[Photo & News] Jung Jinyoung Makes Special Appearance as Cha Taehyun’s Mentor on 'Jeon Woo Chi'.

[Photo & News]  Jung Jinyoung Makes Special Appearance as Cha Taehyun’s Mentor on 'Jeon Woo Chi'.
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Actor Jung Jinyoung will make a special appearance on the new drama, “Jeon Woo Chi”.
In the first episode of KBS’ new Wednesday/ Thursday drama “Jeon Woo Chi” which will premiere on November 21st, Jung Jinyoung will make a short but effective appearance as a mentor and teacher for Cha Taehyun.

His selfless act saving Cha Taehyun from danger while sacrificing his own life is expected to leave a strong impression on the audience. Also, he is in charge of bringing Jeon Woo Chi (played by Cha Tae Hyun) out from Yuldoguk, adding tension to the plot.
Jung Jinyoung will be acting together with Cha Taehyun for the first time in his acting career through the drama “Jeon Woo Chi”. The two actors who are known for their serious acting are heightening expectations for the drama.

Meanwhile, Jung Jinyoung’s special appearance was made possible through his relationship with director Kang Ilsoo. The two worked together on the KBS drama “Kingdom of the Winds” in 2008. As Kang Ilsoo was making his directorial comeback in four years with “Jeon Woo Chi” he asked Jung for support and Jung didn’t have to think about saying yes showing the two’s strong loyalty for each other.

Jung’s filming took place in a cave in South Gyeongsang Province on October 29th. In the difficult shoot, he was able to display why he is a veteran actor, and impressed the staff members with detailed character analysis and passionate acting despite his role being a cameo.

Jung Jinyoung and Cha Taehyun were seen discussing their scene in detail until the shoot. Because the shoot took place at a cave, detailed planning and preparations were needed so the two actors held self rehearsals while the staff members were busy preparing for the shoot. Because of their passion, the scene was shot in one take.

Jung Jinyoung said he was able to shoot the scene in comfort because of director Kang Ilsoo’s careful direction. He said that he was happy to be able to act together with an actor that he greatly admired, adding hopes that the audience will enjoy the drama.

The drama’s production company said although Jung Jinyoung’s part was small, he was a central character with an important part in carrying out the story. They added that Jung really threw himself into the role and his dedication and passion on set has created some great shots that will elevate the drama into a well-made piece.

Jeon Woo Chi is a fusion period drama based on the novel, The Tale of Jeon Woo Chi. It’s about a Taoist wizard, Jeon Woo Chi, who loses his father-like-figure Hong Kil Dong and his lover Hong Moo Yeon (played by Uee) after being betrayed by his friend and plots revenge.

The drama is helmed by director Kang Il Soo, who directed period dramas like “Taejo Wanggun”, “Sea God” and “Kingdom of the Winds” while the script is written by Cho Myung Joo who wrote “King Gwanggeto”. It stars Chae Tae Hyun, Uee, Lee Hee Jun, Baek Jin Hee, Sung Dong Il, Kim Kap Soo, Hong Jong Hyun etc.

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