[VOD & News] 2PM On Stage - 47th Daejong Film Awards (2010) : Winners & Nominees List.

[VOD & News] 2PM On Stage - 47th Daejong Film Awards (2010) : Winners & Nominees List.
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47th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) ceremony,Presented by Ministry of Culture and Information on October 29th, 2010 at Kyunghee University’s Hall of Peace,All winners list and nominees awards see on below,

Last night, 2PM had been invited to perform congratulatory stages with “Only You” and “I’ll Be Back”, 2PM member fared slightly better, as they invoked some crowd reaction during “Only You” by handing roses to Lee Min Jung and Jo Yeo Jung, while Taecyeon gave his to MC Kim Jung Eun. Many other actresses smiled and were probably hoping that they were the ones who would receive a rose.

They also got a livelier response in their second performance, “I’ll Be Back.”

47th Daejong Film Awards (2010) : Winners & Nominees List :

Best Film - Award Winner: "Poetry"

"The Man From Nowhere"
"The Servant"
"The Secret Reunion"
"The Housemaid"
"I Saw the Devil"
"A Barefoot Dream"

Best Director - Award Winner: Kang Woo-Suk - "Moss"
Best Actor - Award Winner: Won Bin - "The Man From Nowhere"
Best Actress - Award Winner: Yun Jeong-Hee - "Poetry"
Best Supporting Actor - Award Winner: Kim Hui-Ra - "Poetry" / Song Sae-Byeok - "The Servant"
Best Supporting Actress - Award Winner: Yun Yeo-Jong - "The Housemaid"
Popularity Award - Award Winner: Won Bin - "The Man From Nowhere" / Lee Min-Jung - "Cyrano Agency"
Korean Wave Popularity Award - Award Winner: T.O.P - "71: Into the Fire"
Achievement Award -
Award Winner: Choi Eun-Hee

Best New Director - Award Winner: Jang Cheol-Su - "Bedevilled"

Jang Cheol-Su - "Bedevilled"
Kim Kwang-Sik - "My Dear Desperado"
Lee Seong-Han - "Wish"
Kang Dae-Kyu - "Harmony"
Kwon Hyeok-Jae - "Trapped"

Best New Actor - Award Winner: Jeong-woo - "Wish"

Jeong-woo - "Wish"
T.O.P - "71: Into the Fire"
Eom Ki-Jun - "Man of Vendetta"
Song Sae-Byeok - "Trapped"
Daniel Choi - "Cyrano Agency"

Best New Actress - Award Winner: Lee Min-Jung - "Cyrano Agency"

Shim Eun-Kyeong - "Happy Murderer"
Lee Min-Jung - "Cyrano Agency"
Lee Ah-Lee - "Republic of Korea 1%"
Kang Hye-Won - "Harmony"
Ji Seong-Won - "Bedevilled"

Best Screenplay - Award Winner: Lee Chang-Dong - "Poetry"
Best Production - Award Winner: Kim Joon-Jong - "A Barefoot Dream"
Best Cinematography - Award Winner: Kim Sung-Bok - "Moss"
Best Editing - Award Winner: Kim Sung-Bum, Kim Jae-Bum - "The Man From Nowhere"
Best Music - Award Winner: Kim Joon-Suk - "A Barefoot Dream"
Best Lighting - Award Winner: Oh Seung-Chul - "I Saw the Devil"
Best Art Design - Award Winner: Jo Sung-Won - "Moss"
Best Sound Effects - Award Winner: Oh Se-Jin, Kim Suk-Jin - "Moss"
Best Visual Effects - Award Winner: Jeong Do-An - "The Man From Nowhere"
Best Costume Design - Award Winner: Jeong Kyung-Hee - "The Servant"

2PM - Only You : 47th Daejong Film Awards(2010) Ceremony.

2PM - I'll Be Back : 47th Daejong Film Awards(2010) Ceremony.

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