[VOD & OST] Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니) : Full Album Download

Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니 / 灰姑娘姐姐) Original Soundtrack :

Applying a modern twist to the classic fairy tale, the 2010 KBS drama Cinderella's Sister follows the contentious relationship between two stepsisters as their lives and loves intertwine. Tamra the Island heroine Seo Woo is the "Cinderella", a bubbly spoiled princess who seems to be adored by all, but she can't win over her steely sister or the man they both love. Korea's little sister Moon Geun Young delivers a compelling performance as the older "evil" stepsister, a wary young woman forced to grow up fast because of her manipulative mother (Lee Mi Sook). Chun Jeong Myung, making his post-army comeback, and 2PM's Ok Taec Yeon, making his acting debut, co-star in the highly anticipated drama.

Super Junior's Ye Sung sings the drama's haunting theme "It Has to Be You", a heartfelt love song with melancholic lyrics. His labelmates Luna and Krystal of f(x) display their strong vocals in the insert ballad "Calling Out". Led by the music director of I'm Sorry, I Love You, the Cinderella's Sister soundtrack also features songs from JM, Lee Yoon Jong, and Pink Tonic.

Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니 / 灰姑娘姐姐) OST
Genre: Soundtrack / Ballad / Instrumental
Language: Korean
Artist: Various

Tracklist :

01. 너 아니면 안돼 - Yesung

02. 불러본다 - Luna, Krystal

03. 스마일 어게인 - Yi Yun Jong

04. 너 였다고 - 제이엠(JM)

05. 내 사랑을 구해줘! - Pink Toniq

06. 신데렐라언니 - Various Artists

07. 미소지으면 - Various Artists

08. 보사노바 - Various Artists

09. 그때 그 자리에 - Various Artists

10. 사랑한다면 - Various Artists

11. 뒷동산 - Various Artists

12. 마이너 왈츠 - Various Artists

13. 느리게 걷기 - Various Artists

14. 후회 - Various Artists

15. 모정 - Various Artists

16. 내 사랑을 구해줘! (Rock Ver.) - Pink Toniq

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MV : Minor Waltz - Cinderella's Sister

MV : It Has To Be You by Yesung - Cinderella's Sister

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