[News] 'Horse Doctor′ to Air in Japan and Other Asian Countries.

[News] ′Horse Doctor′ to Air in Japan and Other Asian Countries. 
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MBC′s Horse Doctor will be aired across Asia.

On March 8, Kim Jong Hak Production, the production company of Horse Doctor, announced that it had sold airing rights for the drama to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Turkey, Myanmar, Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan and Singapore.

In Japan, the drama will air through NHK, one of the biggest public broadcasting channels in the country, within the year.

It is rare to see a drama be sold and aired on NHK when it still hasn′t met its conclusion. Many believe this to show the trust overseas producers have in producer Lee Byung Hoon.

Lee Byung Hoon is well known for his work with Dae Jang Geum, Yi San and Dong Yi, and the dramas have aired with explosive popularity in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and more.

A rep from Kim Jong Hak Production said, "Producer Lee Byung Hoon′s Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi and Yi San have all aired across not only Japan, but also Asia to positive reviews, so he is very well known. The new feat again proved how producer Lee Byung Hoon′s pieces, which are produced with great care by ′the great commander′, stands at the center of the Korean wave."

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