[News] Eric Moon Says He Has Become Paranoid After Numerous Pranks.

[News] Eric Moon Says He Has Become Paranoid After Numerous Pranks.
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Shinhwa’s Eric Moon has revealed he has turned into a man full of doubts.

On the next episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the Shinhwa members will receive advice and be educated on how to upgrade their single life as bachelors.

While talking about the food they frequently order for delivery, Eric began talking about a favorite sweet and sour pork dish and a habit he has developed related to ordering it.

Eric revealed that he collects the order stamps from his nearby Chinese food delivery place each time he orders so that he can get a free serving of sweet and sour pork after collecting ten stamps.

Although the stamps clearly state one must tell the restaurant beforehand if one will be cashing in on their stamps for the free sweet and sour pork, Eric revealed he disregards that and always causes a little grief for the deliveryman by not telling the restaurant he was going to cash in his stamps until the deliveryman arrives with the food.

Eric revealed the reason for this stems from all the years of pranks he had experienced from his fellow Shinhwa members. After being pranked so many times, Eric had begun to view everything in life suspiciously and even believed if he told the restaurant up front he was ordering the free sweet and sour pork, they would give him one that was old or cold.

The full story and more will air on December 2.

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