[News] More Details on 2PM Wooyoung’s New Album Revealed.

[News] More Details on 2PM Wooyoung’s New Album Revealed.
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As reported earlier, 2PM’s Wooyoung is currently working in the process of recording his first-ever solo album. On June 19, more details on his upcoming album were revealed.

“Wooyoung is currently working very hard for his very first solo album. JYP worked on it very carefully so far,” an industry insider was quoted as saying by local media Newsen. According to the source, Wooyoung is highly likely to release his solo album in mid-July.

This would make Wooyoung the first 2PM member to officially run solo promotions. Junsu released his solo track last year but it was more of a special track produced for 2PM’s Asian Tour concert. There have been OST tracks by individual 2PM members too, but Wooyoung is the first to produce a full solo album.

Meanwhile, if Wooyoung does come out with his new album in July, then he would have to go up against the likes of Super Junior, 2NE1, After School, BEST, and T-ara, making this summer one of the most heated markets in a long time. Check back for more updates!

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