[News] JYP Entertainment’s single eyelid stars gain attention.

[News] JYP Entertainment’s single eyelid stars gain attention.
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For those familiar with K-pop and beauty standards in Asian countries, you know that double eyelids are one of the most obsessed about factors in one’s appearance. However, JYP Entertainment‘s single eyelid stars have recently been gaining attention as examples of celebrities who have no problems shining even without the coveted double eyelids.

On April 25th, an online community post titled, “JYP stars with single eyelid (monolid)” surfaced with the above photo.

The post features four highly prominent stars that are part of the JYPE lineup, which include Jinwoon of 2AM, Wooyoung of 2PM, Sohee of Wonder Girls, and J.Y. Park himself. Considering that these stars command a great deal of popularity inside and outside of Korea, it seems that the double eyelid infatuation may not be so prominent after all, at least in the world of JYP Entertainment.

Netizens who viewed the post commented, “I actually think single eyelid stars have unique attraction” , “I never knew J.Y. Park didn’t have double eyelids” and, “Don’t ever get double eyelid surgery!”

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