[News] Lee Dong Wook Braids His Daughter’s Hair in ‘Heaven’s Order’.

[News] Lee Dong Wook Braids His Daughter’s Hair in ‘Heaven’s Order’.
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Ever the loving onscreen father, Lee Dong Wook has been captured braiding his daughter’s hair in the upcoming KBS drama Heaven’s Order.

On March 15, a new photo was released for Heaven’s Order showing Lee Dong Wook and child actress Kim Yoo Bin in an intimate setting, as Lee Dong Wook braids his drama daughter’s hair.

His daughter is seen curiously peering into her mirror, while Lee Dong Wook has on an emotional expression, showing the calm before the storm.

Heaven’s Order is about the oriental medicine doctor, Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook), who searches for every possible way to help his daughter survive an illness while running away from false accusations in a murder conspiracy. This is Lee Dong Wook’s first sageuk drama.

The drama’s production company stated, “Lee Dong Wook’s affection towards Kim Yoo Bin is great. He always treats her like his real daughter and takes care of her.”

The drama will air after Iris 2 in April. 

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