[VOD & News] "All About My Romance" Predicted To Be A Winner.

[VOD & News] "All About My Romance" Predicted To Be A Winner.
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Politics is all about winning, but love often means making compromises. So what happens when two politicians fall in love—especially if one is from a conservative party and the other is from a liberal party? Can they put aside their polarizing viewpoints long enough to even fall in love? At the very least this unlikely situation makes for a relationship that's full of sparks and an entertaining comedy.

That's exactly what pollsters might predict as the outcome in "All About My Romance," the new 16-episode SBS drama that begins April 4. The drama tells the story of Kim Soo Young, a conservative party member newly arrived in the Korean National Assembly. Kim is a man of principles, who gave up serving as a judge because he did not like being pressured for favors.

But his new life in Parliament is not without its problems either. As soon as he arrives there, he clashes with Noh Min Jun, a new liberal member from Progressive Labor Party who was inspired to enter politics after her sister died. Despite their differing political views and constant clashes, their bickering soon turns into a romance. But that romance is problematic. After they open up about their feelings for each other, they have to hide their relationship from the rest of the world.

The cast includes Shin Ha Kyun playing the conservative Kim Soo Young. Primarily a film actor he stars in the 2013 film "Running Man" and has only appeared in one drama, "Good Person," in 2003.

Lee Min Jung plays Noh Min Jun. She is no stranger to dramas, having appeared in "Midas" and "Big." The role was originally given to Han Hye Jin, who had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with her current role in "I Summon You, Gold!"

Park Hee Soon, who plays Joon Ha, Min Young's aide, appears in "The Suspect," a 2013 film. Han Chae Ah plays Ahn Hee Sun, a reporter that attended law school with Soo Young and Joon Ha, creating a love triangle when they both fell for her. She most recently appeared in "Ohlala Couple" and will also appear this year in "Gu Family Book ."

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Lee Eung Joon and so far is earning rave reviews from staff members. The series was adapted by Kwon Ki Young and directed by Son Jung Hyun. The writer and director worked together last year to create the successful series, "Protect The Boss ."

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