[News] Nam Sang-mi might star in "Goddess of Marriage".

[News] Nam Sang-mi might star in "Goddess of Marriage".
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Actress Nam Sang-mi is considering whether or not to star in the upcoming weekend drama "Goddess of Marriage".

Kim Seong-min is also in the process of negotiating terms and conditions for the lead role of the drama. The actor and actress are looking into it, but haven't made any final decisions yet. There's still a lot of time left until July when the drama starts.

"Goddess of Marriage" is about the different stories of four married couples and is produced by Oh Jin-seok from "Shining Inheritance".

Meanwhile, Nam Sang-mi was in the KBS drama special, "Miraculous Miracles" as a liver cancer specialist and also broke up with Lee Sang-yoon whom she had been seeing for almost 2 years.  

Kim Seong-min laid low for two years after being accused of using drugs then returning to "Can We Get Married??" in 2012 - "Goddess of Marriage" will be the first drama in 3 years that he'll be returning to if he is casted in a role.

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