[News] Ella to wed on May 5th!

[News] Ella to wed on May 5th!
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S.H.E’s Ella will be walking down the aisle on the 5th! Taking her group-mate Selina’s advice, she has left all matters regarding the wedding to her company to take care of, and she’ll only need to show up and get married happily.

She announced her guest list yesterday which included Jerry Yan, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao-Fei, Blackie and Christine Fan, Matilda Tao and Li Li-Ren, Patty Hou, Selina, Chang Hsiao-Yen, Harlem Yu, Jody Jiang, and others. However, the media will not be invited. Ella explained, “I’ve discussed it over with my husband. He isn’t a celebrity nonetheless, so we want to keep it private.”

The media asked when Ella plans to have a baby, she replied timidly, “My husband and I plan to have one in two years.” When asked if she was afraid of her friends and family making her and her husband play embarrassing games at the wedding reception, she said, “I’ve committed too many sins in the past. Although there are no restrictions, they are not welcomed either.”

A few days ago, her fiance Alvin Lai reportedly sprained his right foot. Ella advised through her manager that he has already recovered.

Photo on right: Ella wore a white ruffle dress to attend the 22nd anniversary celebration of a wedding gown brand yesterday.

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