[News] On ‘Dr. Jin,’ Park Min Young sheds tears.

[News] On ‘Dr. Jin,’ Park Min Young sheds tears.
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Actress Park Min Young, who appears on MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin as an elegant lady named Hong Young Lae from the Joseon Dynasty, recently drew a lot of attention by shedding tears.

On June 8, the production company released pictures of Park trying to hold back her tears. Park, however, made the audience feel sorry by shedding a shower of tears. Her emotional performance, which made many people eagerly anticipate the next story, will air in this week’s episode of the series.

Park has performed in many dramas and has become a veteran actress. She is receiving a lot of favorable reviews by playing the role of Hong in the series. Through the episode, Park is expected to become a queen of tears and a representative to actresses in their 20s.

In the preview for the 5th episode of the series, Song Seung Hun (plays the role of Jin Hyuk), who was taking care of patients, was infected with an unidentified epidemic. The preview drew a lot of attention and made people wonder what will happen next.

The 5th episode of the series will air on June 9 at 9:50 p.m.

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