[News] Hardcore fans waited a night to catch a glimpse of Show Luo.

[News] Hardcore fans waited a night to catch a glimpse of Show Luo.
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The popular singer's last autograph session stop in Taiwan saw a great turnout as fans flocked in from all parts of the country.

With promotions for Show Luo's latest album, 9ood Show coming to an end in Taiwan, his die-hard fans went all out and even spent a night at the park where his last autograph session was held, just to catch a glimpse of him.

The last stop for the 32-year-old singer's album promotions saw fans from different parts of Taiwan flocking to Taipei to attend the autograph session, as they were allowed a photo with Show if they purchased three albums and a hug with five albums.

All eager to cosy with the singer-actor, throngs of fans turned up the night before the event and were even mistaken to be gang members. Residents living in the area alerted the police when they spotted a large group of people gathering at a park before dawn, and warned them of a possible gang fight.

In other related news, an online Facebook petition started by a netizen recently made headlines when it protested against Show's participation in the annual Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. A netizen listed ten "bad deeds" of the singer which included accusations of him pushing album sales with his hugs and photo opportunity at his promo events.

Responding to the claims, Show's manager expressed that the management will "only listen to constructive comments and not waste time on rumours" and the company will "reserve the rights to pursue legal actions" towards the rumour starter.

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