[News] Park Shin Hye and MBLAQ’s Mir do their version of ‘cutie player’.

[News] Park Shin Hye and MBLAQ’s Mir do their version of ‘cutie player’.
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As you all know there is a new aegyo trend going around in Korea called ‘guiyomi player’ or ‘cutie player’, which was popularized by ‘Weekly Idol‘ with BTOB‘s Ilhoon being the first to demonstrate it on the show. Although it’s cute, well, it doesn’t really make any sense as with most aegyo trends, and actress Park Shin Hye definitely took notice.

‘Cutie player’ involves the individual reciting, “1+1 is guiyomi (cutie), 2+2 is guiyomi, 3+3 is guiyomi…” and so on, while accompanying their words with cute gestures. Park Shin Hye also joined in on the trend by performing her version on the latest episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, and was followed by MBLAQ Mir who showcased his aegyo as well.

The actress, who seems to have been quite embarrassed watching herself perform it on broadcast, later pointed out the aegyo’s senseless words as she commented on her twitter, “That’s right. 1+1 is not guiyomi, it’s 2. Come on. I’m a woman who knows how to add,” along with a picture of herself with her co-star of ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘, Kim Ji Hoon, and bringing a lot of laughter to fans.

Check out Park Shin Hye’s ‘cutie player’ along with Mir ’s version on ‘Strong Heart’ below!

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