[VOD / Photo & News] VIP Preview for ′The Berlin File′ Brings in Big Names and Big Expectations.

[VOD / Photo & News]  VIP Preview for ′The Berlin File′ Brings in Big Names and Big Expectations.
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Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung, Super Junior, Lee Jung Jae and Go So Young walked the red carpet on January 23.

Though the stunning array of stars made the red carpet look like one for a splendid awards ceremony, it actually took place for a VIP preview. The preview of the film The Berlin File, in fact.
The red carpet event and VIP preview for The Berlin File was held on January 23 in Seoul. The two-part event was hosted by MC Kim Tae Jin, and featured director Ryu Seung Wan as well as the film′s leads Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Gyu, Jun Ji Hyun and Ryu Seung Bum.

The scene boiled hot with its grand scale and the passion of the 2,000 fans gathered for the event. The fans filled the venue an hour before the event was due to start, and welcomed the cast with warm applause when they appeared on the red carpet.

Ha Jung Woo said onstage, "I believe this is the most exciting and fun moment for an actor who has just finished shooting his film. I′m very thankful that so many people have been showing their support," while Jun Ji Hyun added, "You′re all so expectant; I hope the film continues to be loved until the end."

Han Seok Gyu said, "In 1998, when the film Swiri premiered, I toured the nation with 50 rolls of film. Now, movies can premiere in 800 screens at the most. This means that Korean films have become grander in scale, and I′m thankful that so many people have shown their love for Korean films. I believe our film will also satisfy our audience."
Director Ryu Seung Wan backed down, saying, "It′s not very good to have high expectations," but still he said with confidence, "It′s a film in which great actors put on some great acting. It will be better if you enjoy how the actors put on their acting."

In the red carpet event that followed, over 60 top stars set the scene on fire with tumultuous cheers, including Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung, Go So Young, Lee Jung Jae, Super Junior′s Choi Siwon, Kangin and Yesung, Hwang Jung Min, director Kim Hyun Suk, Park Sung Woong, Song Ji Hyo, Ma Dong Seok, director Lee Hyeon Seung, Crying Nut, Jang Gwang, Lee Chae Young, Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, Park Yoo Hwan, Park Chul Min, Lee Gun Joo, HelloVenus, NU′EST, Kang Sora, Seo Ji Seok, Jung Yu Mi, Son Dambi, director Min Gyu Dong, Jung Kyung Ho, Shinhwa′s Andy and Min Woo and 2NE1.

Hwang Jung Min said, "I′m thankful I′ve received an invitation to such a great event," while Super Junior′s Choi Siwon said, "I came here thanks to the invitation of Ryu Seung Bum and Ha Jung Woo hyungnim (big brother)."

Jung Woo Sung said in surprise, "I came with an invite from director Ryu Seung Wan. The preview seems as grand as the reviews and expectations for the film."

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