[News] 13 new posters unveiled for ‘I Do, I Do’.

[News] 13 new posters unveiled for ‘I Do, I Do’.
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After receiving much netizen attention for the release of their four official posters, MBC‘s new mini-series ‘I Do, I Do‘ (starring Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo) is back with a slew of new hidden posters!

Included in the batch is a ‘B cut’ poster that was cut from making it to the final four for being too sexy, as well as other fun new shots that will surely pique the interest of drama fans, making for a total of 17 posters.

Don’t let the quantity fool you, though, as they’re of top notch quality as well, which is why producers decided to go ahead and release them straight after the unveiling of the official posters.

CEO Lee Kwan Yong, the designer behind the posters, expressed, “We originally came up with ideas for four total posters and filmed accordingly. During the photoshoot, however, the cast came up with a variety of their own ideas and took part in the planning process with the photographer. In the end, we realized that there wasn’t one cut we could throw away because they were all just so good. Fortunately, they all ended up being used as great posters.”

Netizens commented, “All of the cuts are worthy of earning triple A’s. Forget four posters, gogo with 17!”, “What would’ve happened if they never got released? We might’ve missed out on such awesome pieces!”, “A perfect combination of models, photography, and design!”, and “Please give us the original copies of all 17!”

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