[News] Han Hyo Joo Says She Wants to Act with Yoo Seung Ho.

[News] Han Hyo Joo Says She Wants to Act with Yoo Seung Ho. 
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Han Hyo Joo, lead of the film Band Aid, got talking about younger co-stars...and Yoo Seung Ho.

In a recent interview with enews, Han Hyo Joo talked about her upcoming film and about her wish to act with younger men.

The trend these days in dramas and films show more younger male stars starting to act with older female stars.

Han Hyo Joo said she also wants to follow the trend, saying, "I was always the youngest on set. I think now I′ve started to notice the younger actors."

In Band Aid, Han Hyo Joo appears as a bright and outgoing girl named Mi Soo. Through the role, she aims to return as a bouncy character like the one she put on for SBS′ Shining Inheritance, instead of the more heavier roles she appeared in for her films Always and Masquerade.

She said on a similar note, "I′ve never acted with younger men, actually. These days I think it′ll be great to try."

When asked whether she has anyone specific in mind, she said with a laugh, "I once happened to see an episode of MBC′s I Miss You, and I found Mr. Yoo Seung Ho to be very manly. If I get the chance, I would be honored."

She said, however, that it was probably too early for her to start thinking about acting with younger men.

"I think now it′s a bit too early. I think maybe such chances will come when I enter my 30s."

Band Aid is a romance about how a fireman named Kang Il (Go Soo) and a doctor named Mi Soo, who saves others′ lives, start to heal each other′s hearts. It premieres on December 19.

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