[News] Tiffany Tang’s assistant exposes Roy Qiu’s wrong doings.


[News] Tiffany Tang’s assistant exposes Roy Qiu’s wrong doings.
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Tiffany Tang’s assistant claims that Roy Qiu was unfaithful to the actress.

The blame game continues as Tiffany Tang’s assistant continues to expose Roy Qiu’s secrets and wrongdoings, following their high-profile breakup.

While speaking to reporters at an event last month, Roy claimed that he broke up with Tiffany last year, but Tiffany’s assistant later accused Roy of lying and claimed that Roy had never initiated a breakup.

Yesterday, Tiffany’s assistant claimed that Roy sent Tiffany text messages to explain himself amidst rumours that he was Taiwanese actress Lee Yu Fen while they were still attached.

Roy reassured Tiffany that there was nothing going on between him and Yu Fen and even showed off his love for her by calling her by her pet name.

Tiffany’s assistance added that Tiffany trusted her boyfriend wholeheartedly. “She had no idea that her boyfriend cheated on her.”

She revealed that Tiffany was so affected by breakup that she was unable to work. Tiffany also broke down a few times and lost a lot of weight.

In response to the assistant's accusations, Roy’s manager said, “Do we really have to rub salt into the wound? Do you want us to damage Tiffany’s reputation too? How are both of them going to continue their work and remain in the industry if things go on like this?”

Although the pair dated for two years, Roy has never openly admitted to his relationship with Tiffany.

His manager explained, “Roy never declares his relationships because he always wishes to keep a low profile. He doesn’t want his romance to be put in the spotlight because he believes that love isn’t a show.”

Roy also said yesterday that he does not pay attention to the accusations made by Tiffany’s assistant anymore, emphasising once again that he broke up with Tiffany last December.

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