[News] Ella Chen’s encounter with overzealous fan in Paris.

[News] Ella Chen’s encounter with overzealous fan in Paris.
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S.H.E. member Ella Chen was stabbed in the chest with a pen by a "lunatic" while shopping in Paris alone.

Newly-married Ella is in Paris, accompanying her husband Alvin Lai who is on a business trip, after she completed the promotional activities for her new album in Taiwan.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ella was enjoying some alone time at a café in Paris and shared photos on her Facebook with her fans. The 30-year-old then revealed that she met with a "lunatic who stabbed me on my right chest with her pen after I refused to get interviewed or sign for something." The singer also added that "the person drew on my left arm after stabbing me. It's really too much!"

Fans flocked to Ella's microblog to remind her to be careful and asked if she was hurt. The singer then posted a short entry, "Being alone, be careful!"

Upon returning to the hotel at night, the singer replied to her concerned fans, expressing that "I am fine, and is waiting for my husband Alvin Lai to have dinner after work."

In other related news, Ella thrilled her fans in Paris when she agreed to have photographs taken with them. Fans who met her praised her for her good skin which made the singer very happy.

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