[News] UEE to Turn Dark-haired Fighter in Upcoming TV series.

[News] UEE to Turn Dark-haired Fighter in Upcoming TV series.
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After School member and actress UEE has shown off her action skills on the set of her forthcoming action series.

3HW, promoter of KBS drama “Jeon Woochi” [translated title], has finally revealed footage of UEE’s first shooting that took place at Naju Image Theme Park in Naju Province in South Korea on October 7.

In the photos, the heroin is describing her character Hong Moo-yeon who lost her emotions after being spelled by black magic. While flying high in the air she draws Taoist magic to her lover Jeon Woochi [played by Cha Tae-hyun].

The firm noted that the "Birdy Buddy" star first had hesitation to do wire actions but now she is enjoying it, even when the shooting goes over 12 hours.

The costume drama, set in the Joseon Dynasty, centers around Jeon Woochi who turns into a punisher to the evil and unexpectedly becomes a hero after swearing revenge on his friend who took away Woochi’s father-like person Hong Gil-dong and lover Moo-yeon.

Helmed by director Kang Il-soo of KBS period action series “The Land of Wind” (2008), the fantasy action series is slated to air on November 21 after the current hit, “The Innocent Man," ends its run.

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