[News] Park Si Hoo Denies Rape Suspicions Charged Against Him.

[News] Park Si Hoo Denies Rape Suspicions Charged Against Him. 
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Chaos has ensued following reports that actor Park Si Hoo has been sued for rape.

Park Si Hoo himself spoke up through a press release on February 19 following the reports, stating that though he admits he had engaged in sexual relations with the accuser, it was not true that it had been.

"I wish to speak honestly to the press and my fans on the parts of the issue that could be misunderstood," he said. "To be honest, I do admit that I had drinks with a woman ′A′, whom I was introduced to through an acquaintance."

He added, "We shared our emotions as a man and woman with affection; I did not force any relations on her. My conscience is clear on this, and it will be made clear through the investigation."

He also apologized about how he had been involved in such an issue.

"Outside of the incident, I wish to sincerely apologize for troubling my fans, who sent me such unwavering trust and love for a long time. I want to emphasize, however, that there was no use of force involved in the situation, as some seem to be concerned of. I promise I will cooperate fully with the police investigation to prove it."

Though it turned out its contract with the actor had expired in the previous month, Eyagi Entertainment also stepped out on the same day to clear up the issue.

In a press release, the agency stated, "After coming across the sudden reports last night (February 18), we did our best to confirm the facts, but we could not reach the actor himself. We apologize for not being able to react quickly to the press′ request for information as we couldn′t speak up on an issue we did not have information on."

It added, "While attempting to get in touch with him, the actor himself released an official stance on February 19 that he would cooperate with the police investigation. We implore you to trust Park Si Hoo′s sincere declaration and wait."

"We hope that until the police investigation reaches a conclusion, the incident will not be subject to any wild guesses or broad interpretations of the truth. We hope you continue to trust in him so that he can continue to enjoy the status he has worked so hard to achieve."

On February 18, the Seobu Police Station stated that, on February 15, a 22-year-old would-be celebrity made a call to the One Stop Service Center that she had been raped by actor Park Si Hoo. She then followed up the call by filing a lawsuit against him.

The One Stop Service Center is a hotline managed by the Ministry of Gender Equality to aid victims of rape, domestic abuse and school violence.

Park Si Hoo most recently appeared in SBS′ Cheongdamdong Alice.

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