in the process. Yong-min was shocked at first, but laughed out then and there as he regained his composure. Hee-dong grimaced under intense pain as he lied on the ground, head up.

A narration talked about Hee-dong's passion on dancing. "We did not pray for Hee-dong to fail, but neither did anybody pray for Hee-dong to succeed in the dancing industry", the narration concludes here.

A few days later, the group were waiting for Yong-min to arrive and officiate the meeting. As Tongnam revealed her pleasure on Hee-dong for not entering the dancing industry, Hee-dong returned in crutches with his leg bandaged, limping about with a crutch and was being helped by Yong-min into the cafe where their friends were waiting. Hee-dong revealed to his friends that he had thought of new dance techniques while resting in hospital for a few days. Hee-dong even suggested showing off to his friends, but was being "beaten up". Fengguan used Hee-dong's crutch and pointed at his face, to highlight Hee-dong's stupidity.

Hee-dong found Yujin alone at the CD-shop as he entered. Yeon-ae entered the shop, and was surprised to see his plight. She was pleased that Hee-dong's injury was a blessing offered to treat his sister, and hopped up and down with his crutches before hitting on his toe and leaning forward in pain. "My brother is so naughty!" his sister remarked.

Hee-dong listened to classical music instead of the usual rock as he stared pointlessly....

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Salut D’Amour - Episode 11

Yujin, a new student from another University campus who was to take literature, had a nasty encounter with the librarian for using her cousin's library card as well as returning a damaged book. Yujin had initially wanted to pay for the damages, but the librarian rejected the fine and gave her a stern warning. Yong-min, on seeing the commotion, felt rather suspicious about her affiliations and fell into deep thought.

Yujin had another nasty encounter when she produced her cousin's library card upon loaning books. Yong-min stepped in to help, and made up a story that Yujin needed to submit a recent photo for the card as the "old photo" showed her face, which has "undergone changes over the years". The librarian looked rather suspicious towards Yong-min's explanation but passed Yujin.

Yong-min and Yujin walked out of the library as they sipped some coffee. Yujin talked about her past experiences.

The following scene showed Yujin and Yong-min dining in the school's cafe, talking about events that happened on the previous day. At this time, Yujin's father and Jingen happened to come into the cafe, both of whom looked a little surprised at the scene.

Yujin's father introduced himself, and confessed that he was graduated in 1968 in the University the friends were studying in; his personal character and his old friend was Yong-min's lecturer, Professor Lee.

Jeong-eun lied to the professor that Yong-min and Yujin were inseparable lovebirds, a news that the old man was unable to take. Yong-min and Yujin tried to stop Jingen at the same time. Yong-min, seeing the situation he was in, had no choice but to confess the "truth" by saying that he first met Yujin when he picked up her hat which the wind blew off. The angry man scolded Yong-min for his youth and lack of experience, something that Yong-min could not take it easily. Yujin, who grew tired of the sport, left the scene. Jingen finally confessed that the story were actually fantasy tales.

At this time, Zhongnan and Hee-dong entered the cafe. Hee-dong mistook Yong-min for dating with Jingen, and threw his book as he shouted angrily. The friends exchanged glances with Hee-dong.

Jeong-eun walked as quickly as possible, and Hee-dong caught up and apologised for his misconception. They proceeded to a bistro, where Jingen continued scolding Hee-dong until he was upset, and gave a grin on her success of her clever tricks.

Yong-min and Yujin were walking home as a wind blew off her hat. Yong-min went down to the valley to pick her hat up, and waved in triumph after he picked it up. The lie which Yong-min told Yujin's father has become a truth.

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[VOD] Showbiz Extra "The Original F4" of South Korea - BYJ, LBH, JDG, JWS.

Showbiz Extra "The Original F4" of South Korea On Arirang TV

The Original F4 - Lee Byung-hun, Bae Yong-joon, Jang Dong-gun & Jung Woo-sung.

The Original F4

They say that fall is the season for men. Well, this fall the original handsome celebrities of the Korean entertainment industry - namely Lee Byung-hun (이병헌), Bae Yong-joon (배용준), Jang Dong-gun (장동건), and Jung Woo-sung (정우성) are making their comebacks at one go, as if it was preplanned. Come with us and find out more about the comebacks of the 4 hottest Korean actors!


[News] If Boys Over Flowers happened 15 years ago...


วันนี้ผมไปเห็น VOD เรื่อง The Original F4 ของเกาหลีใต้เลยนั่งค้นหาข่าว บังเอิญไปเจอกับบทความนี้จาก www.jangdonggun-club.com ผมเห็นว่าก็เป็นเรื่องสนุก ๆ ดี เลยไป Copy มาให้สมาชิกอ่านกัน...ขอบคุณที่มาของ บทความและผู้แปลข่าวนี้ ไว้ ณ ที่นี้ด้วยครับ


News [If Boys Over Flowers happened 15 years ago]
Source : www.jangdonggun-club.com
ภาษาไทย โดยคุณจิ๊ก

If Boys Over Flowers happened 15 years ago…

With all the hype over this addictive drama, netizens have scrutinized every part of it from the supposed foul language in the script to the not-so-“one-of-a-kind” necklace. Let’s take a break from all the criticism and pause to ponder on this interesting thought: What if Boys Over Flowers was made 15 years ago? Never mind that the CG in the current version is already bad enough; 15 years ago, many of the current “seasoned” actors would’ve been teenagers, just like the actors portraying the characters. Who do you think could’ve been the new F4 + Jandi? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Jang Dong Gun as Goo Jun Pyo

This makes total sense – Jang Dong Gun is supposedly the “hottest guy in Korea”, and Lee Min Ho, the current actor portraying Jun Pyo (as if you guys didn’t already know that) has skyrocketed to fame since playing the role and is now one of Korea’s most wanted males. It’s not hard to find someone who can pull off the ajumma curls; Jang Dong Gun has it down pat.

ถ้าดาราหนุ่ม ‘หน้าใส’ ยุค15 ปีก่อน เกิดย้อนเวลาได้...

จากความแรง ของละครที่ชาวบ้านติดกันงอมแงมทั้งบ้านทั้งเมืองนี่เอง ทำให้ ‘ชาวเน็ท’ อย่างเราๆพลอยซาบซึ้งดื่มด่ำจำฝังใจ กับบทพูดเล็กๆในละครแต่ละเรื่อง จนแม้แต่กับสไตล์สร้อยคอที่ตัวละครเอกได้สวมใส่ในเรื่อง เรามาหยุดวิพากษ์วิจาร์นเรื่อง ‘มโนสาเร่’ เหล่านี้ไว้ก่อน แล้วมาถกประเด็นชวนคิดใหม่ๆกันดีกว่า : จะเป็นอย่างไรหากบรรดาดาราหนุ่มหน้าใสเมื่อ15 ปีก่อน ได้มาประชันขันแข่งบทต่อบทกับดาราหนุ่มรุ่นกระทงยุคนี้? โดยที่ไม่ต้องมานึกอคติโทษซ้ายโทษขวาถึงความ ‘ห่วย’ ของสเปเชี่ยลเอฟเฟ็ค เอาแต่เฉพาะ ‘ฝีมือ’ อย่างเดียวล้วนๆกันเลย หากให้มาพิจารณาเฉพาะฝีมือการแสดงล่ะ คุณคิดว่าใครควรค่าต่อการเป็น F4 + Jandi กว่ากัน? ผลสรุปข้างล่างนี่คือตัวอย่างเพื่อประกอบการพิจารณา...

ชางดงกอน กับบท จุนเปียว

คู่ นี้นับว่าคู่คี่สูสีกันทีเดียว - ชางดงกอน มีฉายาพ่วงท้ายชื่อระบือไกลว่าเป็น ‘ชายหนุ่มผู้ทรงเสน่ห์ที่สุดในเกาหลี’ และลีมินโฮ ดาราหนุ่มหน้าละอ่อนผู้กำลังโด่งดังจากบทจุนเปียว (บอกไว้ในกรณีที่พวกคุณยังไม่รู้) และด้วยบทนี้เองที่ทำให้ความโด่งดังของเขาพุ่งทะยานสู่ฟากฟ้าราวกับติดจรวด ทีเดียว ทำให้เขาได้ติดโผชายหนุ่มที่น่าปรารถนาที่สุดในเกาหลี ซึ่งไม่เป็นการยากสำหรับเขาเลยที่จะกระชากใจบรรดาแฟนสาวๆเหล่านั้นให้สิโร ราบ อย่างที่ชางดงกอนเคยทำสำเร็จมาแล้ว...

Bae Yong Joon as Yoon Ji Hoo

Who would be better to play the brooding, quiet character of Ji Hoo than the original brooding and quiet actor? Bae Yong Joon has already shown us that he can play the sensitive type of guy in Winter Sonata (never mind his portrayal in The Legend for now). Somehow I can totally picture him playing the violin in the woods – and I probably wouldn’t burst out laughing like I did when I watched Kim Hyun Joong. Okay, maybe I would.

เบยองจุน กับบท ยุนจีฮู

แล้ว ใครล่ะจะเล่นบทนิ่งๆเฉยๆได้เยี่ยมยอดกว่ากัน? บทของจีฮูนั้นนับเป็นยิ่งกว่าบทนิ่งๆเงียบๆธรรมดาที่เคยเห็นกันทั่วไป? เบยองจุนได้แสดงความสามารถจากบทที่ต้องใช้ความรู้สึกมากกว่าคำพูด มาให้เราได้ซาบซึ้งกันแล้วจากละครเรื่อง ‘เพลงรักในสายลมหนาว’ (ตอนนี้เลยเลิกติบทของเขาจากเรื่อง The Legend ไปเลย) จนบางครั้งฉันถึงขั้นเก็บเอาไปวาดภาพในอากาศว่าเห็นเขาสีไวโอลินอยู่ในป่า โปร่ง ด้วยอารมณ์อันละเมียด – และคิดว่าตัวเองคงไม่หลุดเสียงหัวเราะงอหายออกมา หากต้องดูคิมฮยุนจุงเล่นบทนี้...เหอะน่า...ไว้จะพยายามแล้วกัน

Jung Woo Sung as So I-Jeong

The role of the playboy is being done well by pretty boy Kim Bum, but what if we had a really manly sizzling hot specimen of humans’ finest playing the character of I-Jeong? If you watched Jung Woo Sung in The Good, The Bad, The Weird, you’d know what I was talking about. His look can go from rugged to polished in a second. On top of that, he’s got those soulful eyes that you can’t help staring into. Ahhh…it would almost be a waste for him to be in the less-important half of the F4.

จุงวูซุง กับบท โซอิยอง

บท หนุ่มเสเพล ดาราหนุ่มที่น่าจะสวมบทบาทนี้ได้ดีที่สุด น่าจะไม่พ้นหนุ่มหน้าสวย คิมบัม แต่ถ้าเราจะเฟ้นหาดาราหนุ่มที่มีท่าทางเป็นเอกลักษณ์ เหมาะสมกับบทอิยองจริงๆล่ะก็? หากคุณได้ชมบทบาทของจุงวูซุง จากเรื่อง The Good, The Bad, The Weird คุณจะเก็ททันทีว่าฉันกำลังหมายถึงอะไร ภาพลักษณ์ของเขาสามารถปรับเปลี่ยนจากถ่อยสถุล ให้เป็นอ่อนละมุนได้ในพริบตาทีเดียว ก็อย่างที่คุณได้เห็นจากภาพข้างบน เขามีดวงตาที่คมเอาเรื่อง เสียจนคุณไม่อาจละสายตาไปได้ง่ายๆ...เฮ้อ...นึกๆดูก็น่าเสียดาย หากต้องจัดอันดับเขาให้อยู่ในบทอันดับรองๆของ F4 เช่นนี้...

Lee Jung Jae as Song Woo Bin

I know Woo Bin is pretty much the most “extra” member of F4; he just has to stand there and look pretty. It would be a waste for Lee Jung Jae’s acting ability, but hey, he’d be in the top-rated drama in Korea, so who’s complaining?

ลีจุงแจ ในบท ซองวูบิน

ฉัน รู้ว่าวูบิน จัดเป็นสมาชิกระดับ ‘พิเศษ’ ทีเดียวสำหรับกลุ่ม F4 เพราะเขาแค่ยืนนิ่งๆ แล้วคอยทำหน้าหล่ออย่างเดียวก็น่าจะเกินพอ หากต้องสวมบทบาทนี้ ลีจุงแจอาจไม่มีโอกาสได้ใช้ความสามารถทางการแสดงเท่าที่ควร...แต่ก็นั่นแหละ ...เขาก็อาจมีโอกาสได้แผ้วถางทาง สู่ฐานะพระเอกละครแนวหน้าคนหนึ่งของเกาหลี หรือใครจะเถียง?

Lee Sang Ah as Geum Jan Di

To be honest, Goo Hye Sun’s portrayal of Jan Di annoys the hell out of me. Lee Sang Ah is a great actress and I’m sure she can play the sugar-and-spice combo without making me want to switch the channel. She’s has sweet appeal and looks like the girl-next-door.

15 years ago, these actors would’ve been about 20-21 years old. Would Boys Over Flowers induced the same craze and interest in the drama back then?

ลีซังอา ในบท กึมจันดี

พูด กันตามตรง...กูฮีซุนเล่นบทนี้ ได้ไม่สบอารมณ์ฉันสักเท่าไหร่เลย ลีซังอาจัดเป็นนางเอกชั้นเยี่ยมยอด และฉันก็แน่ใจว่าเธอจะเล่นบทสาวหวานอมเปรี้ยวได้เข้าขั้น จนฉันไม่อยากกดรีโมทย้ายช่องหนีไปทางไหน เธอเป็นสาวหวานที่ดูน่ารักน่าเอ็นดู ประดุจสาวข้างบ้านยังไงยังงั้น...

เมื่อ 15 ปีก่อน...บรรดาพระเอกนางเอกเหล่านี้ อายุก็น่าจะอยู่ในราวๆ 20-21 ปี ถ้าให้ย้อนกลับมารับบทเหล่านี้ในวันนี้ พวกเขาจะยังคงสามารถดึงดูดใจ และโดดเด่นได้เทียบเท่ากับดาราหนุ่มสาวในยุคนี้หรือไม่หนอ?

ต้นฉบับข่าว : http://blog.naver.com/taeoklove
แหล่งที่คัดลอก : http://jangdonggun007.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!542D1995AB75EDE4!1012.entry?wa=wsignin1.0&sa=937058020

Salut D’Amour - Episode 10

Fengguan's childhood female classmate came to visit the friends. An over-friendly girl, she was especially close to Fengguan, who treated her very coldly.

The girl explored Fengguan's books and stationery, which he coldly snatched it from her. The girl even gave him a sweater, which Fengguan was reluctant to wear despite Yong-min and Hee-dong persuasion. The girl told that she spent two months making sweaters of these designs, and the one she gave Fengguan was the best.

When the friends announced that the group has a meeting, Fengguan coldly told the girl that she was not permitted to go, but the friends immediately corrected that she was invited.

The girl went to the meeting, and put on her sweater. The friends made comments that the couple looked like inseparable lovebirds as the girl held Fengguan's shoulder. Fengguan felt so embarrassed that he excused himself to the toilet, and Yong-min followed suit.

In the toilet, Yong-min criticised Fengguan's cold attitude towards the girl. Yong-min felt helpless as Fengguan remained indignant in his views towards the girl.

The girl invited the entire group to a treat at a food centre. The group ate greedily, including Fengguan, who continued to make nasty comments on the girl as she tried to spoon-feed Fengguan. The friends were surprised on how she could afford a treat, and the girl replied that she had a lot of savings after working for one year.

The friends discovered the girl's disappearance shortly after they left the food centre. A worried Yong-min instructed the group to split up and search; Fengguan, Hee-dong and Jeong-an in one, Renyu, Yong-min and Tongnam in the other. The friends searched for a whole day, but failed to find the girl in the amusement park. They finally decided to approach the lost and found centre to broadcast the girl to approach the centre.

The friends waited on until Yong-min instructed the rest to return home while he and Fengguan would wait for the girl to turn up.

The girl turned up in the evening while strolling past the shelter (near the broadcast centre) where the friends were standing. Yong-min and Fengguan called out to her, and she ran towards them. Fengguan angrily scolded her for giving the trouble that the entire group had to face to look for her.

The trio sat around a table in a cafeteria and had coffee. The girl explained her reason for her disappearance being helping a girl who was trapped in a revolving door. When she had helped the girl, she could not find the friends, so she went roaming around.

Fengguan then criticised her for her deeds while Yong-min asked whether she had heard the broadcast. The girl, being unable to withstand the criticisms, shouted at Fengguan for being arrogant just because he was a university student (in which case she isn't), and ran away in tears.

Yong-min chased after her, and tried to console her. The duo then talked about her experiences with Fengguan; he was noted for his stubborn behaviour, and would snatch away his things from others who touched it. She even told Yong-min about her academic performance in comparison with Yong-min.

Yong-min brought her home, and the girl packed her things. The girl waited for Fengguan at home, but believed that he would not return home. Hee-dong and Yong-min sent off the girl at the bus station, who were frantically waving at one another.

Fengguan turned up just as Hee-dong and Yong-min returned to the bus-station's premises. Fengguan looked rather sorry upon hearing the news.

The trio returned home, but did not see Fengguan when they were about to sleep. Yong-min looked out the window, seeing Fengguan sitting on the swing with his heads bowed down.

The next day, Yong-min was shocked to see Fengguan not turn up for breakfast. Yong-min's elder sister suggested that he must have gone to the girl's village to look for her.

The next scene lapses Fengguan gazing out of the bus window. He grabbed the sweater the girl sewed, and reflected on his actions as he travelled to the girl's hometown to look for her.

[Source : wikipedia.org]


[BOF Notice] 'Seal the Deal' Campaign

Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Translated into English by Joanne/BYJ’s Quilt

[BOF Public Notice] Guide to the UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign

How are you. This is BOF.

Because there is a news that is waiting for warm interests from many people in cold winter, we deliver it in this Public Notice.

The news is exactly that Mr. BYJ participated in UN Climatic Agreement 'Seal the Deal' Campaign by narrating its public service video.

The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign is the one to urge people all over the world to have interests in climatic changes prior to the Climatic Agreement General Assembly to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in coming December.

We would like you to feel in the video Mr. BYJ's heart-felt voice, informing the seriousness of the climatic changes and appealing the importance of green growth.

You can check the video, made public in Naver Happy Bin on the 25th, also in the link below.

We beg many people warm interests as it is a profoundly significant campaign with which Mr. BYJ also deeply symphasized.

[Go directly to the Seal the Deal Campaign]

We wish you to have happy year end with precious people during a little remaining year 2009.

Thank You.
Respectfully Yours, BOF

Message in Clip VDO narrated by Bae Yong Joon

당신이 어디에 살고 있던 지구가 보내는 경고의 메세지는 분명합니다

날로 심각해지는 기후 변화로 우리는 감당할수 없는 짐을 지게 될것입니다..

지구의 온도가 상승하면서 극지방에 빙하가 녹고

해수면이 높아져 수백만명이 위험에 처해 있습니다

과학자들은 경고합니다

지구의 온도가 최소 2도만 상승하여도 지구생명체의 대 멸종이 일어날것입니다

2025년이면 일류의 3/2가 물부족 지역에서 살게 될것이며

수백만 기후 난민의 강제 이주가 현실이 될것입니다

우리는 다음 세대에게 질병 가뭄 기아라는 유산을 물려줘야할지도 모릅니다..

기후 변화는 현실입니다 지금 이순간에도 진행되고 있습니다.

우리가 배출하는 온실가스는 현재 최고치에 달했습니다

반기문 유엔 사무총장은 기후 변화를 21C 일류의 최우선 과제로 정했습니다

그리고 2009년 12월 덴마크 코펜하겐에서

지구의 미래를 결정하는 기후 변화 협약 당사국 총회가 열립니다

이곳에서 각국 지도자들은 새롭고 장기적이며 효과적인 기후 변화를 논의 할것입니다.

코펜하겐에서 기후 변화 협약을 마무리 짓자는 'Seal the Deal' 캠페인은

협약의 체결을 염원하는 지구촌 모든 사람들이 서명을 기다리고 있습니다..

아프리카에서 부터... 유럽... 그리고 아시아에 이르기까지 'Seal the Deal' 캠페인은

지구촌 모든 이들의 의지를 한데 모으고 있습니다..

전문가뿐만 아니라 전세계 사람들이 하나뿐인 지구를 위한 기후 협약에 필요성을 깨닫고 있습니다

새로운 협약은 녹색성장과 지속가능한 저 탄소 경제를이끌것입니다..

우리의 서명으로 완성되는 'Seal the Deal' 캠페인은 정책 결정자들을 움직이고

전세계 ngo 미디어 기업 그리고 일반 시민들에게 서명에 동참할것을 촉구하며

기후 변화와 코펜하겐 회의의 중요성을 알리고 있습니다

코펜하겐 회의의 성공은 다음 네가지 사항에 달려있습니다...

첫째 선진국들이 적극적으로 온실가스 감축 목표에 동의하고

둘째 개발도산국들이 온실가스를 줄이기위한 계획을 실천하며

세째 기후 변화의 피해자인 가난한 나라들이 기후 변화에 대응할수 있도록 기금을 조성하고

마지막으로 이 기금이 공정하고 효율적으로 쓰일수 있도록 보장하는 것입니다.

그렇다면 우리가 할수 일은 무엇일까요

지금 Seal the Deal 홈페이지에 접속하여 캠페인에 참여하세요...

그리고 서명하세요.. 우리의 서명이 일류의 역사를 결정지을것입니다..

우리는 변화를 만들수 있습니다...

우리의 아이들에게 희망이 있었던 순간에 아무것도 하지 않았다고 이야기 할것입니까?..

Seal the Deal.. 당신의 서명이 지구를 살립니다..

[Cheoeumsarangkkeutggaji posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Translated into English by Joanne]

No matter where you are living, warning message sent from the Earth is clear. Due to climatic change that becomes serious every day, we will carry burden on our back that we are not able tto cope with.

As glaciers melt in both Poles and sea level rises with rising temperature on Earth, several million people are in danger. Scientists give warnings. If the Earth temperature rises by only 2 degree, there occurs grand extinction of living things on the Earth.

By year 2025, two-thirds of human race will live in areas where water is in short supply, and mandatory displacement of millions of climatic refugees will become a reality. We might have to inherit diseases, drought, and starvation to the next generation. The climatic change is the reality. It is progressing in this very moment.

The greenhouse gas that we emit have reached its peak at this time. Mr. Bahn Kimoon, the Secretary General at UN, determined the climatic change as the top priority task for human race in 21st Century. And, in December 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark, there holds a general assembly of the concerned countries for the Climatic Change Agreement which will decide on the Earth's future.

There, leaders of various nations will discuss a new, long-term and effective climatic changes. The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign, which is to close the Climatic Change Agreement in Copenhagen, is waiting for signatures from every one in Global Villiage who desires the conclusion of the Agreement.

From Africa,,,Europe,,,and to Asia, the 'Seal the deal' Campaign is collecting the wills of all Global Villiage people. Not only the experts but also the people in the entire world are aware of the necessity of the Climatic Change Agreement for the only one Earth.

The new Agreement will lead the green growth and sustainable low carbon economy.
The 'Seal the Deal' Campaign, to be accomplished by our signatures, are moving the policy makers, urging NGO Media, businesses, and general public in entire world to participate in the signature, and informing the importance of the climatic changes and the meeting in Copenhagen. The success of the Copenhagen meeting depends on the following 4 agenda...

First, the developed countries will positively agree on the reduction goal of the greenhouse gases, secondly, the developing countires will practice the plans to reduce the greenhouse gases, thirdly, a fund is raised for the poor countries, victims of the climatic changes, to confront the climatic changes, and the lastly, there is a guarantee that this fund can be used fairly and effectively.

Then, what are the things that we can do. Please connect to homepage of the 'Seal the Deal' now and participate in the campaign...And then, place you signature..Our signatures will determine the history of mankind..We can make changes...

Are we going to tell our children that we did nothing at the moment when we had hope?..
'Seal the Deal'.. Your signatures will save the Earth..

[Thai Translation by ...Ladymoon...]

ไม่ว่าคุณจะอยู่ที่ใด โลกส่งคำเตือนออกไปอย่างชัดเจน ทุกวันนี้สภาพอากาศที่เปลี่ยนแปลงยิ่งทวีความรุนแรง เราต้องแบกรับภาระที่เราไม่อาจรับมือได้

น้ำแข็งเริ่มละลายที่ขั้วโลกทั้งเหนือและใต้ ระดับน้ำทะเลสูงขึ้นพร้อมกับอุณหภูมิที่สูงขึ้น ผู้คนหลายล้านกำลังตกอยู่ในอันตราย นักวิทยาศาสตร์ได้ออกประกาศเตือน ถ้าอุณหภูมิของโลกสูงขึ้นอีกเพียง 2 องศา จะเกิดการสูญพันธ์ของสิ่งมีชีวิตบนโลกครั้งยิ่งใหญ่

ภายในปี 2025 2 ใน 3 ของเผ่าพันธุ์มนุษย์จะต้องอาศัยอยู่ในดินแดนที่ขาดแคลนน้ำ ผู้ลี้ภัยที่พากันหนีตายจากสภาพอากาศอันเลวร้ายจะกลายเป็นความจริงขึ้นมา คนรุ่นต่อไปจะต้องเผชิญกับโรคร้าย สภาวะแห้งแล้ง และความหิวโหย การเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพอากาศบนโลกจะกลายเป็นเรื่องจริง มันเกิดขึ้นอยู่ทุกชั่วขณะ

ตอนนี้ก๊าซเรือนกระจกที่เราปล่อยออกมามากเกินกว่าโลกจะรับไหว นายบันคีมุน เลขาธิการสหประชาชาติ เห็นว่าการเปลี่ยนแปลงของสภาพอากาศเป็นภารกิจสำคัญอันดับแรกของมนุษยชาติในศตวรรษที่ 21 นี้ และในเดือนธันวาคม 2009 จะมีการประชุมครั้งสำคัญที่เมืองโคเปนเฮเก้น ประเทศเดนมาร์ก เพื่อทำสนธิสัญญารับมือกับการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพอากาศ (Climatic Change Agreement) ซึ่งจะเป็นการตัดสินอนาคตของโลกใบนี้

เหล่าผู้นำจากชาติต่างๆ จะมาร่วมหารือเพื่อหาวิธีใหม่ๆ ที่ทรงประสิทธิภาพในระยะยาวเพื่อรับมือกับการเปลี่ยนแปลงของสภาพอากาศ แคมเปญ 'Seal the Deal' จะใช้ต่อท้ายสนธิสัญญาที่โคเปนเฮเก้น เรากำลังรอการลงชื่อจากทุกท่านที่ปรารถนาให้สนธิสัญญานี้สัมฤทธิ์ผล

จากแอฟริกา...ยุโรป...ไปจนถึงเอเชีย แคมเปญ 'Seal the deal' กำลังรวบรวมความปรารถนาของผู้คนบนโลก ไม่ใช่จะมีเพียงผู้เชี่ยวชาญที่ตระหนักถึงความสำคัญของสนธิสัญญานี้ที่มีต่อโลกใบนี้

สนธิสัญญาใหม่นี้จะสร้างพื้นที่สีเขียวให้กับโลก และลดการปล่อยก๊าซคาร์บอน แคมเปญ 'Seal the Deal' จะสำเร็จลงได้ด้วยการลงชื่อจากพวกเราที่ขับเคลื่อนไปสู่นโยบาย ช่วยกระตุ้น NGO สื่อ ภาคธุรกิจ และสาธารณชนทั่วโลกให้มาร่วมลงชื่อ และเผยแพร่ความสำคัญของการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพอากาศ รวมไปถึงความสำคัญของการประชุมที่โคเปนเฮเก้น ความสำเร็จในการประชุมที่โคเปนเฮเก้นขึ้นอยู่กับ 4 วาระต่อไปนี้...

วาระแรกคือประเทศที่พัฒนาแล้วจะต้องตกลงตามเป้าหมายในการลดการปล่อยก๊าซเรือนกระจก วาระที่สอง ประเทศกำลังพัฒนาจะปฏิบัติตามแผนลดการปล่อยก๊าซเรือนกระจก วาระที่สาม จัดตั้งกองทุนสำหรับประเทศยากจน ผู้ตกเป็นเหยื่อของการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพอากาศ เพื่อรับมือกับสภาพอากาศที่เปลี่ยนแปลงไป และสุดท้ายคือการรับรองว่ากองทุนนี้จะถูกใช้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ

แล้วเราจะทำอะไรกันได้บ้าง กรุณาไปที่โฮมเพจของ 'Seal the Deal' และเข้าร่วมแคมเปญนี้ ลงชื่อของท่าน ชื่อของท่านจะตัดสินชะตากรรมของมนุษยชาติ เราช่วยกันสร้างความเปลี่ยนแปลงได้

เรากล้าบอกลูกหลานของเราหรือว่าเราไม่ได้ทำอะไรเลยขณะที่ยังมีความหวังอยู่? 'Seal the Deal' ชื่อของท่านจะช่วยโลกนี้ได้


About Seal the Deal!

The UN-led Seal the Deal Campaign aims to galvanize political will and public support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.
Climate change affects us all. Nine out of every ten disasters recorded are now climate related. Rising temperatures and more frequent floods, droughts and storms affect millions of people’s lives. This is set against a backdrop of financial and food insecurity.

On December 7, governments will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. The main question will be how protect the planet and create a green economy that will lead to long-term prosperity
Reaching a deal by the time the meeting ends on December 18 will depend not only on complex political negotiations, but also on public pressure from around the globe.
The United Nations has launched “Seal the Deal” campaign that encourages users to sign an online, global petition which will be presented by civil society to governments of the world.

The petition will serve as a reminder that our leaders must negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people



Salut D’Amour - Episode 9

Yong-min and his friends decided to go hiking in the hills. Yong-min realised that he had forgotten to buy some beverages shortly after he left the cafeteria. Hee-dong suggested that he would join Yong-min, and the duo went away to purchase beverages. The girls decided to continue their way up and wait for the rest to return.

Meanwhile, Fengguan and Renyu were hiking as a splinter pair from the group. Renyu was soon overwhelmed with exhaustion, and held onto his wooden climbing stick more tightly. Renyu told Fengguan to stop as the pair sat down on a rock to catch their breath.

The girls walked on, but never uttered a word (as they were enemies after a quarrel on Yong-min's poem). Jeong-ah ran up to Tongnam, and tried to be friendly. Tongnam, remained harsh as ever as she continued her harsh remarks whenever Jeong-ah would say something wrong.

The girls sat down, overwhelmed with exhaustion. Yong-min and Hee-dong made their way up after buying the beverages. Hee-dong fell and hurt his right leg as he was ascending the hill with Yong-min, and cried out aloud.

Two ruffians approached Tongnam and Jeong-ah while they rested on the rock. The ruffians talked harshly, and Tongnam ordered them to be more polite. The ruffians tried to Jeong-ah, and Tongnam put up a struggle with the ruffians as Jeong-ah ran and hid at the back of the tree.

Yong-min and Hee-dong heard the commotion and ran up the hill. The ruffians stared at them. The boys asked them for their purpose of harassment, but the ruffians gave a dismissing reply. Yong-min and Hee-dong threw down their backs respectively, ready to fight the ruffians.

Fengguan and Renyu, who were struggling to get up the hill, ran towards the group. Renyu pointed his stick and Fengguan took off his woolen cap and looked ready to fight the two ruffians. Seeing that they were being outnumbered, the ruffians retreated.

The group continued their way until evening. The girls looked at the surrounding panorama on a projected platform. The boys called out to them for dinner.

The group had some food, and Hee-dong fed Ahn-chae with his tangerine which Ahn-chae took it from his hands instead. Yong-min, who decided that they would spend the night in the hills, was being pulled down and "beaten" up by his friends.

The friends went on their way as they sung. They walked in pairs; Yong-min and Tongnam, Hee-dong and Jeong-ah and Renyu and Fengguan.

[Source : wikipedia.org]

Salut D'Amour - Episode 9



Hwa Shin - Park Hyo Shin (Lyrics Translation)/ Iljimae Ost. Full Album Download.

화신 / Hwashin (A Flower's Message)
by 박효신/ Park Hyo Shin

해가 저물면 밤이 찾아오듯
แฮกา ชอมุลมยอน พัมมิ ชัททาโอดึส

내 사랑 어김없이 찾아오죠
แน ซารัง ออคิมออพจิ ชัททาโอชโย

걸음보다 더 빠른 내 마음이
คอรึม โบทา ทอ พารึน แน มาอึมมิ

오늘도 그대에게 가죠
โอนึนโท คือแท เยเกค ชโย

울다 웃다 울다 혼자 그리다가
อุลตา อุสตา อุลตา ฮุนชา คือริทากา

붉은 잎에 새긴 눈물로 그대를 지우죠
พุลคึน อิเพ แซคิน นุนมุลโร คือแทนึน ชิอูชโย

그대 얼굴을 바라볼때에는
คือแต ออนคุนึน พาราพุลแตเยนึน

나도 몰래 그댈 따라 또 웃다가
นาโท มุนเร คือแตล ทารา โต อุสตากา

가질 수 없는 꿈인 걸 알기에
คาชิล ซุ ออพนึน กุมิน คอล อารกิเย

두 눈에 눈물이 고이죠
โต นุเน นุนมุนิ โคอิชโย

인연이 아닌듯 버리고 버려도
อินยอนิ อานินทึส พอริโก พอรยอโก

가슴에 더 깊이 새겨지네요
คาซึเม ทอ คิพิ แซคยอชิเนโย

조금만 버려도 더 많이 쌓여서
โช กึมมาน พอรยอโก ทอ มานิ ซาฮยอซอ

자꾸 그대 잊을수 없는데
ชาโท คือแต อิสึนซุ ออพนึนเด

울다 웃다 울다 혼자 그리다가
อุลตา อุสตา อุลตา ฮุนชา คือริทากา

덧없는 내 인생 다 하는날 나 편해질까요
ทอสอพนึน แน อิลแซง ทา ฮานึนนาน นา พยอนแฮชินกาโย

얼룩져 버린 내 삶에 그대란 사람
ออรุกชยอ พอริน แน ซารเม คือแตราน ซารัม

다음생에 가질께요
ทาอึมแซเง กาชินเกโย

그대 얼굴을 바라볼때에는
คือแต ออนคุนึน พาราพุลแตเยนึน

나도 몰래 그댈 따라 또 웃다가
นาโท มุนเร คือแตล ทารา โต อุสตากา

가질 수 없는 꿈인 걸 알기에
คาชิล ซุ ออพนึน กุมิน คอล อารกิเย

두 눈에 눈물이 고이죠
โต นุเน นุนมุนิ โคอิชโย

Hwa Shin [A Flower 's Message (화신)] : Park Hyo Shin (Iljimae Ost.) Download

Hwa Shin (화신) [ฮวาชิน] ข้อความบนดอกไม้ : Park Hyoshin
Roytavan : Thai Translator

เมื่ออาทิตย์อัสดง ความมืดแห่งราตรีก็มาเยือน
เสียงหัวใจของฉัน..ที่เต้นรัวนั้น มันรวดเร็วเกินกว่าฝีเท้าของฉัน...

ไม่ว่าจะเป็นร้องไห้ หรือหัวเราะ ฉันก็ทำอยู่อย่างโดดเดี่ยวเพียงลำพัง

และแล้ว, ดวงตาของฉันเอ่อล้นไปด้วยหยาดน้ำตา

นี่คงไม่ใช่เพียงชะตากรรม, ที่ทำให้ฉันต้องพยายามลบมันออกครั้งแล้วครั้งเล่า

ไม่ว่าจะหัวเราะั หรือร้องไห้


และแล้ว, ดวงตาของฉันเอ่อล้นไปด้วยหยาดน้ำตา

화신 / Hwashin A Flower's Message
(English Translation)

The sun sets, night arrives
My love is only untimely
My heart beats quicker than my footsteps
Today, too, I follow you

I cry, I smile, I cry
One person's lonely thoughts
Using tears
To wipe away your face reflected on the red petals

Gazing dumbly at your visage
I unknowingly smile with you
I though that this is an unattainable dream
And so, my eyes fill with tears

It is not only fate, to give up again and again
Although my heart remembers each parting deeply
A moment of giving up turns into heavy burdens
I can never forget you

I cry, I smile, I cry
My lonely thoughts
My unsettled life
Let me be peaceful for one day

You, who appears in my sporadic life
I will make you mine in the next life

Gazing dumbly at your visage
I unknowingly smile with you
I though that this is an unattainable dream
And so, my eyes fill with tears

花信 / 화신 / A Flower’s Message
Romanize in English

Hae ga jeo mul myeon bami chaja o deud
Nae sa lang eo gim eobshi chaja o jyo
Geoleum bo da deo bba leun nae ma eumi
O neul do geu dae e ge ga jyo

Ul da ud da ul da hon ja keu li da ga
Bulgeun ipe sae gin nun mul lo keu dae leul ji u jyo
Like a tears to wipe away your face reflected on the red petals

Geu dae eol guleul ba la bol ddae e neun
Na do mol lae geu dael dda la ddo ud da ga
Ga jil su eobd neun ggumin geol al gi e
Du nune nun muli go i jyo

In yeoni a nin deud beo li go beo lyeo do
Ga seume deo gipi sae gyeo ji ne yo
Jo geum man beo lyeo do deo manhi ssah yeo seo
Ja ggu geu dae ijeul su eobd neun de

Ul da ud da ul da geu dae keu li da ga
Deod deobd neun nae in saeng da ha neun nal na pyeonhae jil gga yo

Eol lug jyeo beo lin nae salme geu dae lan sa lam
Da eum saeng e ga jil gge yo

Geu dae eol guleul pa la bol ddae e neun
Na do mol lae geu dael dda la ddo ud da ga
Ga jil su eobd neun ggumin geol al gi e
Du nune nun muli heu leu jyo

花信 / 화신 / A Flower’s Message (Chinese Langauge)
by 朴孝信/박효신/ Park Hyo Shin

太阳落山 夜幕降临

哭了 笑了 哭了 一个人的思念

所以 眼泪盈眶
放佛并不是缘分 一次次的舍弃

哭了 笑了 哭了 一个人的思念
我无常的人生 让我再安详一天吧


所以 眼泪盈眶

Iljimae OST. Full Album : Download

1. 孤独的足迹 / 외로운 발자국 / Lonely Footsteps (Main Title)
2. 花信 / 화신 / A Flower’s Message by 朴孝信/박효신/ Park Hyo Shin [zShare]
3. 梅花 / 매화 / Plum Blossom
4. 姻缘 /인연 / Fate by 웅산 / Woong San
5. 红色影子/ 붉은 그림자 / The Red Shadow
6. 始于命运的呼唤 / 운명에 외치다 / Following Fate’s Call by 裴基成/배기성 (캔) / Bae Gi Sung
7. 黑暗的沼泽 / 어둠의 늪 / The Black Swamp
8 .义贼一枝梅 / 의적 일지매 / Heroic Thief Iljimae
9 .银杏树山坡 / 은행나무 언덕 / Ginkgo Hillside by 柳烈/ 유열 / Yoo Yeol
10. 梅花 / 매화 / Plum Blossoms (Orch Ver.)
11. 树莺 / 휘파람새 / Warbler
12. 山村别曲 / 산촌별곡 / Goodbye in the Mountains
13 .孤独的足迹 / 외로운 발자국 / Lonely Footsteps (Gtr ver.)
14. 命运的对手 / 운명의 맞수 / Fate-given Opponent
15. 回想 / 회상 / Reminiscence by 놀이터 / Noriter (원제: 아도니스 / Original title: Adonis)
16. 小毛孩子的爱 / 풋내기 사랑 / A Child’s Love
17. 黑暗的流浪者 / 어둠의 방랑자 / Wanderer in the Dark
18 .看不见的敌人 / 보이지 않는 적 / The Unseen Enemy
19. 姻缘 / 인연 / Fate (Orch ver.)
20. 花信 / 화신 / A Flower’s Message (Orch ver.)


Park Hyo Shin - Hwa Shin [2009.09.11]
박효신(Park Hyo Shin) - 화신 (HwaShin)

2009 서울 드라마 어워즈 (Seoul International Drama Awards)