[Photo & News] Yoon Kye Sang to Share True Reasons He Left g.o.d.

[Photo & News] Yoon Kye Sang to Share True Reasons He Left g.o.d.
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In the next and finale episode of O′live’s Yoon Kye Sang’s One Table Yoon Kye Sang will share with the members the true reasons he decided to leave the group eight years ago.

After honing his culinary skills through the show, Yoon Kye Sang wanted to show off his new skills to a very important guest for the show’s final episode and decided to invite the g.o.d. members.

Following the consumption of a sumptuous feast by Yoon Kye Sang, the members, making their first television show appearance together in years, opened up a sharing time where they candidly shared their feelings, thoughts and resolved to undo any misunderstandings from the last few years.

The warm talk of the past prompted Yoon Kye Sang to open up for the first time with the g.od. members on the true reasons behind his leaving of the beloved group.

The positive session closed on a high note with Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo performing g.o.d’s representative track, Sky Blue Balloons together before the members gave a final greeting as g.od.

The final episode airs on O′live on November 17.

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