[News] Nam Sang-mi becomes Goddess of Marriage for SBS.

[News] Nam Sang-mi becomes Goddess of Marriage for SBS.
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New drama alert! It’s called Goddess of Marriage, and this one headlines three stars I like very much, which automatically makes me sit up a bit straighter and hope a little harder for a good result. Kim Ji-hoon (so gruffly sweet, as in Flower Boy Next Door), Nam Sang-mi (warm and earnest in an endearing way, as in Light and Shadow), and Lee Sang-woo (so awesome as the best oppa ever in Thousand Day Promise).

It’s a weekend series for SBS, and as you may surmise from the title, the story explores the meaning of marriage through the storyline of its lead, a radio writer played by Nam Sang-mi.

She dreams of a sweet, pure love and falls into a love triangle with our two men, with the ensuing romance looking at the reality of love versus the ideal. It’s not clear which guy is the bigger lead from the descriptions and both actors are on similar levels of fame, so we can’t start crying yet about the one who gets left in the cold.

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There will be a number of other characters and love triangles featured, as the show follows four women all dealing in some form with the question of what marriage means to them, a concept that calls to mind the cable drama Marriage Plot (though hopefully in a more cohesive and skillful way).

That means that we’ll be getting a balance of personalities and romantic experiences… or we will if the drama does a decent job with the premise. And despite its slot on weekends, it sounds like Goddess of Marriage skew more toward being a modern trendy careerwoman drama, as opposed to the usual multigenerational family sprawl.

Goddess of Marriage comes from the PD of Brilliant Legacy and will follow the upcoming series Birth Secret, which places its premiere all the way in July. It plans to begin filming at the end of April, though, which does give the show a pretty roomy head start to film and prepare — let’s hope it uses that time wisely.

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