[News] Kim In-kwon, no more comic in movie "Sado".

[News] Kim In-kwon, no more comic in movie "Sado".
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Actor Kim In-kwon who is known for his character will be in a serious act this time.
Kim has been cast for a leading role in a movie called, "Sado" which will be released in later this year.

Based on a true story, "Sado" will show how those who keep their religious values under the pressuring North Korean system, suffer, break and despair.

Kim In-kwon has been cast for the role of Joo Cheol-ho, a cold and cynical character. He is the one who leads the escape of church goers in a small village by a border area.

"Sado" will impressively show those people who don't lose hope even though their religious beliefs will get them killed or sent to the political prisoner camp.

Cheol-ho is an enthusiastic character who will do anything for the townspeople. He's taken off the comical mask and will return to be serious this time.

"Sado" will be released at the later half of the year.

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