[VOD & News] Lee Jong Seok Talks ‘School’, Kim Woo Bin, and Love.

[VOD & News] Lee Jong Seok Talks ‘School’, Kim Woo Bin, and Love.
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While busied by overflowing schedules, Lee Jong Seok posed for the cameras for fashion magazine, CeCi. Standing tall with modeling experience, Lee Jong Seok flawlessly took control of the photoshoot, exhibiting all the right kinds of expressions and poses.

During the interview with CeCi, Lee Jong Seok talked about his most recently completed project, KBS’ School 2013.

Lee Jong Seok revealed the moment when his character Go Nam Soon finally fit him perfectly.

“In about the second episode, after filming the scene with poet Na Tae Joo’s poem, Flower, I finally caught the hazy character in me. ‘It’s beautiful if you look closely. It’s lovable if you look for a long time. You are like that too.’ I just got this feeling that Go Nam Soon naturally stuck on me. ‘Ah, so this is the feeling of being one with a character,’” said Lee Jong Seok.

Just like Nam Soon, Lee Jong Seok also matured quickly as a teenager. As a person who was worrying about how to get to his dreams, instead of finding a dream, Lee Jong Seok said he always felt a bit different from his friends, who were still playing video games.

Despite his early maturity, Lee Jong Seok added that he’ still filled with aegyo as witnessed by Kim Woo Bin.

“I really like skinship and have a lot of aegyo,” said the actor, who gave a lot of hugs to the staff during filming. “Of course, I have my manly side, but I do often hear that I have a lot of adorable charms.”

Speaking of Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Seok talked about how their friendship grew through the drama.

“During the dialogue, ‘It’s not school I’m throwing away, but you, you punk,’ I couldn’t control my emotions and cried a lot. Even before filming, we were good friends, but as I became more attached to my character, we became so close like loyal comrades on a battlefield.”

Another friend in the group turned out be ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, who both Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin became close through the sitcom, Vampire Idol.

“When I was filming School, he always called Woo Bin right after me,” said Lee Jong Seok, confirming that Kwang Hee didn’t want either actor to forget him as their popularity grew.

As the shoot’s concept was ‘Coming to My Boyfriend’s House,’ Lee Jong Seok was asked on what he would do with his girlfriend.

“The relationship that I dreamed of since a long time is like Joon Young and Ji Oh’s from the drama, The World They Live In. I want to read comic books in the room, watch television, dance around when music come on, and just roll around and hug each other,” said Lee Jong Seok. “I want to vacuum together and even give each other piggy back rides. I want to have a relationship where our everyday lives melt in together.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the March issue.

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