[News] Chris Wang denies that he is dating Vivian Hsu.


[News] Chris Wang denies that he is dating Vivian Hsu.
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The Taiwanese actor insisted that he and Vivian Hsu are just friends.

Chris Wang has responded to rumours that he is dating Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu. Speculation of a relationship began after Chris was caught celebrating Vivian's 38th birthday with her family last week.

After the party, Chris even praised Vivian and admitted that she is his “goddess”, raising suspicions of a budding romance between the pair.

However, Chris told reporters at an event on Tuesday that there is nothing going on between Vivian and him and insisted that they are “just friends”.

The 30-year-old added that they met each other at Kai Ko’s restaurant last year. The pair became friends and exchanged contact numbers after having a meal together.
He also explained that Vivian initially invited him to her birthday party, but he attended a separate family celebration for her birthday instead since he was unable to make it for the party.

When asked if he felt awkward meeting Vivian’s family, Chris said, “Her family is very nice.”

Meanwhile, Vivian’s management company declined to comment on the rumours, but confirmed that Vivian invited Chris to the birthday celebration with her family.

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