[News] Shin Ha Kyun Talks about the Fractures and Acrophobia He Suffered for ′Running Man′.

[News] Shin Ha Kyun Talks about the Fractures and Acrophobia He Suffered for ′Running Man′.
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Shin Ha Kyun confessed that action scenes are definitely hard.

The actor appeared at the press conference for the film Running Man on February 26 to talk about what happened while shooting the film.

Shin Ha Kyun plays the fugitive Cha Jong Woo in the film.

"It was so hard," he said about his action scenes. "Still, I felt a weird catharsis from them."
While shooting the film, he even suffered a fracture in his rib. The fracture did not come from any external injury; it yielded under the persistent strain being put on it during his training sessions and action scenes.

"I didn′t tell anyone about the fracture," Shin Ha Kyun said. "I thought it would be nothing, but it came to hurt badly so I went to the hospital and they told me it was a fracture."

He also talked about how he had suffered due to his acrophobia.

He said, "I didn′t know I would have to climb to high places. I thought a double would do it for me. It turned out I had to do it myself. I did have safety devices on me but it was still dangerous."

Director Jo Dong Oh said, "Shin Ha Kyun would have suffered a lot, but I was thankful he didn′t show it. I thought he was great in scenes in which he had to show pain, but it turned out later that he really was in pain at the time."

Running Man is about how a man becomes a suspect wanted by everyone in the nation after witnessing a murder in the middle of Seoul. It stars actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Sang Ho and Jo Eun Ji. It premieres in April.

The film is also the first Korean film to have drawn investments from 20th Century Fox, a famed movie studio in America.

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