[News] “Queen of Ambition” Cements its Top Status, “The King’s Doctor,” “AD Genius” Close their Curtains.

Actres Soo Ae on the set of the SBS series "Queen of Ambition." [SBS]

[News] “Queen of Ambition” Cements its Top Status, “The King’s Doctor,” “AD Genius” Close their Curtains.
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The SBS drama “Queen of Ambition” has become the solid No. 1 on the Monday and Tuesday ratings chart afte the MBC epic “The King’s Doctor” wrapped up its six-month run.

The Kwone Sang-woo and Soo Ae starrer stood atop the chart after drawing in an average of 19.9 percent of viewers during the week of March 25 and 26, TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] showed on Wednesday.

With only two episodes left to air, the absorbing tale of Joo Da-hae [Soo Ae], whose ambition to be the First Lady, recorded its highest ever ratings on Tuesday with 22.8 percent.

The MBC medical epic “The King’s Doctor” closed its curtains with 17.2 percent ratings on Monday, securing loyal support from many middle-aged viewers to its final 50th episode.

MBC is slated to fill the empty slot with a period-set fantasy “The Gu Family Book” [translated title], starring two top stars, Lee Seung-gi and Suzy of Miss A from April 8.

Another drama which ended an unsuccessful run was the KBS series “AD Genius Lee Tae Baek,” which posted an average of 4.6 percent of viewers in the same time frame.

KBS is set to revitalize the channel’s long-depressed Monday and Tuesday time slot with the 16-episode series “The Queen of Office,” starring Kim Hye-soo and Oh Ji-ho.

Meanwhile, Nielsen Korea showed the three dramas in the same order yet different figures from those of TNmS’ during the fourth week of March.

“Queen of Ambition” nabbed the top seed with 20.4 percent ratings, while “The King’s Doctor” and “AD Genius” following next with 17.8 and 4.9 percent, respectively.

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