[News] Kim Rae-won, Jo An's film 'cranks in'.

[News] Kim Rae-won, Jo An's film 'cranks in'.
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Korean actor Kim Rae-won and actress Jo An has started shooting their upcoming movie, according to the pic's promoter on Wednesday.

A press release by Choice Cut Pictures said that Kim and Jo's movie "Superstar" (translated title) cranked in at Seoul late last month.

The first shoot was of Kim and child actor Ji Dae-han, who is kid from a multi-cultural family with unbelievable singing abilities that auditions for a musical project to become the next big star under the mentorship of Kim’s character.

"Superstar," Kim's comeback to the big screen in three years, is helmed by director Kim Sung-hoon and also stars actor Lee Kwang-soo, aims to open in local theaters during the latter half of this year.

Kim made his debut with a role in MBC's drama "Me" in 1997 and became a household name in 2003 after starring in "Rooftop Room Cat."

He has since starred in SBS' "Gourmet" and recently played Park Ji-hyung in SBS' "Thousand Days Promise" opposite actress Soo-ae.

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