[News] Song Hye Kyo′s Chinese Film ′The Grandmasters′ Postpones Premiere.

[News] Song Hye Kyo′s Chinese Film ′The Grandmasters′ Postpones Premiere. 
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The Chinese film The Grandmasters, which stars Song Hye Kyo as its lead, has pushed back its premiere.

The producers of The Grandmasters stated on November 22 that "the original December premiere has been postponed, but it will start screening before the Lunar New Year next year."

The film was to hit theaters on December 18. Just a month before the date, however, the producers decided to postpone the reveal.

The Grandmasters is directed by Wong Kar Wai, and stars not only Song Hye Kyo but also Tony Leung and Zhang Zhiyi. The postponement is even more surprising because the cast has been shooting the film for over three years, since November 2009.

Local media outlets such as Sohu reported that ′the film has been undertaking additional shoots, which shows that it′s not done filming.′

It then supported its claims using supporting actor Xiaoshenyang′s Weibo posts as evidence. Xiaoshenyang had written on his Weibo recently, "We′ve come so far, but filming still isn′t over. What do we do..."

Some speculate that Wong Kar Wai is aiming to enter the film for an award at the Cannes International Film Festival, which is due to take place in May 2013.

As more evidence has popped up that filming hasn′t wrapped yet, however, public opinion is swaying more toward the possibility that the film simply isn′t finished.

The producers said through local interviews, "It will definitely premiere before the Lunar New Year next year. Please wait."

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