[News] Moon Geun-yeong holds hands with director Heo Jin-ho?

[News] Moon Geun-yeong holds hands with director Heo Jin-ho?
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Will Moon Geun-yeong hold hands with mellow magician Heo Jin-ho?

Heo Jin-ho comes back to greet the audience with a story about the unfortunate Deok-hye Princess in the Chosun times. The main role hasn't been selected yet but Moon Geun-yeong is being talked about and many are curious to see the result. Moon Geun-yeong's management is currently adjusting conditions with the production.

The person for this role apparently needs stardom and the pain of the times. If Moon Geun-yeong is to confirm this role, she would create tremendous effect with Heo Jin-ho.

Movie "Princess Deok-hye" is about the life of Princess Deok-hye who lived an unfortunate life as the daughter of Emperor Ko-jong until she died. "Princess Deok-hye has succeeded as novels and movies.

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