[News] Vivian Hsu falls prey to impersonators.

[News] Vivian Hsu falls prey to impersonators.
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Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu became the latest victim of online identity theft as someone created an account on a popular social site using her name. The impersonator had posted on the site, "I'm not Chinese, I'm Taiwanese. I don't want to go to the mainland to promote... Regardless of the consequences, I will not go to that country anymore. The mainland bullies us Taiwanese, Japan must stand up for us."

The post sparked an outcry as Chinese netizens voiced their dissatisfaction on various social networking sites.

Upon learning this incident, Vivian asked angrily,"Who are you and what are your motives? You impersonated me and posted ridiculous things; I believe Sina (Chinese online media company) will see that justice is served!"

In a statement, her management company said, "This impersonation incident has led to a lot of discomfort for Vivian, thus the company has decided to close our micro-blog indefinitely. We also have requested that the offensive content be deleted. For now, interactions with fans will be done on the official site."

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