[Spoiler] "Five Fingers" Chae Si-ra and Joo Ji-hoon stab each other.

[Spoiler] "Five Fingers" Chae Si-ra and Joo Ji-hoon stab each other.
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It turns out Chae Si-ra and Joo Ji-hoon are blood related mother and son.

Gye-hwa (Cha Hwa-yeon) suspected Ji-ho (Joo Ji-hoon) and Yeong-rang (Chae Si-ra) of being real mother and son and checked their DNA's.

She suspected them of being related when she learned they both had blood type A's and were allergic to spinach. She took their toothbrushes for DNA testing.

It turned out Yeong-rang was Ji-ho's mother and Gye-hwa broke into tears at their ill-fate.

Gye-hwa met Jeong-wook (Jeon No-min) and told him everything. She said, "We need to set things straight before mother and son become enemies".

Jeong-wook looked drained of blood as he said, "How can this be? How can Ji-ho not be the son of Chairman Yoo but Yeong-rang's? It's unbelievable".

It was ill-fate, how a mother a son were born in the way to stab each others' wounds.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin (Jeong Eun-woo) came back alive. He told the court that the murderer wasn't Ji-ho but In-ha (Ji Chang-wook).

Nam-joo (Jeon Mi-seon) cried in relief and surprise when she saw him.

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