[News] Why ′School 2013′ is Going to be Worth the Wait ?

[News] Why ′School 2013′ is Going to be Worth the Wait ?
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The famous School series is out for a new season 10 years since its last.

On November 28, the upcoming KBS2 drama School 2013 held its press conference and played a preview for the first time.

School 2013 is KBS′ new project which aims to bring back the School series, a series deemed the legend of school dramas.

Despite the big expectations being put on the drama due to the popularity of its predecessors, the producers and cast showed that they weren′t affected by the pressure one bit; instead, they actually seemed confident.

The 10-minute-long preview video showed where all that confidence came from.

The reason anticipation is so high for School 2013 is because it is being produced by strong players in the genre of school dramas. Choi Gwan Yong, head of the production company of School 2013, Contents K, previously produced such school dramas as Master of Study, starring Kim Soo Ro, Bae Doo Na and Yoo Seung Ho, and Dream High, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy. He also produced many trendy dramas with CJ E&M such as Cool Guys, Hot Ramen.

Producer Lee Min Hong, who is in charge of directing, was previously the director for the School series in 1999 and was the man who brought Jang Hyuk fame.

PD Lee Min Hong said, "School of 1999 was about the students. School 2013 will be more about the students, the teachers and the parents and make the series more realistic. It could make viewers feel uncomfortable and it could make them doubt whether such things really do happen in real life."

He then added, "We filmed the drama in an actual high school classroom. We toured numerous classrooms while we were looking for a place to shoot, and we found that one of three students were asleep. This is a shocking fact. We learned more through interviews with actual students. Viewership ratings are important, but I want to produce a good drama outside of all that that has a straightforward punch."

The all-star casting also draws attention to the drama. Choi Daniel and Jang Nara, who previously teamed up for Babyfaced Beauty, appear as teachers, and Choi Daniel is joined by his High Kick series colleagues, Park Hae Mi and Lee Jong Seok. The hottest stars of the moment, including the ′next Kim Hee Sun′ Park Se Young and 5Dolls member Hyo Young, will also be lining up to try to become the next Jang Hyuk and Ha Ji Won.

The dream team will be depicting the stark reality surrounding the schools of today, such as bullying issues, the fall of teacher authority, suicide and the problems of high school education, in one small classroom at Seung Ri High School.

One fun fact: Choi Daniel will be appearing as a teacher when other actors his age will appear as students.

"In High Kick I appeared as Yoon Shi Yoon′s uncle when we are the same age," he said with a laugh. "I think I′m cast for such roles because of prejudices aimed at me."

The sensual videos, editing and stylish music also grabbed attention in the preview. It heightened expectations on how the video styles, of a type rarely found in school dramas, will help the story of School 2013.

One official said, "Actually, School 2013 got better reviews compared to KBS′ blockbuster Woochi. Woochi is doing well ratings-wise, but we believe School 2013 will bring back the ratings that went to Horse Doctor. Since we′ll be arming ourselves with different charms from period pieces, we believe we still have a chance although we′ll be debuting the latest."

School 2013 airs its first episode on December 3 after the conclusion of Ulala Couple.

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