[News] KAT-TUN talks about Akanishi Jin’s marriage for the first time.

[News] KAT-TUN talks about Akanishi Jin’s marriage for the first time.
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On April 22nd, popular group KAT-TUN held a press conference before their concert at Tokyo Dome, and commented about former member Akanishi Jin’s marriage with Kuroki Meisa.

Tanaka Koki shared, “We also didn’t know about the marriage until media reported it. We felt like, ‘Oh, this is the another one.’“ ”He didn’t contact us, so I don’t know how should I comment about that,” Kamenashi Kazuya reflected.

According to reports, Akanishi Jin’s decision to study abroad in 2006 as well as his withdrawal from KAT-TUN in 2010 were only made known to the members after the fact. “I guess we [KAT-TUN members] are the only five people in the world who would never be surprised about that. We were surprised when he decided going abroad to study,” Kamanashi commented. “ If I didn’t say anything now, people would think I’m cold … so as a person, I would say, ‘Congratulations.’”

Regarding Kuroki’s pregnancy, Kamenashi said, “It’s something to be congratulated on.” However, he also added, “Marriage means there is a partner [Kuroki], so I want him to do fine [to follow the rules].”

KAT-TUN is in middle of their concert tour ‘CHAIN‘, which will take place in twelve cities. The final concert will be in Sendai on the 28th.

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