06. Music & OST Dowload - 2.

Aren’t I Stupid ? - Choi Si-won : Oh My Lady OST.
Blood and tears (血泪) - Lisa : The Revolt of Gumiho (九尾狐的复仇) OST.
Carino : Chris Spheeris
Don't Laugh Don't Cry - Jang Hye Jin : Bad Guy (나쁜남자 / 坏男人) OST.
Fly Me To The Moon : Jang Geun-suk & Park Shin-hye [You'er Beautiful / A.N.Jell OST.]
Fox rain (Acoustic Ver.) - Lee Sun Hee (여우비) : My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST.
Fox rain (Paino Ver.) : My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST.
Good Bye - Jang Guen Suk : You're Beautiful OST.
Happy Birthday (생일 축하) : Korean Version
King and the clown (王和小丑) : Lee Sun Hee (李善姬)
Love Comes Like This - Shin Seung Hun : Terroir OST.
Main Theme : Chuno OST.
Meeting - Yim Jae Bum : Star's Lover OST
Motnatjiyo/ Worthless - Choi Si Won : Oh! My Lady OST.
One More Time - Kim Hyun Joong : Playful Kiss ( 恶作剧之吻) OST.
Promise - Jang Geun Suk & A.N.Jell : You'er Beautiful OST.
Still - Lee Hong Ki : You're Beautiful OST.
Sunshine Again (日出东方 / 2010亚运歌曲): Song For Asian Game 2010
Take Care, My Bus! - Jang Geun Suk : Mary Stayed Out All Night OST.
Tell Me Your Love - Trax : Mary Stayed Out All Night OST
The Road (Hong Kong Version) - Ivan Wang : April Snow OST.
The Road (Taiwan Version) - Ariel Lin : April Snow OST.
Urobomyon ... Bulrobomyon - Na Young Joo : Which star are you from? OST.
Walk In A Dreamy Road - Jang Na-ra : Dong Yi Ost.
What Should I Do? (English Version) - Ashilia & JD Relic
Without Words - Jang Guen Suk : You're Beautiful OST.
Without Words - Park Shin Hye : You're Beautiful OST.
달에 지다 - Beige : Chuno (추노 / 推奴) OST.

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  1. Around 1.5 years back, I heard the song "달에 지다 -베이지 Beige [Chuno 추노 OST]" from your web site. I did not understand what she is saying but it touched my heart and I liked its music too much. Somehow I lost the mp3 file that I downloaded that time from here. However I was having url of your blow with me and now with the song title, I found it again on YouTube.

    Just wanted to say thanks for giving me such a nice song. I am from India and visited S.Korea few times (during my first visit, I saw this song on your blog).



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