[News] T-ara's Jiyeon to Play Major Role in "Dream High 2".

[News] T-ara's Jiyeon to Play Major Role in "Dream High 2".
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T-ara’s Jiyeon has been confirmed to play a major role in the much-anticipated KBS drama “Dream High 2.”

Jiyeon commented, “After reading the synopsis of ‘Dream High 2,’ I really wanted to be a part of this drama. That is why I will do my very best for this project.” She continued, “Before it got too late, I really wanted to play the role of a hard-working student that would remind me of my past trainee days. I will do my very best.”

An official representative of Jiyeon’s agency made the following statement, “Jiyeon met with the drama’s producer last weekend and they discussed her role and the story line. After discussing the details, her role got confirmed.”

“Dream High 2” will be more music-oriented than its first season and will have a higher focus on singing and dancing.

Jiyeon and her fellow T-ara members are currently busy with the promotions of their new hit single “Cry Cry” and the preparations for their upcoming single “Lovey Dovey.” They are also busy with their Japanese promotions.

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