[News] SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Appearing on ‘Kneedrop Guru’.

[News] SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Appearing on ‘Kneedrop Guru’.
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MBC’s Kneedrop Guru has nabbed itself another foreign guest, this time SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

The SMAP member, also known as Cho Nan Kang in Korea, will be the show’s second foreign guest in the talk show’s history after the recent appearance of the Wachowski siblings.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi will record his appearance on January 27 at the MBC Ilsan Dream Center. The popular entertainer, who is known for his affection and interest in all things Korea-related, will discuss everything from SMAP to his agency, Johnny & Associates, and other topics.

In addition, Kneedrop Guru’s producers said it was highly likely that actor Cha Seung Won, one of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi’s best friends, would also stop by the filming to appear for his close friend.

The episode will likely air sometime in February.

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