Yonsama......coldheart enemy [TRANS]

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[Trans] coldheart enemy... yonsama
original in japanese: Josei Seven 7-10-08 p.35-37
scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

Yonsama, “Role of Coldhearted Enemy
and Fukuyama Masaharu”

When Yonsama left Japan and arrived in New York,
he was surrounded by Japanese female fans.

“It seems that about 10 fans were waiting for him at the airport.
They have an amazing information network (laughs).
But he cheerfully smiled and responded to requests for handshakes.

It appears that he will be staying in New York for quite a while
as part of his rehab for his leg which was injured during filming.
He seems to be studying English while he researches films.
It has also been said that he may stay in New York
until the end of the year, at the latest.”
(Korean entertainment staff)

Just as we thought that news about Yonsama had entirely stopped
and left us feeling lonely...
this news has surfaced among fans.

“We are really happy that the next drama Yonsama will appear in
seems to be a project based upon a Japanese comic.
Perhaps filming may take place in Japan
and if he is to co-star with a Japanese actor,
there is concern as to who the co-star will be.”
(one fan)

The other day during his Japan visit,
Yonsama himself made the comment,

“A drama based upon a Japanese manga is being planned”
as this magazine has reported,
that popular manga is “Kami no Shizuku”
which is currently running in “Shukan Morning.”
(Kodansha Publishing)

The hero is Kanzaki Shizuku,
the son of international wine critic, Kanzaki Nodaka,
and he is a cheerful, spontaneous character.
The father Nodaka dies and his inheritance is passed on to Shizuku
and one other male based upon the father’s will.

That male, Tomine Issei, a brilliant wine critic,
for whom wine takes priority above all else,
will do whatever it takes in the name of wine as a coldhearted enemy
and a man with a dark side to his nature.

The story unfolds as the two clash in a fateful search
for the chosen “12 Disciples” “Drops of God” wines.

“It would be natural for Yonsama to take the lead role of Shizuku,
but Tomine Issei has the appearance of suits and glasses
which is similar to Yonsama’s look,
and there is also the desire to see the gentle Yonsama play a cruel male.
Which part he will play is a big topic among the fans.”
(another Yonsama fan)

“Kami no Shizuku” is written by a brother and sister duo
under the pen name of Agi Tadashi.
When we asked them directly, we received this reply.

“The truth is that in the spring of 2007,
we had wine together with Yonsama in Seoul." (Agi Tadashi)

The Korean translated version of “Kami no Shizuku”
became the biggest selling Japanese manga in Korea
and it was introduced numerous times in Korean newspapers,
on TV, in magazines and even now,
the series has created a major wine boom.

Mr. Agi continues. “YJ also loves wine
and he seemed to enjoy reading “Kami no Shizuku.”
The truth is that we told him that we are also fans of YJ.

Tomine Issei’s physical appearance is modeled after YJ.
Because we are fans of each other,
and being that we both are wine lovers,
led to our meeting in Seoul.”

Loves Red Wine More Than White

The location of their meeting was Gorilla,
the restaurant that Yonsama operates.
Yonsama wore a black suit, white shirt, a narrow dark gray tie,
as Mr. Agi revealed his meeting with Yonsama in this way.

“The thing I remember after meeting with him was
how very kind and sincere he is.

For example, when we were dining
and the others would become so absorbed in talking
that they wouldn’t notice that YJ had served everyone,
dividing up the food among the plates;
he is a casual, considerate person.

Also, even though we had a lengthy conversation,
not once did he boast about his own experiences.
That made me even more of a fan instead.

Also, he showed this side to himself. Yonsama,
who is known for his love of cameras,
also brought his camera to this occasion.
Because Yonsama is an aspiring director,
he was even photographing the wines at an event like this
and the customers.
The photos that YJ shoots carry his distinct flavor
and exuded the richness and sensitive emotions of the subjects
he managed to capture.”
(Mr. Agi)

Yonsama has a wine cellar in his home in Korea
and shows it off to friends that come to visit
because he loves wine so much.

“He is like us in that he loves wine
and he can hold his liquor quite well (laughs).
His face was slightly flushed (pink colored).
He looked so good holding a wine glass in one hand
and took on the appearance of Tomine.

We talked about the wines that appear in the manga
and how he drinks them.
When he travels overseas, he buys wines to bring home
as he seems to be researching the various wines of the world.

I don’t know if he has an obsessive aspect to his nature
when he likes something,
but he is passionate about research.
YJ seemed to love red wine more than white wine.”
(Mr. Agi)

Then the talk also turned to the drama which weighed on their minds.

“It is truth that YJ and we would like to see this manga made into a series.
We would like YJ to play the role of Tomine Issei
and we believe that this role will bring out a new appeal for him.
Also, I believe that he wants to play the role of Tomine Issei
and was considering the role.

The only thing is that the formal contract has not been signed yet.
That is why unfortunately, details cannot be discussed.”

If Yonsama desires to take on the enemy role,
this would be the wish of the fans mentioned earlier in this article
but the topic continues to expand
as even Korean fans are saying the co-star will be Song Seung Hoon,
and the debate starts up.

Amidst this, if there is to be a Japanese co-star…
the first choice given among Yonsama fans is Fukuyama Masaharu.

“The manga hints that both Shizuka and Tomine
are brothers with different mothers?
That Fukuyama has something different from the character
with his soft expression and kind eyes similar to Yonsama’s image
originally became a topic of discussion.

Based on just that, the talk first turned to Fukuhara Masaharu
being a good choice for the co-star.”
(separate Yonsama fan)

If this is going to be a joint Japanese Korean production,
there are difficult problems
such as what language will be spoken, will subtitles be added,
and if Fukuyama becomes the co-star,
the news about him will increase and fans can’t help
but have expectations about this project.

We immediately asked Fukayama’s management agency,

“We have not heard anything about this,”
was the reply we received.

If that is the case, when we asked Mr. Agi, who said,
as previously written in this article,
that the contract and details still remain unsettled,

“Fukuyama-san? He’s a bit older than Shizuka…(laughs)” he replied.
The current situation looks difficult
but on the other hand, there is this other news.

“If this becomes a Japanese Korean joint production,
I have heard the talk about Fukuyama Masaharu being a good choice as co-star.

But the talk of Yonsama securing the rights to the manga for a drama adaptation
is not to be taken lightly,
and all of the actors in Korea have a possibility of being cast.
It is just that Yonsama treasures his Japanese family and is thinking of them.
There are many fans desiring to see Fukuyama cast in the role
so we are anxious to see the next development.”
(ad agency staff)

The red wine selected by Yonsama and served at Gosireh in Shirogane
is proving to be popular with fans.

Just talking about Yonsama may be enough to possibly put one in a mellow mood.


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