[News] Ryu Soo-young is sad "Rascal Sons" is over.

[News] Ryu Soo-young is sad "Rascal Sons" is over.
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Ryu Soo-young who starred in the MBC weekend drama "Rascal Sons" said, "It feels like it started not too long ago but it's already over. Time flies".

"I can't believe we are parting with all the cast and crew we've worked with for the past 7 months. I feel like we are all going to meet again tomorrow for the next scene".
"I appreciate those who supported the drama and Min-gi, the second son".

Lastly, he said, "The next thing I'm about to do is entertainment and not a drama. I hope you enjoy watching me in the real variety TV program, "The Real Man"".

Meanwhile, Ryu Soo-young will be making his entertainment debut through the MBC program, "The Real Man".

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