Happy Birthday 29 Aug 2009

I just ponder.. and always wonder..
do we have the same moon?
do you also have that same warm moonlit skies..
Just answer me...my dear Yong Joon..

The twenty-ninth day of August has again recurred
All the stars in the sky have gathered
To brighten up the night with message in their hand
and best wishes from Thailand...

May your thirty-seven anniversary
Be as happy as it could be..
May it be filled with joy and luck
Health, wealth and all the best

May your business prosper more and more
May your popularity grow and grow
May you be loved and adored
And your performance the best of all

My love is there for you in the clouds
in the birds songs and buzzing bees
in the dewdrops of early mourn
and the warm sunrise beams

My thoughts runs in the tides
from Chao Praya here through plains and forests
to River Han in your hometown in Korea
with all loving wishes to my Yong Joon...

Tiky & Amornbyj

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