[News] Japan's unconditional love for Yoon Sang-hyun's drama.

[News] Japan's unconditional love for Yoon Sang-hyun's drama.
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Every drama actor Yoon Sang-hyun has starred in is drawing amazing popularity in Japan.

Yoon Sang-hyun's "My Fair Lady" is being broadcasted on TBS 'Hallyu Select' from the 5th. This drama is popular enough to become the number one researched word on Japanese portal site Nifty.com.

Not only that, "Winter Bird", "My Wife is a Superwoman", "Secret Garden" and others with Yoon Sang-hyun in them are a big hit in Japan. Along with the drama goes up the popularity of Yoon Sang-hyeon.

It is evaluated that his singing performances encouraged his popularity as an actor in Japan. He gained more than 2000 fans at his third single "Summer Eyes" release event in Tokyo Akasaka Plaza on the 10th.

His management MGB Entertainment revealed, "Despite the fact that he was active as a singer and not an actor in Japan, all this attention is just very overwhelming. Media and broadcasting companies are interested in his upcoming plans for Japan and his increasing popularity in Japan is more than expected".

When he visited Switzerland as a promoter recently, the endless flashes from Japanese and Hong Kong tourists proved his Hallyu star image.

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