[Photo & Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Jo Seung-woo acupuncture on a human.

[Photo & Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Jo Seung-woo acupuncture on a human.
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Gwang-hyun (Jo Seung-woo) was at risk of getting into trouble for using acupuncture on a human in the MBC 51st anniversary special drama “The Horse Healer“.

Gwang-hyun found his fellow horse healer unconscious with pleural symptoms and went to find the medic but he wasn’t there.

The Horse Healer‘s condition started to worsen and Gwang-hyun realized there was no other way. He got the acupuncture set from the medic and started using it.

However, it was too late and although The Horse Healer could breathe again he didn’t come around to and the city of Sabok put down a restraining order against Gwang-hyun, not letting him into the city although there was no problem with using acupuncture.

To make things worse, he was taken away by the policeman he ran into and the scene ended with Gwang-hyun screaming.

Meanwhile, Gwang-hyun was punished for the reason that he performed acupuncture on another human in the position of a horse healer.

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