[News] So Ji Sub Talks about His Plans for the End of the Year.

[News] So Ji Sub Talks about His Plans for the End of the Year. 
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So Ji Sub showed off how good he can look in a suit.

For the entertainment and lifestyle magazine 1st Look, So Ji Sub posed in a collaboration pictorial with the dessert cafe A Twosome Place.

In the pictorial, So Ji Sub appears in a formal suit under the concept of ′The men′s holiday party′. In a white shirt and wine-colored necktie, So Ji Sub shows off his classic and simple charms.

For the interview, So Ji Sub touched on his own personal plans for the end of the year.

"I don′t have any specific meetings planned for the end of the year," he said. "I do drink soju often with my friends Song Seung Hun and Jung Joon Ha."

He then added, "Because our work styles are so different, we rarely talk about work when we meet. We just talk about normal life, like other people would do."

So Ji Sub also talked about what he thinks makes a professional actor and entertainer.

"When a person is professional, it means that person gives his all in what he does. First, you have to try to do your best. Next, it′s important to share your feelings with others when you work."

He also said, "When an actor acts, the actor pulls out whatever he heard, saw or experienced from inside himself. It could be something he′s done before, or not. I personally believe acting is covering up an image that′s 99 percent false with 1 percent of the truth. I try not to put on insincere acting. Viewers and audiences know when an actor is acting a lie instead of the truth. You have to work really hard."

The issue of 1st Look featuring So Ji Sub was released on December 20.

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