[News] ‘All About My Date’ releases new photos from Lee Min Jung’s first filming scene.

[News] ‘All About My Date’ releases new photos from Lee Min Jung’s first filming scene.
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Upcoming SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘All About My Date’ is set to make its debut, and the production team has released photos from lead actress Lee Min Jung’s first filming scene.

The photos were taken at the film set during filming earlier this month. In one of the photos, Lee Min Jung is seen analysing her script intently, while another sees her acting out her scene with all her energy. Although the weather was chilly on the day of filming, the beauty of Lee Min Jung was able to shine brightly at the film set.

Lee Min Jung plays the role of No Min Young who is a rookie assemblywoman and 1 of two Progressive Labour Party (of which she heads) members in the national assembly. No Min Young had never harboured any thoughts about politics until the passing of her elder sister who was a Progressive Labour Party member and a potential candidate for president.

She decides to enter the political world after her sister’s death, and steps into a political world that she had never had any thoughts about it before. With her status as an assemblywoman from the Progressive Labour Party, she fights daily over big and small issues with the other big political parties that wield more authority and power.

Min Young’s political career isn’t smooth sailing, but she is able to bring some consolation to people in need of help and finds some achievement, believing that this political path is the right one for her.

Lee Min Jung

With regards to digesting the numerous political jargons in her script, Lee Min Jung said, “I have to recite lines that I normally wouldn’t say, regarding politics and law, so I am not really fluent with it when I deliver the lines. I have to be more careful with how I enunciate the words, and have prepared myself sufficiently for it.”

Director Son Jung Hyun said, “This is a role that was tailor-made for her (Lee Min Jung). She has rediscovered her own charms while also enjoying filming the drama at the same time. Please wait in anticipation for Lee Min Jung’s transformation,” showing his satisfaction with Lee Min Jung’s acting.

‘All About My Date’ features a cast that include Lee Min Jung, Shin Ha Kyun, Park Hee Soon, Gong Hyung Jin, and many others. It revolves around a male assemblyman and female assemblywoman who hail from two different political parties with different political ideals, but they still fall in love with other. The drama is written by Kwon Ki Young who previously wrote for ‘Protect The Boss’ while directing the drama will be Son Jung Hyun. The drama will succeed ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ and begin broadcast next month.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun was a guest on the March 11th episode of SBS TV ‘Healing Camp’, where he revealed that he had decided to guest on the show, upon recommendation from his girlfriend, Lee Min Jung.

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